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The first version of Ubuntu I used personally was Breezy, and I've been recommending Ubuntu to anyone who would listen since Dapper. I also do quite a bit of Ubuntu-related development at work.

I'm an open source enthusiast that contributes to various projects (including Ubuntu) and develops software for a living. Mostly Python, though I've worked with Perl, C, Java, C++, shell script, and what not...

I am also one of the developers for TurnKey Linux, an Ubuntu-based open source project that develops a free virtual appliance library of pre-packaged servers that deploy on bare metal, a virtual machine, and in the cloud.

The project currently maintains 40 appliances including LAMP, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, MySQL, MediaWiki, Domain controller, File server, Ruby on Rails, phpBB, and many others.

TurnKey's appliances can be customized and extended using TKLPatch, a simple appliance modification mechanism. New virtual appliances can be built as high-level patches to the closest starting point in the library.

My personal homepage currently includes a strange eclectic collection of ancient software I authored back in the old days, and an even stranger Perl obfuscation web service. I consider the latter a practical joke - Perl doesn't need any more obfuscation!

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu server appliances: Helped introduce thousands of new users to Ubuntu as a server platform. I'm co-founder and one of the developers behind TurnKey Linux, a new open source project that is building a family of Ubuntu-based appliances that make it extremely easy to get up and running with supported server applications, especially in combination with virtualization. In addition to helping out with development, I also help maintain the project's website, write documentation, and help users out on the forums (see my activity track). The project is a sort of LoCo for server appliances. Instead of helping introduce users to Ubuntu on a geographical basis, we help introduce users to Ubuntu by helping them quickly setup and experiment with Ubuntu as a server platform for their favorite applications.

  • UWN: I've been officially in charge of 5 sections on UWN since Issue 126 (Jan 2009), compiling data and statistics on Ubuntu's development from various sources. Before that, helped out with minor editing.

Ubuntu News Team

  • Member since: November 2, 2008
  • Contributor - Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Currently responsible for the Security and Package updates sections and compiling various performance benchmarks for the project - bug stats, translation stats.

Plans for the future

  • Continue my role with the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.
  • Building out TurnKey Linux as a specialized extension of the Ubuntu community. We have a lot of tasks on our todo list including making the appliances more useful and easier to use, expanding the range of appliances we offer, adding 64-bit support, supporting more targets, etc.

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Since issue #118, over a year, Liraz Siri has been working on the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. His area of responsibility has been keeping the sections: Updates & Security which involves all to the current Ubuntu versions, and the Ubuntu Stats section which includes reports on Bug stats for Karmic, Translation stats. In the past he has also had responsibility for the Bug Stats for Jaunty and Intrepid. Liraz has been consistent with his contributions, and has shown longevity along with a willingness to make the necessary changes to help the news team keep on top of the changing and expanding News about Ubuntu. It is my opinion the Liraz will make a fine addition to our group of Ubuntu Members, and will continue to contribute to the community at large in the future. JohnCrawford

On UWN issues 118, 119, 121 and 125 he helped with a little proofreading and editing of the issue. Starting on Issue 126 he has been responsible for the following sections: bug stats, translation stats, 5-a-day stats, top 5 brainstorms, security updates, 6.06 updates, 7.10 updates, 8.04 updates, and 8.10 updates. Kenny McHenry

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