Key details

  • Team started on July 14th, 2005
  • Team was registered in Launchpad on March 4th, 2008
  • Date of application for approval: May 29th, 2008
  • Team contact: TomasŽeimys – zeimys(AT)ubuntu(DOT)com



  • Website: over 2,400 members

  • Mailing List: 73 subscribers
  • Launchpad: 18 members

We have our own governance system that consists of a team leader and 4 board members that are reelected each year by users (next election will be held on September 1st). Current board members:


  • website
    We are working on a new version of, which can be found at The new version will include the following:

    • Informational pages (translations of content)
    • Local Wiki installation
    • Forum will be replaced by a Q/A system (similar to, we doing this, because LP Answers is available only in English
    • Editable Map/List of people and companies that provide paid support for Ubuntu Desktop and Server editions
    • Editable Map/List of people who can give away spare Ubuntu CDs
    • Each user will have it's own profile, with list of favorite applications, hardware description where Ubuntu is running and etc.

    Many people ask us "Why don't you use available Ubuntu resources like or". The answer is simple - their interface in Lithuanian is unavailable for now and also we would like to strengthen the spirit of by providing a single integrated system for getting help and communication.
    Basically this will be a combination of “CMS Made Simple” and “MediaWiki” under a single OpenID login. Also the whole website will be linked in various ways with another project we are working on – a social network for OSS users from Lithuania (the project is still in the technical documentation preparation stage).

  • Meetings
    From now on, all the IRC and Face-to-face meetings are going to be schedule based. IRC meetings every 2 weeks, live meetings every 2 months.

  • CD printing
    We are actively looking for a sponsor that can provide us with blank CDs and DVDs that will be used for burning Ubuntu and Baltix CDs for distribution across Lithuania.

  • Conferences and Installfests
    We are planning to organize small installfests every month or two in different cities of Lithuania. Also every half a year on the occasion of release of new Ubuntu version we are going to organize big installfests/conferences.

  • Development
    There are a couple of programmers working on development of a Ubuntu derivative called Baltix ( All changes and bug fixes on Baltix are submitted back to developers of Debian and Ubuntu.

  • Education
    There is a work group helping to bring OSS to schools.
    They are mainly working on project. It is used to generate collection of Educational (+ office use) Free Software DVD, which includes 2 in 1 (software for Windows + EduBaltix (Baltix + edubuntuX metapackages)) (flyer in Lithuanian).
    The project was partly funded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education. Each Lithuanian school got this DVD, and the programs were included into official database for software to be used in schools.
    This collection was also presented in several educational events (see Experience->Presentations).

  • GreenPC
    GreenPC is a charity project whose main target is reuse of old computers. People and organizations would donate old/broken computers, and our team collaborating with some other communities would be fixing them, installing (X)Ubuntu and giving them away to organizations oriented to upbringing of children (orphanage, after class groups, country schools, etc.). Estimated date of project launch is September 1st 2008.

  • Ubucon Baltic
    Ubucon Baltic is a large exhibition of open-source solutions / series of conferences for people from the Baltic region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). The target is 2,000 participants. Project is in “planning / looking for possible sponsorship ways” stage. Estimated date for the event is spring of 2009.

  • Press
    There are plans to edit a FOSS column in the biggest IT magazine in Lithuania - “Naujoji Komunikacija”; the project is still in the stage of negotiations.


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