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willowng is an existing desktop content filtering/parental control tool it hooks in as a proxy server between FF and the web. the software was rather unmaintained since it was written during the dapper release cycle and will need some adjustment for dbus changes.

using an intercepting / transparent proxy setup breaks http traffic in many ways and is not desired, the plan is to use the local gconf setting to force the use of the willowng port for firefox.

Guadalinex has an application called ACEPT that uses transparent proxy (not a good solution)not for content filtering, but it's not completely finished). ACEPT also can enforce a use and internet access timetable and quotas. Guadalinex is planning for a second version of ACEPT (could it be willowng) and a collaboration site for building black/white lists. Site should be internationalized and collaboration open to educatinal entities worlwide. We are considering the use of a voting system for the blacklisted URLs/sites. It would be a great advantage to distribute black lists in and encrypted form in order not to be used as a "guide".

* network profiles with different sql database files should be made possible * different url black/whitelists should be shipped as fallback if the bayesian

  • filter fails (we can grab from existing filter solutions here). the main target though is to not have to use white/blacklisting at all but have the bayesian filter do all the work

* look at WPAD * ask the artwork team for proper "blocked" messages, currently willow only displays

  • a white page with the text "blocked" on it, artwork for such a page needs to be configurable and should have ubuntu branding by default

* firefox/gconf proxy interaction needs to be inspected * port 80 should be locked by default in case willowng is running, this needs

  • integration with ufw.

* have a look at BeautifulSoup for better html parsing


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