Hidden Files in Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy)

A feature was introduced in Kubuntu 6.10 "Edgy Eft" where directories in the root directory, except for /home and /media are treated as hidden. This feature was added to simplify navigation of the file system by only showing directories which contain user files.

Note: Due to complaints and confusion caused by some users, feature was discussed on UDS Mt View with Usability expert and it was decided to be dropped for Feisty. We will try to propose also removal for Edgy, but we are not sure if this can classify according to StableReleaseUpdates.

"How can I see those hidden directories?"


Hidden files and directories can be displayed in KDE's Konqueror file manager by enabling the menu option "Show Hidden Files" on the "View" menu.

Hidden directories can be also directly navigated into by entering the path in the location field. Only the directories in the root directory are hidden. The contents of these hidden directories will be displayed in Konqueror as normal.

KDE File dialogs

In order to see hidden files, you can select one of the three options:

  • The "wrench" icon in the top left corner of the KDE file dialog opens a small menu. Select the "Show Hidden Files" menu item there.
  • Right click in the file list and select "Show Hidden Files in the "View" menu.
  • Press "F8" shortcut

GTK File dialogs

Right click in the file list and select "Show Hidden Files".

"How can I restore the old behaviour?"

The root directory contains a file called /.hidden. Open this in a text editor and delete the names of the directories which you want to have shown.

Deleting the /.hidden link is not a permanent solution, as it will be restored during the next update of the kubuntu-desktop-setting package.


  • /.hidden is symbolic link - we should probably not edit the link, but rather suggest users to remove symbolic link and replace it with empty /.hidden file or only list files they want have hidden. -- LukaRenko 2006-10-27 17:50:37

  • This behaviour is built-in to the Konqueror and Nautilus file managers to hide nodes listed in .hidden files.

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