Agenda for the first Launchpad Users meeting, 7th March 2007 17:00 UTC, in #launchpad.

(i) Note: this meeting is not for questions about or suggestions for Ubuntu.

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Chair: mrevell (Matthew Revell)


  • Welcome
  • Agenda
  • Introduction to the Launchpad developers are who present
  • Invitation to beta team
  • Annoyance of the week
  • User questions
  • Next meeting

User questions

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  • It will be GREAT to have upstream GNOME distribution translation ability!Will we benefit this in a near future? Vladimer Sichinava GNOME/Ubuntu translator.
  • I'm not happy about the fact that there has never been a fixed date for Ubuntu translation opening. Although I respect Rosetta developers, I feel bad about us having less than a month to prepare the Feisty translations. We (the Czech team) have already found a number of regressions from Edgy and it will be difficult to fix all those bugs and make Ubuntu better translated in time. I often have a feeling that although Ubuntu prides itself with our translations, we don't get much credit and respect within the Launchpad paid developers/Canonical. Can this issue be better resolved in the future? -- MartinBöhm

  • One of the other things that make me believe Ubuntu translators and translations are being rather neglected is the fact that Launchpad/Rosetta has failed to implement a simple search tool for the translations. Without it Rosetta seems to be rather clumsy for fixing bugs and typos. As far as I know, the Launchpad/Rosetta developers are aware of this but almost since day 0 but still they haven't managed to implement it. They often claim it is very hard to implement but I think the lack of pressure from the community is another factor. I hope we can raise our voices louder so that even the paid developers know we really need it sooner than for a feisty+2 or even later. A fixed date for it would be nice, as it seems there are little fixed dates in the development process. -- MartinBöhm

  • It's quite sad to see that many imports of upstream translations (at least for KDE but probably also for Gnome) still don't get imported correctly to Rosetta and get lost for the users of Ubuntu based distributions. Or they have to be translated twice, which results in forks from the "offical" translation. Do you see that imports to Rosetta will work "just out of the box" in the near future? I know that the import is not finshed atm, but I would bet that KOffice and Gwenview won't be imported correctly again.

[edit] More and more I get the impression that I could loose this bet. The upstream import has improved a lot since Edgy. Good work, I am really impressed Smile :-) [/edit]-- JannickKuhr

  • Do you see any chance to have a possibility to show/filter the strings forked/changed from upstream? And of couse a possiblility to reset them with a few (one?) click? We really need this feature to repair the issues caused by the import errors of the last releases -- JannickKuhr

  • When will the translations of KDE's desktop-* files get imported to Rosetta automatically? Have there been any or do you plan any improvements regarding this problem? -- JannickKuhr

  • Are there any plans for improving search facilities in Launchpad? It always strikes me how difficult it is to find something using only keyword search compared to Bugzilla's "Advanced Query" panel. -- DavorCubranic

  • Agreeing with MartinBöhm's questions, there is also the issue of synching more often and releasing monthly langpacks. This has greatly improved over the time, and I understand synching with upstream is a very difficult and complex task. However, every time dates are announced and without exception delayed because of technical problems. This leaves a bad impression. How could this be improved? -- ErdalRonahi

Rejected questions

  • PowerPC architecture is no longer official, and there has been an increasing interest among gamers in installing ubuntu on the Playstation 3 game console (which has a bulit-in feature that allows installation of other OSs) , will ubuntu support this in the near future? (AliAbdulAziz) Rejection reason: Ubuntu question, not a Launchpad question.

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