Trainguard Duty

Trainguards are vanguards for Bileto. Trainguards are usually Landing Team members or Core Devs that have the required permissions and knowledge to drive the machinery, e.g. publish silos with packaging changes, perform more complex reconfigurations etc. They are also the first person of contact whenever there is a problem related to silos or Bileto in overall. Not every trainguard will be able to resolve all your problems, but they will know how to forward the issues to the right people.

Available trainguard

There is usually one or two trainguards always present for every timezone. You can find the current trainguard on duty by checking the topic on the #ubuntu-ci-eng IRC channel. If no particular person is listed, say 'trainguards' on the channel to address all available people on duty. Every possible trainguard gets highlighted then.

Trainguard duty

There must be at least one trainguard available per timezone to ensure proper Bileto service. Trainguard duty is set by the Landing Team Lead (or the person in charge in his absence). In case of one person on duty, the Landing Team Lead must select an emergency stand-by - a person that could jump into duty in case of an emergency.

Trainguard absence

If a the current trainguard needs to leave, he must select a replacement to ensure that his timezone is covered. In the unlikely case when the selected trainguard needs to urgently leave his post leaving no coverage for Bileto the emergency stand-by person takes over trainguard duty. The Landing Team Lead or anyone else from management should in such a case inform the stand-by to handle CI Train requests temporarily.

The order of trainguard selection in case of absence:

  1. If current person on duty is out, the next person from the main trainguard list is selected
  2. If no one from the main trainguard list is available, first available person from the emergency stand-by list is selected
    • In this case the Landing Team Lead should be informed afterwards to somehow fill in the missing gap
  3. If none of the above is available, please emergency-contact the current Landing Team Lead (mup, text message, phone-call)

Current duty

EU timezone

  • Trainguard: sil2100, Mirv
  • Stand-by: xnox

US timezone

  • Trainguard: robru, cyphermox
  • Stand-by: kenvandine, tedg

Full list of trainguards

The following is a list of all people having proper Bileto managing permissions and knowledge.

EU timezone

US timezone

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