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Ubuntu Contributions


* 2008-11 Oklahoma Ubuntu Local Community Contact , IRC channel and Mailing List administrator

* 2008-12 Became maintainer of "Best of Ubuntu Community Forum Tutorials" project

* 2009-02 Organized '09 Global Bug Jam - Bug Jam statistics.

* 2009-03 Started organizing Tulsa Monthly Meetups

* 2009-03 Created the first OKlaLoCo Newsletter

* 2009-04 Joined Ubuntu Beginners Team

* 2009-05 Ubuntu Documentation Contributors Member

* 2009-06 Participated in '09 Ubuntu Summer of Documentation

* 2009-08 Beginners Team Launchpad Focus Group Coordinator * 2009-09 Beginners Team Mentor - Information about current mentees

* 2009-10 Adopted ubuntuone-client package

* 2009-10 Started Oklahoma LoCo Activism and Advocacy Project

* 2009-10 Created OKlahoma Ubuntu In Libraries Blueprint

* 2010-01 Ubuntu User Day sessionPartitioning 101

* 2010-03 Started developing Stipple config file and package sync application

* 2010-04 Nominated and elected Ubuntu Beginners Team Council Member

* 2010-04 Ubuntu bug Control Member

* 2010-05 Started developing CLIcompanion

* 2010-06 Participated in '10 Ubuntu Summer of Documentation

* 2010-08 Ubuntu Community Forum Staff

* 2010-10 Open Week session Screencasting How to

* 2010-10 Received sponsorship and attended Ubuntu Developer Summit - Natty

* 2011-03 Became a Bug Squad Mentor

* 2011-04 Started Ubuntu Beginners Team MOTU Mentorship

* 2011-07 Started working at Canonical as Customer Support Specialist for Ubuntu One

Working towards MOTU

Ubuntu Patches

Ubuntu Debian Release Critical

Ubuntu Feature Freeze Exception

Listing of some wiki pages I have done more than minor work on

Documentation bugs I have worked on

Bug #368021


Ubuntu Provide support in #ubuntuone and #ubuntu-beginners helping users with their issues.


Ubuntu Increase activity of Oklahoma Loco.
Ubuntu Help the Beginners Team grow and prosper.
Ubuntu Continue working towards joining MOTU.
Ubuntu Continue to learn and support Ubuntu One.


Testimonials for Beginners Team Council

leoquant Duanedesign has shown to have a passion for the Ubuntu Beginners Team, has idea's and is dedicated to support and help new members. So I very much support his application for the Beginners Team Council.

PabloRubianes I support Duane's nomination for BT council. The first thing I thought when I heard about the council nominations was "He Should run for it!" as He is a great member of the Team but on top of that He's a great person, and I think we need great people running a team full of great people!. Hope he get into the council because he will be a great contributor!

Testimonials Ubuntu Membership

I think that Duane has been making a significant effort to boost our LoCo participation and coordinate meetings, events and functions.
I really haven't heard from our Team staff members so I'd like to nominate Duane Hinnen to be (minimum) our Team Coordinator and recognized for efforts he's made to motivate and coordinate our team.
Great job. We really appreciate the work you've done Duane.
Travis Northrup

I second that.

I support Duane's application for Ubuntu Membership totally and unequivocally. Duane's passion and dedication to Ubuntu is not only wholly obvious to anyone fortunate enough to work with him, but has shown sustained and unending commitment. His time in the Ubuntu Forum Beginners Team has already made an impact in these short months. My short time with Duane has been nothing but positive, and I look forward to working together in the future. I am honored to say that I support his induction as an Ubuntu Member.
Paul Tagliamonte

I met Duane when he offered me his time to be my mentor and help me enter the Ubuntu Beginners team. Since that day i found a very collaborative person who is always willing to help and teach others everything he knows, which is a lot. He encourages people to become better and join different areas of Ubuntu. For all the work he has done and all the stuff he will do I support his application for Ubuntu Membership.
Pablo Rubianes

BodhiZazen I am frankly disappointed with Duane's application, it is long overdue and, if not for the many contributions Duane has made to the community I would imagine Duane was procrastinating. Seriously, it has been a pleasure getting to know Duane and I fully support his application. This wiki page speaks for itself in terms of contributions and accomplishments. What is missing from this page is the fact that Duane is a natural leader and respected by many within the community. Although he will never admit it, Duane is quite knowledgeable and he helps people almost constantly on IRC. Yea Duane !!!


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