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This specification describes the restructuring of the Kubuntu Desktop Guide in order to make it more useful. The guide is proposed to be restructured and rewritten to follow the layout of the Official Ubuntu Book, chapter wise. We should also work together with the Ubuntu Artwork Team in order to provide new Kubuntu specific artwork instead of the current KDE artwork used.


Previous releases of the desktop guide have been copies from a previous release, just updated at times to reflect the latest changes. This has become stale over the releases, and a lot of bugs have been recognized due to the guide resembling the Ubuntu Desktop Guide to the point of wrong use of menus (using GNOME menus in a KDE document).

Use cases

Prior to Jonathan installing a new Kubuntu system, he would like to read about the operating system and gain and in-depth knowledge of what he can do with the system.

Susan has just installed Kubuntu, and now she would like to know how to go about the possible communications she can use to speak with her friends and family. She can go into the Desktop Guide, into the communications or Internet section and read about Kopete, Konversation, and KMail.


Continue utilizing the DocBook DTD and XML. Implement as much of the Official Ubuntu Book (located in teamstuff/book in the doc repo) as possible into the new desktop guide.

Consider the licensing to be used. CC-by-SA? GNU FDL?

Proposed layout would consist of Parts and Chapters, unless a better design layout is proposed and/or implmented. Try to cover some of the most common problems with Kubuntu such as media, Internet, networking, printer sharing, and such in order to help a new user in a low bandwidth situation.




  1. Documentation team members should create and refine pages using DocBook XML to achieve desired structure.

  2. Documentation team members should work closely with the Kubuntu Development team members to implement up-to-date and precise information
  3. Documentation team members should work with the Kubuntu Artist-In-Chief for 7.04 (Feisty) to create a new artwork layout for Kubuntu Desktop Guide
  4. Documentation team members should work closely together and work on implementing any of the code that would go along with the TopicBasedHelp specification and project


DocBook XML

Data preservation and migration

  1. Current Kubuntu Desktop Guide (6.10 Edgy)
  2. Official Ubuntu Book (1 chapter on Kubuntu with good information)
  3. KDE Documentation

Unresolved issues

  1. TopicBasedHelp - Will this be implemented and worked on during the 7.04 cycle?

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