Louisiana LoCo Meeting Team

The meeting team is responsible for sending out reminders and invitations for upcoming meetings. Team members will also post meeting logs, and compile a summary of the meeting to be posted to the wiki. It is also the meeting team's responsibility to make sure a list of action items is available as a summary at the end of the meeting. One member of the meeting team should serve as a facilitator at each meeting.


  1. Send out meeting invitations and reminders.
  2. Find someone to serve as facilitator for each meeting.
  3. Post log and create summary of each meeting.
  4. Forum post linking to summary of meeting with a request for comments.


  1. Add your name here.

Meeting Checklist

  1. Send out invites
  2. Upload log
  3. Create summary
  4. Forum post with link to summary for comments
  5. Update wiki with next meeting information

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