Please list your questions and wishes for the Ubuntu Linux Intro Guide here:

Understanding and upgrading the linux kernel. (What the kernel is, what it does, especially in relation to hardware drivers, and how to use the linux-386 / -686 packages to upgrade it.)

Keeping software up to date. (Using synaptic, but also understanding the integration of applications into the general scheme of Ubuntu. Getting software through a central, maintained repository rather than downloading it from individual sites is a very different attitude, and one that took me a while to get to grips with.)

Links to resources such as LinuxQuestions and TLDP for follow-up information would be a good idea.

AlexStreit: I would like an entire section/chapter devoted to graphics and sound. Everything from installing drivers for ati/nvidia/3dlabs, to OpenGL acceleration, to tv-out, to the difference between oss and alsa.


  1. Do you mind if I continually edit for spelling, formatting, etc.? E.g. - replacing windows with Windows, adding a Table of Contents once it gets fleshed out, etc. Not at all! You are more then welcomed! --SivanGreen

  2. Mentioned on Ubuntu Traffic #7 - Sivan Green asked for new users coming from Windows to share things they find hard to get used to with Ubuntu as a Linux OS. Some of these things I have read before, others I have no idea.

    • Why can I not center-click my mouse and scroll up and down?
    • Why does mouse4/mouse5 which, in Windows, can be used for Back/Forward during web-browsing, not function? In Windows you can configure each button and tell it what to do, not an option with Ubuntu.
      • There's a way to do those, you need to use some X utility and then use another to hook on events triggered by those key's keycodes. Mail me and we'll discuss it if you like Smile :)

      • Working instructions from mailing list should go here. --[KevinMulligan]

    • Where am I supposed to save my files? /etc ? Is this equivalent to My Documents in Windows?
      • Well, linux uses the concept of fully self-contained "home directories" which mean that everything belonging to you on your system should go there. You can go to Ubuntu's GNOME "Computer" menu, then from there select either "Desktop" or "Home" - both of them are suitable for storing you personal documents, photos etc. Just make up some folder under it and copy everything there, the choice between "Desktop" (Ubuntu's basis philosophy was to leave the Desktop clean....:) and "Home" is primarily a matter of taste, IMHO.
    • Is there a keyboard command to switch between workspaces?
      • AH, you gotchaed me on this, look on the GNOME users manual, I'm sure there is.
      • Found it. CTRL + ALT + Right arrow/left arrow to switch to the workspace to the right/left of your current. --[KevinMulligan]]

    • Why is Firefox used as the default browser but Thunderbird is not the default e-mail client?
      • This is more of something Jeff Vauge would be able to answer, as he makes such decisions IMHO.
    • How do I change my theme? see GNOME's manual
      • How do I change individual parts of my theme? ditto
      • How do I remove the 3 half-nudes from the Gnome loader (I think this is what it is called, it is right after the login screen)? I tried using GDM-ubuntu.tar.gz found on Warty's images by going to Computer -> Desktop Preferences -> Theme -> Install Theme, but nothing seems to change.

        • That was removed for the final Warty release, so this should stop being an issue. --ColinWatson

          • I must be showing my newb skills off then. I downloaded just a few days before the release. I've done apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade and received no new packages. And the theme is still the same for me (although I have changed the Gnome login screen, not the loader, and the desktop background). Help? --[Kevin Mulligan]

    • What does SABDFL stand for? Saw brief explanation of SABDFL toward the bottom of this page.

      • I believe that the BDFL stands for "Benevolent Dictator For Life". Not sure about the SA. --NickMoffitt The preferred expansion is "Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life"; MarkShuttleworth, in case that needs explaining. --ColinWatson

    • More to come, as always...
  3. Since someone is working on the Ubuntu 'book' ... does this page need to exist? Where does the answers to questions here appear? Are they used on [LinuxIntro]?

Windows applications and the equivalent in linux - so people are aware of the choices they have.


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