This spec discussed several LTSP Display Manager (ldm) improvements to be implemented or started in gutsy gibbon.

The current ldm uses a greeter written in pygtk using gnomecanvas. The loading of all the depending python modules makes the greeter application slow and memory hungry. To speed it up and make it smaller a new C/Gtk gui based on the code from https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+branch/ltsp/ldm-greeter should get implemented.

LDM has support for different greeter applications since the start, an optional QT greeter as well as a reduced resources version will be discussed.

The current ldm doesn't offer much error feedback to the user if something goes wrong. Proper error feedback should get taken into account for the gui.

An often requested feature is to run ldm outside of ltsp environments as standalone fullscreen ssh client, proper initscripts and necessary changes should get implemented.

Secure Display Manager (sdm) offers a lot of similar functionality ldm has, both projects should get comparison and code/feature merges should get discussed.

(split into separate spec: Under LDMLoadbalancingSupport an intresting dynamic load balancing solution is offered, it will get reviewed and considered for inclusion.)


Use Cases





Scope and Use Cases

Implementation Plan


Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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