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We would like to attract people from the development communities, the devel mailing lists and others who understand all aspects of software development.

This page describes the topics that are important for programmers and ubuntu developers (all classes of) as well as links to where information can be found about these topics. There are two main sections:

Background Topics

Background information, stuff you wouldn't normally have a class to teach, but is important for students to have access to definitions and an understanding of the concepts:

  • Command Line Basics (see Sys-Admin Course)
  • Logic and Mathematics
  • Communication
    • Mailing Lists
    • Forums
    • Internet Relay Chat
    • Whiteboards, Gobby
    • Pastebins (imagesbins etc)

Classroom Topics

List of topics to cover in a class. Each topic should be direct and if need be, split up into simple modular components of the tasks required to be functional in that area:

  • Computer Architecture:
    • CPU/RAM/Disk/inputs
    • RAM segmentation: heap/stack/BSS/code
  • Python Programming
  • Debian Packaging
  • Web Development
    • Tools
    • Languages
  • Testing and QA
  • Using a debugger, obtaining stack traces and debugging symbols
  • Peer Review and Collaboration
  • Translations
  • Kernel Compiling
  • Learning to Train (Training on how to train with Moodle)
  • Developing Training with Moodle (How to create courses in Moodle)
  • Getting Funding

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