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This is the wiki page of the Lebanon Local Community Team. We aim to provide free community support to users of Ubuntu as well as advocating the use of Ubuntu to individuals and organizations. Our main target is universities and schools; helping students to have a better view of Ubuntu and know it better. We keep in touch via our Mailing list and IRC channel.

Main Target

This group is for anyone in Lebanon who use or aim to use any Ubuntu Flavor. This group is for people of all technical abilities from Beginners to Advanced. Everybody is extremely welcome, advocacy is our aim, spreading Ubuntu everywhere, concentrating on Networking, Administration, and Security without forgetting all Linux development languages, and our message will be to cycle the best of our information anywhere for everybody.

Join us!

There is no formal process to join, everybody is welcome on our Mailing list or your welcome to chat in our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel (#ubuntu-lb on irc.freenode.net). You can also add yourself to the list of current members in launchpad and it would be nice if you could update the LUG Members Page if you are indeed a member of a LUG or Other Groups Members Page if you are a member of any other Linux related groups. We would be glad also to hear your comments and ideas on our forum.

Please read the documentation about IRC on how to connect with software clients. And if you need a web based IRC, please use this.


Our local volunteers team will do their best to support you as much as they can.


  • Spread the word of Ubuntu, Open Source & Free Software.

  • Make our name known.
  • Build relationships with Universities, Schools, Students, etc.
  • Develop an approach to promote Ubuntu to people with a non-technical background.
  • Offer local support for getting and using Ubuntu.
  • Setup a fest with free sessions for everyone.
  • Build our own web page & forum.

Visit our Roadmap page for a list of on going goals/projects. This is where you can find where to help, and suggest things to be done by the LoCo.


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