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  • Ubuntu-NL reapproval
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • Ubuntu-BE reapproval
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

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  • StefandeVries (4)

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  • 20:08:03 <xdatap1> #startmeeting

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    20:08:38 <xdatap1> so, today's agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda

    20:08:55 <xdatap1> let's start with the team's approval

    20:09:07 <xdatap1> Netherlands team is here?

    20:09:20 <Ronnie> xdatap1: o/

    20:09:32 <greg-g> hi there!

    20:09:41 <xdatap1> hello Ronnie, welcome! Please introduce yourself and your team

    20:09:46 <Ronnie> I'm Ronnie, the new Ubuntu-NL Loco contact. I took the seat over after the absence of our former LoCo contact (Sense Hofstede) a few months ago.

    20:10:17 <Ronnie> Ubuntu NL was founded in 2004, and still a very active Ubuntu Community

    20:10:23 <czajkowski> aloha folks

    20:10:32 <Ronnie> Previous reapproval (2010-12-21) we were not approved, because most of the community councel wanted to wait on the upcoming change in governance structure. Now, more than a year later were ready for a reapproval.

    20:10:38 <Ronnie> Bug of the previous approval: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/693178

    20:10:40 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 693178 in Ubuntu LoCo Teams "Re-approval, ubuntu-nl" [High,Fix released]

    20:10:45 <czajkowski> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DutchTeamApprovalApplication

    20:11:17 <Ronnie> The new governance has each month an IRC meeting, were we take disicions on the topics discussed on the mailinglist and we make new action points. The meetings are open for everyone to join. The first part of the meeting is intended for the goverance only, to discuss more quickly and take discisions (everyone is free to read it). In the second part, everyone can join the discussion. 20:11:45 * greg-g nods

    20:11:47 <Ronnie> more information can be found in the link czajkowski posted above. Feel free to ask any question

    20:12:46 <czajkowski> Ronnie: hiya so glad to see ye guys came back

    20:12:49 <cprofitt> I have read your application, taken a look at your website, and at loco.ubuntu.com

    20:12:49 <czajkowski> and well done for that

    20:13:03 <cprofitt> Well done on the documentation Ronnie

    20:13:08 <czajkowski> Ronnie: so a couple of questions as I was on the last council when the application came before

    20:13:11 <Ronnie> thx cprofitt

    20:13:19 <czajkowski> when sense left the team did seem to go rapidly down hill

    20:13:24 <greg-g> Ronnie: I see the list of events these past few years, some of them look interesting, what is the general type of event that Ubuntu-NL puts on or participates in?

    20:13:38 <czajkowski> waht measures are no in place to stop such an episode happening again

    20:13:44 <czajkowski> *what

    20:14:22 <czajkowski> I know there were a lot of issues in the past with information not being passed to others, and conerations happening on the forums but not elsewhere, do you feel that all the extra levels of governance is helping?

    20:14:56 <Ronnie> the team did not really gone downhill when sense left the team. We still had meetings every month (thomas_de_graaff took over the meeting chair)

    20:15:21 <cprofitt> Ronnie: are any other members from your team in channel presently?

    20:15:28 <Thomas_de_Graaff> o/

    20:15:30 <johanvd> o/

    20:15:44 <JanC> I agree the day-to-day working of the team didn't really go downhill

    20:15:46 <czajkowski> Ronnie: we had people coming in looking to find out what to do as they dodnt know what to do

    20:15:46 <StefandeVries> o/

    20:15:47 <Ronnie> the only difference was that that we hadn't any loco contact at the moment

    20:15:47 <greg-g> welcome Thomas_de_Graaff and johanvd !

    20:15:50 <leoquant> o/ 20:15:56 * JanC is on the ubuntu-nl IRC team

    20:16:05 * StefandeVries too.

    20:16:09 <greg-g> welcome all!

    20:16:21 <Oer> o/

    20:16:22 <cprofitt> Ronnie - so it was an issue with having a single contact? or was that also the team 'owner' for LP?

    20:16:33 <cprofitt> welcome to all Ubuntu-NL folks!!

    20:16:40 <cprofitt> great to see such a strong showing!!

    20:17:00 <Ronnie> czajkowski: yes we contacted the community councel to ask what steps we needed to take to make a smooth transition. but that didn't mean the team got downhill.

    20:17:48 <greg-g> Ronnie: good, so, do you think the current situation is positive for the team? Are the events/decisions happening in a positive manner?

    20:17:57 <Thomas_de_Graaff> I want to add that the structures Sense laid out made it quite easy to continue with a missing member.

    20:18:04 <cprofitt> Thomas_de_Graaff: +1

    20:18:17 <cprofitt> I see that now looking at LP

    20:18:20 <Ronnie> greg-g: it defenitly improved very much

    20:18:43 <Ronnie> there were some issues this year, but i think we handled them all very nice

    20:18:52 <greg-g> great!

    20:19:10 <greg-g> what are your plans for this year: the usual of release parties and global jams?

    20:19:47 <Ronnie> the new governance is also more present in the community than before

    20:19:58 <Ronnie> like i mentioned the open meetings improved it a lot

    20:20:29 <xdatap1> good Ronnie, thanks. Any other question? otherwise we can vote

    20:20:36 <cprofitt> I am set to vote

    20:20:37 <Ronnie> yes, definitly release parties and UGJ

    20:20:58 <Ronnie> but also improvements on the insight in the current community

    20:21:10 <greg-g> good deal

    20:21:16 <Ronnie> and finding out whats needed to improve it even more

    20:21:54 <Ronnie> we also working very hard on the new website: Demo: http://communityserver.ubuntu-nl.org/

    20:22:23 <greg-g> looks good!

    20:22:29 <czajkowski> well done

    20:22:45 <Ronnie> and were planning to do more workshops in the ubuntu-nl-mwanzo team

    20:23:19 <xdatap1> Ronnie, that one is an interesting idea, I'll ask you more info next days about it Smile :)

    20:23:26 <Ronnie> which will result in more active participation in the community

    20:23:57 <xdatap1> let's vote, then

    20:23:58 <xdatap1> #voters czajkowski xdatap1 greg-g cprofitt

    20:23:58 <meetingology> Current voters: cprofitt czajkowski greg-g xdatap1

    20:24:07 <xdatap1> #vote Ubuntu-NL reapproval

    20:24:07 <meetingology> Please vote on: Ubuntu-NL reapproval

    20:24:07 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:24:11 <cprofitt> +1

    20:24:11 <meetingology> +1 received from cprofitt

    20:24:13 <greg-g> +1

    20:24:13 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    20:24:15 <czajkowski> +1

    20:24:15 <meetingology> +1 received from czajkowski

    20:24:19 <xdatap1> +1, keep up the good work

    20:24:19 <meetingology> +1, keep up the good work received from xdatap1

    20:24:37 <xdatap1> #endvote

    20:24:37 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Ubuntu-NL reapproval

    20:24:37 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:24:37 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:24:48 <Thomas_de_Graaff> \o/

    20:24:55 <xdatap1> congratulation guys

    20:24:56 <StefandeVries> \o/ Hoorah!

    20:25:07 <Idroy> \o/

    20:25:10 <cprofitt> congrats folks... job well done!!

    20:25:13 <Ronnie> thx xdatap1, cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g

    20:25:16 <oCean> Great. Gefeliciteerd mannen!

    20:25:20 <Thomas_de_Graaff> Thx. council.

    20:25:28 <xdatap1> let's move on, Belgium Team

    20:25:47 <pvandewyngaerde> hello from Belgium

    20:25:52 <Ronnie> good luck south neighbours

    20:26:00 <pvandewyngaerde> congratulations Ronnie

    20:26:07 <leoquant> good luck belgium!

    20:26:08 <JanC> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ReapprovalApplication2012

    20:26:10 <cprofitt> Who is here from Ubuntu-BE?

    20:26:15 <JanC> o/

    20:26:22 <pvandewyngaerde> o/

    20:26:25 <jean7491> hi from belgian loco team

    20:26:55 <cprofitt> Good to see you folks; I appreciate your attending JanC pvandewyngaerde jean7491

    20:27:02 <xdatap1> Hello JanC! Nice to see you. Please introduce yourself and introduce your team

    20:27:07 <FOAD> o/

    20:28:53 <czajkowski> welcome folks

    20:28:55 <JanC> well, I'm the loco contact of the Belgian Team, and we promote Ubuntu in Belgium, as you can see on the ReApproval wiki page ☺

    20:29:04 <czajkowski> nicely detailed

    20:29:19 <czajkowski> and I know from hands on experience of seeing the team in action at FOSDEM how active this team is

    20:29:28 <cprofitt> I am curious how the idea of having a council for your team is working out; has it helped the team?

    20:29:59 <pvandewyngaerde> i am also a member of the council

    20:30:25 <FOAD> And I give moral support.

    20:31:09 <cprofitt> FOAD: that can be very important at times Smile :-)

    20:31:21 <FOAD> Thank you. Smile :)

    20:31:34 <xdatap1> I like the idea of "Ubuntu-be Promise"

    20:31:52 <xdatap1> well done guys

    20:31:53 <cprofitt> JanC: I am curious how the idea of having a council for your team is working out; has it helped the team?

    20:32:01 <JanC> cprofitt: good question; as personally I am not really convinced of its added value right now, but maybe in the future... 20:32:14 * cprofitt nods

    20:32:21 <cprofitt> similar experience with my team

    20:32:46 <cprofitt> from the wiki event entries it does not look like the team is affected by it... lots of activity

    20:32:53 <czajkowski> JanC: is there a reason the team doesnt use the LTP, not that there is a requirement to use it, just curious

    20:33:06 <cprofitt> I was just going to ask that as well

    20:33:21 <JanC> czajkowski: mostly because we already used infrastructure on our own site

    20:33:21 <cprofitt> loco.ubuntu.com makes it very easy to see future and past events

    20:33:46 <czajkowski> JanC: wouldnt you prefer to see all events on the LTP where all other teams use it ?

    20:33:56 <JanC> I discussed changing that with our former webmaster, bu as he emigrated to Canada recently...

    20:34:18 <cprofitt> the issue for me with LTP is the ability for new users to find only one source of information

    20:34:27 <JanC> so we need to get back to that in the future with the new one

    20:34:42 <cprofitt> looking at loco.ubuntu.com leads me to beleive that there is no activity... which is clearly not the case

    20:34:46 <czajkowski> though I've seen your flyers and info booths, I do know all your work is up to date and would show only one place

    20:34:46 <JanC> the idea would be to pull in events from LTP then

    20:34:58 <cprofitt> +1 JanC - that would work fantastic

    20:35:21 <greg-g> JanC: another qustion: how do you plan on increasing exposure of Ubuntu/Free Software in schools (as stated on your roadmap)?

    20:35:33 <cprofitt> I would really like to have the great example your team sets and have the entire global community see it

    20:36:23 <czajkowski> JanC: that would be nice, but again no requirement for it, other than it bein nice to see all teams use it

    20:36:33 <czajkowski> makes it easuer to see how teams are doing from one site

    20:36:54 <JanC> I don't think we really have a roadmap as the team, but some individuals are working with schools, and we have the company that spreads awesome Ubuntu multiseats in schools & libraries ☺

    20:37:34 <greg-g> awesome!

    20:37:49 <xdatap1> any other question? otherwise we can start voting

    20:37:54 <cprofitt> all set here

    20:38:02 <greg-g> go for it! Smile :)

    20:38:18 <xdatap1> #vote Ubuntu-BE reapproval

    20:38:18 <meetingology> Please vote on: Ubuntu-BE reapproval

    20:38:18 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:38:20 <jean7491> about schools:as now there are only individual initiatives, hope is that a council helpshould help coordination and encouraging other initiatives

    20:38:25 <cprofitt> +1

    20:38:25 <meetingology> +1 received from cprofitt

    20:38:27 <FOAD> I just want to say Belgium is the best.

    20:38:27 <xdatap1> +1

    20:38:27 <meetingology> +1 received from xdatap1

    20:38:37 <FOAD> +1

    20:38:42 <czajkowski> +1

    20:38:42 <meetingology> +1 received from czajkowski

    20:38:49 <czajkowski> FOAD: only council members vote

    20:38:57 <FOAD> Oh, sorry.

    20:39:00 <pvandewyngaerde> FAIL

    20:39:02 <FOAD> -1 then.

    20:39:06 <greg-g> +1

    20:39:06 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    20:39:12 <xdatap1> #endvote

    20:39:12 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Ubuntu-BE reapproval

    20:39:12 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:39:12 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:39:13 <FOAD> I apologize profoundly.

    20:39:24 <cprofitt> no worries FOAD

    20:39:24 <greg-g> congrats!

    20:39:28 <xdatap1> congratulation Belgium!

    20:39:31 <pvandewyngaerde> thanks

    20:39:31 <JanC> \o/

    20:39:33 <cprofitt> congrats Ubuntu-BE

    20:39:36 <JanC> thanks all!

    20:39:37 <StefandeVries> Congratulations, Belgian LoCo!

    20:39:46 <jean7491> thx

    20:40:31 <Thomas_de_Graaff> Gefeliciteerd Big Grin :)

    20:40:48 <xdatap1> ok, next topic. cprofitt would you introduce it?

    20:40:53 <cprofitt> sure

    20:40:57 <cprofitt> can you set the topic

    20:41:14 <xdatap1> #topic Team Contact vs. Team Owner - can we leverage loco.ubuntu.com?

    20:41:18 <cprofitt> As you all know we have has some issues with teams getting notified about reapproval due to team owners and team contacts not being the same or because team owners have gone off the grid even though the team is active.

    20:41:53 <cprofitt> I would like to suggest that we use loco.ubuntu.com as the source for team contact information as it allows the sep. of the two roles and it allows multiple users in those roles

    20:42:05 <FOAD> Hurray, congratulations my Belgian brethren.

    20:42:12 <pvandewyngaerde> btw, on the wiki it says there is a bug created when a team needs reapproval, was there a bug for ubuntu-be ? i did not find one

    20:42:25 <cprofitt> pvandewyngaerde: the bugs are private

    20:42:29 <cprofitt> so it is not searchable

    20:42:31 <czajkowski> FOAD: pvandewyngaerde we're on a new topic

    20:42:52 <FOAD> I know that.

    20:43:04 <cprofitt> does that seem reasonable to the council to use loco.ubuntu.com?

    20:43:43 <czajkowski> well all teams are imported there from LP so all details should be up to date and makes it easier to find out who to contact rather than seaching lp

    20:44:36 <cprofitt> that was my thought czajkowski

    20:44:48 <cprofitt> would that require a re-write of any tools?

    20:45:21 <xdatap1> we send emails with LP, right?

    20:45:29 <czajkowski> xdatap1: nop

    20:45:38 <czajkowski> you send a mail from what ever tool you use to send mails

    20:45:55 <czajkowski> only if people do not have public addresses do you us elp to contct them

    20:46:12 <czajkowski> which I do object if you are the team contact you shouldbe able to be contacted and email address public

    20:46:13 <greg-g> that changed, no?

    20:46:24 <cprofitt> +1 czajkowski

    20:46:35 <xdatap1> how do we send re-approval emails?

    20:46:47 <greg-g> (I thought there was a change to the way LP sent emails to people with private emails)

    20:46:53 <cprofitt> I would think re-approval emails would be generated by LP via the bugs

    20:47:02 <cprofitt> which would send an email to anyone we subscribe

    20:47:23 <cprofitt> but not 100% sure on how it was done in the past.

    20:47:30 <czajkowski> greg-g: it does email them

    20:48:01 <JanC> yep, I got mail once I was subscribed

    20:48:48 <greg-g> cagood deal

    20:49:11 <czajkowski> cprofitt: once you add the team contact sure.

    20:49:18 <xdatap1> cprofitt, so the proposa is to use the loco dir just a white page for LoCos contatcs, right? Not changing the way we send email

    20:49:23 <czajkowski> which would have been gotten from the LTP

    20:49:29 <greg-g> btw, I'm fine with this, if I don't see the vote due to lag

    20:49:30 <cprofitt> yep

    20:49:48 <cprofitt> just use loco.ubuntu.com as the source of who contacts are

    20:50:02 <cprofitt> do we need an actual vote or just an informal +1?

    20:50:13 <cprofitt> I don't think we really need a vote

    20:50:22 <cprofitt> just want to make sure we are all on the same page

    20:50:30 <xdatap1> It's fine for me

    20:51:05 <czajkowski> all one the same page here

    20:51:11 <cprofitt> cool.

    20:51:20 <cprofitt> I will motion that we adjourn the meeting

    20:52:18 <FOAD> Okay.

    20:52:40 <xdatap1> shall we end, then?

    20:52:47 <czajkowski> yes please

    20:52:59 <xdatap1> #endmeeting

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