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How to get involved ?

All the information concerning the development of Lubuntu are gathered on this page.

If you want to start to contribute, you probably want to start with a small. You can start with LXDE (see LXDE development section), or with a small Lubuntu application (see Lubuntu specific development section) and check the source code, or the bug list.

You can also check the list of tasks assign to the team for this cycle (see Current Tasks section).

Finally, if you have a specific question, you can contact us on #lubuntu-devel (freenode). For general purpose, please reach us at via the IRC or mailing list.



  • See Wily Werewolf schedule. We share the same deadlines as Ubuntu.

Current Tasks

LXDE development

Lubuntu specific development

All project should be gathered under

Official & used applications (available by default on Lubuntu)

Developement in-progress

Abandonned - not maintained projects

  • LXAdmin
  • Lubuntu Netbook Remix

Maintaining Lubuntu specific packages

How to manage thoses packages :

  • Install bzr-builddeb and devscripts
  • When you do a modification, add an entry in debian/changelog and run "debcommit" to commit change.
  • To test the package, use bzr-buildpackage. It will generate the deb in ../build-area/
  • To generate the source for upload, use bzr-buildpackage -S
  • When you want to release, use "dch -r" and "debcommit -r"

Pre and Post release TODO

A list of things to do before, and after a release on this page.

Bugs management

PPA management

Active PPA

Abandonned PPA

Reverse activation of a PPA

You can use apt-add-repository to disable and remove packages installed by a PPA. you can use the following command:

sudo apt-add-repository -r ppa:Name_of_ppa

E.g., if the ppa is test/ppa the command would be:

sudo apt-add-repository -r ppa:test/ppa

Documentation for developers

Funding for developers

LXDE elsewhere

Lubuntu derivated distributions

LXDE development on other distributions

  • This is for the discussion of the development of the next version of Lubuntu (Saucy Salamander). Saucy is in development and will be released in October 2013. Please note that Lubuntu Developers do not usually read the forums, to report a problem found in Raring report the bug in Launchpad.

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