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My name is John Crawford and I am a 55 year old computer user, and Ubuntu-Member, who first started looking at alternate operating systems in May of 2005. At the time I had no idea that there was even such a thing as Linux or Ubuntu. I did some research and found a great web site called DistroWatch, and I was off to the races. After trying several different flavors of Linux, and having little success with any of them, I tried Ubuntu on a dual boot. I spent a couple of weeks in the forums looking for answers and seeing what kind of community it had. I decided that I liked what I saw and joined to forums in June of 2005. It only took about a month to realize that I didn't need the dual boot any longer, so I went exclusively with Ubuntu and have been totally satisfied with it ever since. I have always been very grateful to everyone on the Ubuntu Forums for the help they gave me, and have tried to give back to the community whenever I could.

Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Team

I am the Team Leader of the Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Team. In April of 2007 I noticed on the forum that fellow Arizonans were trying to get a loco team started. I saw this as another way to give back to the Ubuntu community, help advocate Ubuntu and Open Source, and at the same time bring together fellow users within the State of Arizona. Our first meeting was held on April 12, 2007, and we had 6 people attend. As of January 2008, our membership has grown to 90 members Launchpad Membership Link with several teams established and projects being worked on. On June 4th, 2008, our team went before the Americas Board and was granted "Approved Team" status. Approval Application. The process of starting and running a Loco Team has been not only educational, but very rewarding. I encourage everyone to seek out their own Loco Team and join, or start one if needed.

Ubuntu Goals

  • My short term goals
    • Continue to contribute to the forums when I can
    • Refine and develop the structure and goals of the Arizona Team
    • Become an Ubuntu Member (Completed)
    • Help the Arizona Team to gain Approved Team Status (Completed)
  • My long term goals
    • Always live up to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

    • Continue to advocate for Ubuntu and Open Source
    • Insure that Ubuntu-Arizona is always a valued member of the Ubuntu Community
    • Increase the number of foreign translations of the UWNewsletter UWN Translations

    • Help to increase the number of staffers working on the UWNewsletter Current Issue

    • Improve Launchpad Karma

Ubuntu Advocacy

  • Have burned and distributed over 125 Ubuntu CD's for family, friends, neighbors and interested parties
  • Always carry a few spare Ubuntu CD's around to give away as needed

Ubuntu Contributions



John has done great things to get the Arizona Team up and running. They are active with a good amount of members holding regular meetings. I personally know one of the team members, and he is happy to see the direction the team is going and the pace it is at. As a US Teams mentor, I've done very little, if anything, to help. This team just hasn't needed it. -- AaronToponce

Meeting Log For Ubuntu Membership

Jun 26 07:26:59 <johnc4510>     Hi, I'm John Crawford (Ubuntero) A founding member and team leader of the Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Team. Here is my wiki page: and our team page: and my Launchpad page: Thank you for your consideration. :->
Jun 26 07:27:17 <jsgotangco>    "The hottest loco on earth"
Jun 26 07:27:19 *       br24 from AZ team is here for johnc4510
Jun 26 07:27:25 <Vorian>        I'm here to cheer for johnc4510!!!
Jun 26 07:27:25 <johnc4510>     ty br24
Jun 26 07:27:29 <Vorian>        johnc4510 has been the driving force behind the Arizona LoCo team.  He lives the values of Ubuntu, and is open to accepting all who wish to participate on the Arizona team.  John thoughtfully sends out weekly newsletters to all in the team.  I strongly recommend a +1 for johnc4510
Jun 26 07:27:42 <johnc4510>     ty Vorian
Jun 26 07:27:43 <johnc4510>     :)
Jun 26 07:27:54 <br24>  johnc4510 has provided good direction for all members of the AZ team in reaching our goals
Jun 26 07:28:03 <jsonder>       John4510 _is_ organized
Jun 26 07:28:04 <etank> I would like to cheer for johnc4510. He and his team have been doing some great stuff. Our team (Kentucky) has benefited from some of the ideas that he has started.
Jun 26 07:28:12 <johnc4510>     jsonder: ty
Jun 26 07:28:21 <johnc4510>     etank: ty
Jun 26 07:28:22 <MikeB->        atoponce asked me to send this endorsement of johnc4510
Jun 26 07:28:28 <etank> +1 for johnc4510 from me
Jun 26 07:28:32 <MikeB->         johnc4510 has been a great asset to the az team. they have flourished under his leadership and are easily heading for team approval. it would be a great asset to the ubuntu membership to add him as member
Jun 26 07:28:43 *       johnc4510 thanks atoponce
Jun 26 07:29:20 <jsgotangco>    its also listed in his wiki page
Jun 26 07:29:37 <dholbach>      johnc4510: you say you want to structure the goals for the az team - do you have any plans already?
Jun 26 07:30:11 <johnc4510>     our plans are to advocate ubuntu and open source
Jun 26 07:30:29 <johnc4510>     we want to pull in the lugs in state to begin with
Jun 26 07:30:48 <johnc4510>     also to use libraries to distribute cd's
Jun 26 07:31:08 <johnc4510>     also use colleges for demos
Jun 26 07:31:42 <johnc4510>     we are a new team     just since april 12 of 07
Jun 26 07:31:56 <johnc4510>     organizing has been our first goal
Jun 26 07:32:08 <johnc4510>     now on to spreading ubuntu
Jun 26 07:32:10 <johnc4510>     :P\
Jun 26 07:32:21 <dholbach>      did you have any problems/challenges with the organisation?
Jun 26 07:32:41 <johnc4510>     not really, things kind of feel into place
Jun 26 07:32:56 <johnc4510>     over 40 members in launchpad in 2 months
Jun 26 07:32:59 <johnc4510>     :)
Jun 26 07:33:07 <Vorian>        WOW!
Jun 26 07:33:10 <Vorian>        :)
Jun 26 07:33:30 *       johnc4510 says Vorian has been a great help
Jun 26 07:33:49 *       johnc4510 says atoponce also
Jun 26 07:34:02 <jsgotangco>    looks good to me
Jun 26 07:34:12 <johnc4510>     team members have been exceptional
Jun 26 07:34:26 *       br24 says AZ team would not be here without johnc4510
Jun 26 07:34:38 <johnc4510>     br24: ty
Jun 26 07:34:44 <dholbach>      any more questions?
Jun 26 07:34:49 <jsgotangco>    i give my +1
Jun 26 07:34:59 <etank> woot johnc4510
Jun 26 07:35:01 <johnc4510>     My thanks to all, especially Vorian, atoponce, etank , br24 and jsonder for coming.
Jun 26 07:35:05 <dholbach>      +1 from me too - lots of good contributions and good coordination with other teams
Jun 26 07:35:23 *       johnc4510 thanks all
Jun 26 07:35:23 <MikeB->        +1 for me, fantastic work
Jun 26 07:35:30 <johnc4510>     MikeB-: ty
Jun 26 07:35:43 <Burgundavia>   +1 from me
Jun 26 07:35:51 <dholbach>      congratulations johnc4510 :)
Jun 26 07:35:53 <effraie>       congrats johnc4510 :)
Jun 26 07:35:55 <Vorian>        CONGRATS JOHNC4510!!!!!!
Jun 26 07:36:00 <johnc4510>     dholbach: ty
Jun 26 07:36:02 <Vorian>        \o/
Jun 26 07:36:03 <br24>  congrats johnc4510!!!
Jun 26 07:36:06 <jsgotangco>    johnc4510: keep it up! may the AZ team be hotter by august
Jun 26 07:36:08 *       johnc4510 smiles


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