LoCo Knowledge Base

This page lists the documentation and help that is part of the LoCo project. This should provide a fairly complete list of the documentation we have available.

General Information

General information and details about the LoCo project.

Joining a Team

Details about joining teams.

Running a Team

Help and resources for running a team.

LoCo Resources and Facilities

Guides and documentation about setting up the various resources and facilities your LoCo team may want to use.

  • LoCoCreatingWebsite - how to create a website, a map of your area in which users can add themselves, a planet blog aggregator, and details about free hosting options.

  • LoCoCreatingForum - how do you set up a forum for your team?

  • LoCoDocsDay - how to get involved in our regular documentation days.

  • LoCoBot - details about using our IRC bots for logging and other facilities.

  • LoCoTeamDocsToDo - Things for us to complete

  • LoCoTemplates - templates for your LoCo sites.

LoCo Activities

Guides about different types of work your team can do.

Mailing Lists

IRC Channels

  • #ubuntu-locoteams - the main IRC channel for the LoCo project.

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