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Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda (czajkowski, 20:20:26)

  • Re approval of Ubuntu ZA loco

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReApprovalApplication2012 (czajkowski, 20:21:06)

  • Mexico loco approval

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMxTeam/ApprovalApplication2012 (czajkowski, 20:33:17)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMxTeam/ApprovalApplication2012 (SergioMeneses, 20:34:44)

LINK: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-mx/events/history (czajkowski, 20:43:59)

ACTION: czajkowski update LP with the teams expirary dates (czajkowski, 20:52:37)

ACTION: itnet7 team report (czajkowski, 20:53:03)

Meeting ended at 20:53:09 UTC.


  • please vote on the Ubuntu MX approval
    • For: 3 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • please vote on the reapproval of Ubuntu Za loco
    • For: 3 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Action items

  • czajkowski update LP with the teams expirary dates
  • itnet7 team report

Action items, by person

  • czajkowski
  • * czajkowski update LP with the teams expirary dates
  • itnet7
  • * itnet7 team report

People present (lines said)

  • czajkowski (45)
  • SergioMeneses (29)

  • maiatoday (28)
  • itnet7 (24)
  • meetingology (22)
  • fitoschido (20)
  • Toluxero (19)
  • chilicuil (13)
  • inetpro (9)
  • nuvolari (8)
  • nlsthzn (5)
  • Kilos (4)
  • superfly (3)
  • fetova (2)
  • kbmonkey (2)
  • mazal (2)
  • magespawn_ (2)
  • highvoltage (2)
  • tumbleweed (1)
  • nandof (1)

Full Log

  • 20:19:38 <czajkowski> #startmeeting

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    20:19:43 <czajkowski> aloha and sorry for the confusion

    20:19:47 <SergioMeneses> kbmonkey, Smile :)

    20:19:49 <itnet7> Thanks czajkowski !

    20:20:26 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda

    20:20:45 <czajkowski> so we'll start with the Ubuntu ZA loco

    20:20:54 <czajkowski> #topic Re approval of Ubuntu ZA loco

    20:21:04 <maiatoday> we are ready Smile :)

    20:21:05 <inetpro> \o/

    20:21:06 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:21:12 <nuvolari> whoot

    20:21:13 <SergioMeneses> where is ubuntu-za?

    20:21:14 <czajkowski> thanks for coming folks

    20:21:21 <maiatoday> we are in south africa

    20:21:27 <Kilos> SergioMeneses, we are here 20:21:47 * nlsthzn waves.... 20:21:52 * superfly raises his hand

    20:21:53 <maiatoday> I am the contact for ubuntu-za SergioMeneses

    20:21:55 <czajkowski> hiya so care to tell ius about your team

    20:21:55 <magespawn_> here

    20:22:00 <czajkowski> maiatoday: hi

    20:22:05 <czajkowski> how are things going in the loco ? 20:22:14 * inetpro wonders whether highvoltage even realises that we're here for re-approval

    20:22:19 <maiatoday> Our LoCo is spread out over the whole country

    20:22:35 <maiatoday> so we have pockets of people who meet online and who try to organise local regional events

    20:22:39 <czajkowski> nods

    20:22:44 <czajkowski> like many locos

    20:22:50 <maiatoday> we have release parties and ubuntu hours

    20:23:07 <maiatoday> also we have managed to get a distribution system going with regional contacts for the DVDs

    20:23:15 <nuvolari> 3 main regions I'd say?

    20:23:20 <itnet7> Nice!

    20:23:37 <maiatoday> there are about 15 people who are regional contacts

    20:23:40 <SergioMeneses> :O

    20:23:41 <czajkowski> wow you've been busy http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events/history

    20:23:42 <SergioMeneses> great

    20:24:14 <maiatoday> I usually send an email on the mailing list just to make sure the regional contacts are still happy to get DVDs and update the list for each release 20:24:44 * superfly didn't think they'd been terribly busy

    20:24:45 <maiatoday> This also helps to connect the LoCo as a whole I have found

    20:25:14 <maiatoday> do you have any specific questions?

    20:25:19 <czajkowski> maiatoday: can you tell us how you've done the regional contacts bit

    20:25:28 <czajkowski> I'd like to hear more about this 20:25:38 * inetpro agrees with superfly, we have lot's more to do

    20:25:43 <maiatoday> first a mailing list ping with a cutoff date

    20:25:54 <maiatoday> then people send me their info

    20:26:07 <czajkowski> nods

    20:26:10 <czajkowski> cool

    20:26:10 <maiatoday> I get the box of DVDs and make up parcels for everybody on the list

    20:26:28 <SergioMeneses> sounds really good... micahg, has your team some problem? or something to share with us?

    20:26:31 <maiatoday> then each person has to add their info to the website and look out on the mailing list if anyone needs CDs

    20:26:45 <czajkowski> maiatoday: how have you found getting people involve in the loco, easy, do people look to get more involved.

    20:27:07 <maiatoday> this has been interesting, I was very active for a while then I became busy

    20:27:31 <maiatoday> we had a bit of a slump and then people just volunteered and started doing stuff

    20:27:42 <maiatoday> so in a way it was good that I was busy

    20:27:47 <SergioMeneses> maiatoday, like all of us Wink ;)

    20:27:52 <highvoltage> inetpro: hey there, I didn't but thanks for the poke Smile :)

    20:28:03 <nuvolari> most of us are busy, but we try hard to build the loco Smile :)

    20:28:17 <inetpro> highvoltage: wb

    20:28:22 <Kilos> lo highvoltage

    20:28:24 <maiatoday> so now it seems that more people have tried doing things like chair monthly meetings and doing reports

    20:28:27 <superfly> highvoltage: o/

    20:28:36 <maiatoday> which means we have more involved people

    20:28:36 <itnet7> hey there highvoltage \o/!

    20:28:44 <czajkowski> maiatoday: so rotating activities seems to be a good ting to do

    20:29:03 <maiatoday> rotating is great

    20:29:03 <kbmonkey> when someone is awol there is someone else to pick up the pace.

    20:29:05 <nuvolari> yeah, spread the load worked wonders

    20:29:15 <maiatoday> and it's more fun

    20:29:21 <nuvolari> we also have mentors that guide us newbies to run tasks

    20:29:30 <magespawn_> builds skills too

    20:30:07 <czajkowski> is there any issues or stuff you've stuggled with ?

    20:30:30 <highvoltage> inetpro, superfly, Kilos, maiatoday: hey everyone! I won't add too much noise since I haven't been involved at all, but it's awesome to see that all of you are keeping it alive and going over there!

    20:30:31 <inetpro> we need more official members

    20:30:42 <maiatoday> also I think it is healthy in a LoCo for members to see new people are encouraged to do things, so new people feel confident

    20:30:54 <czajkowski> inetpro: offical in what way ?

    20:31:04 <czajkowski> maiatoday: is there anything we the loco council can do to help you guys?

    20:31:09 <maiatoday> I was worried when we had a bit of a slump but it all turned around

    20:31:23 <itnet7> czajkowski: official ubuntu membership

    20:31:24 <maiatoday> I don't think so at the moment, we have good momentum at the moment

    20:31:30 <nuvolari> from my perspective the greatest struggle is still the fact that in my area we're quite far apart, so running get-togethers are harder to accomplish, but we made progress the last couple of months

    20:31:35 <tumbleweed> I think sometimes there needs to be a bit of a gap for people to see that they need to step up and get involved

    20:31:39 <inetpro> czajkowski: we need more members to take part in here on a regular basis for example

    20:31:41 <czajkowski> #voters SergioMeneses itnet7 czajkowski

    20:31:41 <meetingology> Current voters: SergioMeneses czajkowski itnet7

    20:31:56 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the reapproval of Ubuntu Za loco

    20:31:56 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the reapproval of Ubuntu Za loco

    20:31:56 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:32:03 <itnet7> +1 Excellent Job!

    20:32:03 <meetingology> +1 Excellent Job! received from itnet7

    20:32:06 <czajkowski> +1 great work and loved the team reports!

    20:32:06 <meetingology> +1 great work and loved the team reports! received from czajkowski

    20:32:09 <SergioMeneses> +1 great!!

    20:32:09 <meetingology> +1 great!! received from SergioMeneses

    20:32:15 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:32:15 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the reapproval of Ubuntu Za loco

    20:32:15 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:32:15 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:32:17 <nlsthzn> \o/

    20:32:22 <czajkowski> well done folks!

    20:32:25 <maiatoday> Big Grin :)

    20:32:31 <inetpro> wow, all done!?

    20:32:31 <nlsthzn> well done guys... you are awesome!

    20:32:32 <mazal> Big Grin :)

    20:32:33 <SergioMeneses> maiatoday, inetpro if you need something, please let us know Big Grin :)

    20:32:37 <SergioMeneses> congrats!

    20:32:37 <nuvolari> \o/ whoot!

    20:32:38 <kbmonkey> thank you Smile :)

    20:32:40 <inetpro> thanks guys

    20:32:45 <maiatoday> We will thanks SergioMeneses

    20:32:46 <nuvolari> thank you everyone :>

    20:32:51 <itnet7> Good job!!

    20:32:51 <mazal> Thank you guys

    20:32:56 <Kilos> ty

    20:33:03 <nlsthzn> thanks to the council for your time Smile :)

    20:33:05 <czajkowski> #topic Mexico loco approval

    20:33:07 <fitoschido> Congrats!

    20:33:14 <maiatoday> good job ubuntu-za

    20:33:14 <Toluxero> Congrats! Smile :)

    20:33:17 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMxTeam/ApprovalApplication2012

    20:33:20 <SergioMeneses> hello ubuntu-mx

    20:33:22 <nlsthzn> good luck to ubuntu-mx

    20:33:28 <Toluxero> Hello SergioMeneses Smile :) 20:33:29 * fitoschido waves

    20:33:49 <fetova> o/

    20:33:59 <chilicuil> ubuntu-mx power \o xD

    20:33:59 <Toluxero> Ubuntu-mx is ready Smile :)

    20:34:29 <itnet7> Toluxero: Please tell us about your team

    20:34:44 <SergioMeneses> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMxTeam/ApprovalApplication2012

    20:34:46 <Kilos> night all. thanks alot

    20:35:02 <czajkowski> Kilos: hiya how are things going with your team

    20:35:25 <Toluxero> hi itnet7

    20:35:59 <itnet7> Hey there!

    20:36:13 <czajkowski> who's the team contact folks?

    20:36:19 <SergioMeneses> chilicuil, are you the voice of your team'? 20:36:26 * czajkowski must fix the wiki page and add back in the team contact to the form

    20:36:30 <chilicuil> it's Toluxero , SergioMeneses

    20:36:39 <SergioMeneses> ok

    20:36:49 <chilicuil> but we're all here to support it

    20:37:01 <czajkowski> Toluxero: hey so care to tell us about the loco?

    20:37:03 <SergioMeneses> Toluxero, hello 20:37:46 * fitoschido does a drum-roll :P

    20:37:55 <itnet7> Toluxero: SergioMeneses speaks spanish if it will help

    20:38:07 <Toluxero> Ok gracias Smile :)

    20:38:09 <itnet7> though you're probably typing away Wink ;-)

    20:38:23 <Toluxero> ubuntu México es el equipo local de Ubuntu en nuestro país

    20:38:39 <Toluxero> este tiene una historia un poco larga entre ella dos intentos previos de de AppApp

    20:38:44 <chilicuil> ubuntu Mexico is the local ubuntu team in our country

    20:38:53 <itnet7> Thanks chilicuil !

    20:38:59 <SergioMeneses> chilicuil, ++

    20:39:20 <Toluxero> no muy fructuosos, es por eso que hemos estado trabajando en la difusión de ubuntu y más proyectos para la comunidad en nuestro país

    20:39:21 <chilicuil> we've a long history, we've already tried twice to become a formal team

    20:39:27 <fitoschido> and it has already applied twice to this since its inception 6 years ago

    20:39:36 <SergioMeneses> I see

    20:39:53 <Toluxero> como podrán ver en nuestra AppApp, Hemos trabajado ultimamente con una comunidad enfocada a la capital del país Ubuntu-DF

    20:40:30 <chilicuil> we failed in our previous attemps, but that only motivated us to keep organizated more events

    20:40:39 <SergioMeneses> Toluxero, pero ustedes trabajan tambien con gente de otras ciudades?

    20:40:55 <fitoschido> like the last ubuntu release party with our friends at ubuntu df

    20:40:59 <chilicuil> as you can see in our appapp we've been working with other more local teams, such as ubuntu-df

    20:41:17 <fitoschido> i advocate in my state, Aguascalientes

    20:41:24 <Toluxero> SergioMeneses: Sí, pero el equipo más formalizado en el interior del país es de Ubunt-DF

    20:41:28 <Toluxero> ubuntu-df*

    20:41:57 <Toluxero> los ubuntu members dentro del país estamos en distintos puntos de México

    20:42:16 <fitoschido> ubuntu members are spread all over the country

    20:42:25 <itnet7> I think you've done a really great job so far, The only thing I would like to mention, is that it's hard to learn more about what your team has done without up to date team reports

    20:42:48 <Toluxero> Estado de México, DF, Aguascaliantes, y además otros usuarios que aún no son ubuntu members apoyan al equipo a través de la distribución de CD's

    20:43:00 <Toluxero> pequeñas reuniones

    20:43:00 <czajkowski> it is a lovely wiki application!

    20:43:25 <SergioMeneses> I like the videos!

    20:43:29 <Toluxero> e inclusive se han realizado algunos Hangouts que se han caído por el exceso de usuarios

    20:43:33 <itnet7> Definitely outstanding work, the pictures are great, and the wiki is awesome

    20:43:33 <chilicuil> itnet7: we use the loco directory to post our events, what do you mean when u say we dont have up to date reports?

    20:43:57 <fitoschido> thanks!

    20:43:59 <czajkowski> http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-mx/events/history

    20:44:14 <fitoschido> we have weekly g+ hangouts as well

    20:44:18 <czajkowski> fitoschido: oh nice!

    20:45:26 <fitoschido> those "Hour Dev: Sharing development" are a kind of reports on which chilicuil narrates his motu adventure

    20:45:38 <fitoschido> and teaches us how to fix bugs and the like

    20:45:43 <SergioMeneses> fitoschido, it is a very good idea! you can use it in the bug-jam

    20:46:37 <fitoschido> Altrough I talk about localization

    20:46:49 <fitoschido> each user talks about their area of expertise

    20:47:02 <itnet7> chilicuil: one of the things we used to look at were: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMxTeam/TeamReports

    20:47:05 <SergioMeneses> fitoschido, chilicuil tienen algun problema en el team? algo en lo que el loco-council les pueda colaborar?

    20:47:29 <itnet7> I guess you guys stopped doing those reports and began use the Loco Team Portal instead

    20:47:49 <fitoschido> SergioMeneses, no se me ocurre nada en particular.

    20:47:58 <itnet7> The Ubuntu Weekly news used to get most of it's content from Team Reports

    20:47:59 <chilicuil> SergioMeneses: no, justo ahora nada, todo corre bien

    20:48:02 <fitoschido> itnet7: yep, that was the case

    20:48:21 <chilicuil> itnet7: well, then we'll start creating those reports

    20:48:47 <fitoschido> we can use the new community-announce list for the weekly news, I guess

    20:48:49 <SergioMeneses> chilicuil, please dont forget the reports Big Grin :)

    20:48:57 <itnet7> chilicuil: Awesome, It would just be a very good encouragement

    20:48:58 <SergioMeneses> fitoschido, sure!

    20:49:28 <itnet7> and we (I) am working on trying to help make it easier with using the LTP

    20:49:48 <itnet7> hopefully that will be soon

    20:49:51 <fitoschido> we overlooked it, it seems :P

    20:49:56 <itnet7> no worries

    20:50:02 <SergioMeneses> itnet7, rocks!

    20:50:06 <itnet7> Outstanding

    20:50:19 <czajkowski> anything else you want to tell us folks?

    20:51:25 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the Ubuntu MX approval

    20:51:25 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the Ubuntu MX approval

    20:51:25 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:51:30 <fitoschido> we're really looking forward to the approval, but if we don't get it, we'll still work advocating and promoting Ubuntu in this developing country.

    20:51:35 <chilicuil> I dont think so, however if u have any other question, we'll be glad to answer it

    20:51:40 <czajkowski> +1 well done folks!

    20:51:40 <meetingology> +1 well done folks! received from czajkowski

    20:51:45 <SergioMeneses> chilicuil, fitoschido Toluxero les recuerdo que cualquier inconveniente lo hagan saber Big Grin :) estamos para ayudarlos Big Grin :)

    20:51:48 <itnet7> +1 Awesome job!!!

    20:51:48 <meetingology> +1 Awesome job!!! received from itnet7

    20:51:52 <SergioMeneses> +1 awesome!!!

    20:51:52 <meetingology> +1 awesome!!! received from SergioMeneses

    20:51:54 <Toluxero> SergioMeneses: Gracias!

    20:52:04 <chilicuil> SergioMeneses: lo haremos, gracias

    20:52:05 <inetpro> well done guys!

    20:52:09 <Toluxero> Prometo ya no ponerme nervioso!

    20:52:18 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:52:18 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the Ubuntu MX approval

    20:52:18 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:52:18 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:52:21 <czajkowski> well done folks

    20:52:30 <SergioMeneses> congrats ubuntu-mx

    20:52:31 <fitoschido> Thanks a lot! Smile :)

    20:52:37 <czajkowski> #action czajkowski update LP with the teams expirary dates 20:52:37 * meetingology czajkowski update LP with the teams expirary dates

    20:52:38 <nandof> thanks thanks thanks!!! Smile :)

    20:52:42 <fetova> weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    20:52:43 <itnet7> I

    20:52:47 <SergioMeneses> if you have some problem, please let us know

    20:52:47 <czajkowski> SergioMeneses: itnet7 who wants to do the team reports Smile :)

    20:52:51 <Toluxero> thanks!

    20:52:51 <itnet7> I will

    20:52:52 <Toluxero> Big Grin :)

    20:52:57 <fitoschido> Toluxero: don't get nervous next time :P

    20:52:57 <SergioMeneses> itnet7, rocks! 20:53:00 * chilicuil gives away pulque to the people in here

    20:53:03 <czajkowski> #action itnet7 team report 20:53:03 * meetingology itnet7 team report

    20:53:04 <SergioMeneses> I work on the bugs

    20:53:09 <czajkowski> #endmeeting

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