New printer tools for KDE.

Release Note

Kubuntu 10.10 comes with new printer monitoring and configuration tools


Existing tools are unmaintained.

User stories

Boab wants to change a setting in his printer. He uses the new printer tools to do this.


Features in new tools match old tools


Use the new printer tools in Kubuntu 10.10.

They should be packaged straight away in universe but not swapped for the existing ones until they match them for features without regressions. Notably the Add New Printer wizard should be complete for all methods and new printer detection needs to be added.

If we drop system-config-printer-kde we can drop the split in system-config-printer packaging.

BoF agenda and discussion

Connection dialog
 - line edit for host address
 - line edit for queue name
 - probe button that search for the queue name

 smb://__________[Browse] -> which list the samba printers
 - Authentication
 -- Prompt user if authentication is required
 -- Set authentication now user and pass

 Probe network printer by it's address

 hp-uri to probe to know if it's a supported printer

 priotize the protocols

 udev signals
    another one
    use lsmod to detect if the another module is connected 
if we change, tell till to stop the splitting of s-c-p packages for simplicity


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