In accordance with our mission statement, the Ubuntu Belgian Team wants to grow the local ecosystem of individuals, companies, non-profits and governmental and intergovernmental institutions in Belgium working (or wanting to work) with Ubuntu. We want to do that by organizing and supporting promotional, educational and community activities.

Because Belgium is a small country with 3 official languages (and many other spoken by immigrants and expats), and all those languages are primarily spoken outside Belgium, we work together with the respective LoCoTeams of those languages (currently mainly ubuntu-nl & ubuntu-fr) so that their and our efforts aren't split up. Many Belgian Team members are also members of their respective language-related teams, e.g. to give support and/or to help with translations or writing documentation.

Key Details


  • Improving the organization of the Be LoCo Team to work more effectively in short and long term

    • Implementation of an elected Belgian LoCo Team Council

      • Planning (issued from the 24th April 2011 meeting (see below), elections for a new council should be organized in April 2012. This new council should be in place on 1th of May 2012.
    • how to to organize ourself more effectively

    • Activation of the Ubuntu Belgian Events Team

      • should be in charge of initiating and coordinating activities and events
      • activities and events should be organized by more active members
    • Improving the coordination within the Belgian LoCo Team

    • Look in to the possibility of becoming an official non-profit organization.

      • Pros and Cons
  • Promotion

    • Presence at more (computer and other) fairs

    • Looking for opportunities to promote Ubuntu through participation to local initiatives

      • the yearly Digital Week (Genk, Middelkerke, Ostend, ... ),
      • support install parties and presentations to local communities ( ...),
      • education : increase presence in school to present Ubuntu ...
      • meetings with local authorities and other groups.
      • working together with EPFSUG (European Parliament Free Software User Group) to see were Ubuntu-be can help deploying open source software in the parliament.

      • working together with festival organisations to get public ubuntu computers.
    • Exploring the possibility of making all our social media channels work together.

      • So an event invitation gets send out to all of them, rather than only 1 of them
    • Making an Ubuntu-be respin (of 12.04)

      • Since it won't fit a CD anyway, yet we don't want to add a lot of stuff to the ISO
      • Offering full language support for all official languages in Belgium by default
      • Booting up by default in either German, French, Dutch (or English)
      • Including native support for our electronic ID.
      • Possibly adding a PPA of our own. (limitations and boundries for this are yet to be set)
    • Promotion Material

      • Getting new hardware for our EventTeams

        • and possibily for the educational project
        • First steps in this are already taken, we found a company that will donate about 20 fairly recent computers somewhere in the first semester of this year
      • Ubuntu(-be) branded USB sticks
        • Ideal to put our respin on it
        • A lot faster than Live CD's
        • After 6 months CD's (and DVD's in the future) aren't up to date, people might not even use them, usb keys are 'always' usefull
        • Even without a live version of Ubuntu on it, the person owning the stick is still promoting ubuntu by the logo on the drive
      • Getting new posters
  • Website development

    • Making our website more dynamic (blog?). (getting rid of the static homepage)
    • Making it easier to find things.
    • Making our agenda work with the events page on the site

    • Rethinking our planet. Developing a system that plays nicely with: Twitter, Flickr, our Facebook group, G+,,...

  • Wiki

    • Continuing the clean up!
    • Setting out guidelines what should go on the website and what should go on the wiki.


About organization

Improvement of the promotion material

Activities Ubuntu-be since February 2010

(This is not complete, but it's representative.)

Release Parties

  • Natty Narwhal 11.04
    • Brugge (organized by ACCB) on May 11th
  • Maverik Meerkat 10.10
    • Brussels (organized by (independent media organisation) ) on October 17th

  • Lucid Lynx 10.04LTS
    • Braine L'Alleud (organized by CulButte (local LUG) ) on May 1t

    • Mechelen (organized by HCC regio Vlaanderen) on May 3th
    • Louvain-la-Neuve (organized by Louvain-Li-Nux (local LUG)) on May 5th
    • Brussels (organized by (independent media organisation) ) on May 9th

    • Antwerpen (organized by Ubuntu-be in cooperation with Dipro (fair organizer) ) on May 9th
    • Kortrijk (organized by Vormingplus Midden- en Zuid-West-Vlaanderen (educational center)) on May 11th
    • Ghent (organized by the Belgian LoCo Team) on May 13th

    • Genk (organized by the BitMappers-Hasselt) on May 16th

    • Ostend (organized by the Belgian LoCo Team) on May 29th volunteers participate with booths in most of the Dipro computer fairs in Belgium


  • 2010 : Hasselt 24/01/2010, Ghent 31/01/2010, Kortrijk 07/02/2010, Antwerp, Hobby & Computerdagen 20-21/02/2010, Brugge 28/02/2010, Charleroi 07/03/2010, Mechelen 14/03/2010, Oostmalle 21/03/2010, Genk, 28/03/2010, Ghent 18/04/2010, Antwerp 09/05/2010, Ghent 05/09/2010, Antwerp 12/09/2010, Charleroi 19/09/2010 Hasselt 26/09/2010, Nielse Computer Dag 26/09/2010, Kortrijk 10/10/2010, Brugge 17/10/2010, Ghent 14/11/2010, Genk 21/11/2010, Antwerpen 28/11/2010, Mechelen 12/12/2010

  • 2011 : Leuven 16/01/2011, Hasselt 23/01/2011, Ghent 30/01/2011, Kortrijk 06/02/2011, Antwerp Hobby & Computerdays 26-27/02/2011, Brugge 13/03/2011, Charleroi 20/03/2011, Mechelen 27/03/2011, Genk 03/04/2011, Ghent 10/04/2011, Antwerp 11/09/2011, Brugge 25/09/2011, Seraing 09/10/2011, Hasselt 16/10/2011, Kortrijk 30/10/2011, Genk 04/12/2011

  • 2012 : Aalst 19/01/2012, Hasselt 12/02/2012

FOSDEM volunteers participate at FOSDEM (Free And Open Source Software Developper's European Meeting) FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Other events

  • Ubuntu-be participated to
    • The Software Freedom Day 2010 and 2011 at several locations,

    • The Digital week 2010 and 2011 at several locations,

    • La Foire du Libre LLN 2011 in Louvain-La-Neuve,

    • REWICS 2011 in Charleroi.

Development of the website and Wiki Belgian Team

  • Main Website
    • Implementation of a custom developed the Support Points Map ( using openstreetmap

    • Some small Bug Fixes
    • Fixing the planet (still needs updating)
    • Started updating pages and completing translations in English, Dutch, French and German
  • Wiki
    • Putting some structure behind the wiki (still work in progress)
    • Gathering all orphan pages and repositioning them.
    • Putting all 'legacy' pages, that shouldn't be changed anymore, (until 2010) together

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