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Welcome to Ubuntu Louisiana

We are a team of Ubuntu users located across the state of Louisiana. We want to raise awareness of Ubuntu in our community and encourage adoption of Ubuntu and open source software by individuals, schools, and businesses. Membership is free and open to anyone. New members should check out the New Member page for helpful information.

What is a LoCo?

LoCo is short for Local Community group. The LoCo is just one part of the Ubuntu community. These groups are generally people located in the same area who want to spread Ubuntu use and awareness in their communities. For more information about the role of the LoCo see this page.

Why are we here?

We're here to help spread and support Ubuntu. Our goals are the goals of our members. We each have a vested interest in spreading the adoption of Ubuntu and open source software and thus it is our responsibility to do what we can to make this happen. If you've got an idea for how we can spread Ubuntu in Louisiana then the best way to see that done is to join us and help out!

Why should I join?

For yourself

By joining a LoCo you will expose yourself to new people and new ideas. You can make some great friends who share your interests. The LoCo can also help you expand your knowledge. There are friendly people eager to help you.

For others

Even though everyone might not be able to program and patch bugs, everyone has something to offer. We need people who can write, help give support, triage bugs and more. Your hard work will ensure that others have that much of an easier time with Ubuntu.

For The Community

By participating in the LoCo and its activities you will be helping spread Ubuntu and open source software in your local community. We hope that our projects are successful and may become models for other areas. If you'd like to see more support for Ubuntu and open source software in your community, this is a great way to move towards that goal.

Where you can help

There are many ways to get involved. Our Project Page has a list of our current, upcoming and completed projects. If you have an idea, add it to our suggestion page. This is a springboard for everything we do. Nothing is off topic on the suggestion page. Whether you'd like to give a speech about Ubuntu at your local community center, have an idea for a project we can do, or just want to plan a party with the LoCo list it there. We also have a more general To Do List of things we need to accomplish. Some of these are related to the organization of the Louisiana LoCo and some are tasks that are related to the projects, website, wiki, or forums.

Meetings See what's coming up in our next meeting and find out how you can help!

To Do List -- Please add your ideas and suggestions to the list.


There are a number of different sub-teams within the Louisiana LoCo. Each of these teams plays an important role in our success. Our subteams take responsibility for maintaining different resources and helping out in general. There are several teams so everyone should be able to find an area they can assist with. If there's not a team for something that you think needs to be done, start one! Remember this is your team!

Other Resources

Our forum is a great place to discuss things. From what you'd like to see the LoCo accomplish, to getting help with hardware and software issues, talk about it here.

Our member list on Launchpad is located at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-louisiana.

IRC: Our IRC channel is #ubuntu-us-la on irc.freenode.net. Drop in to say hi, get help with a problem, or talk about what we can do to promote Ubuntu in Louisiana and beyond.

Mailing list: Important announcements are sent out to the mailing list. This is also another great way to start discussions on a wide range of topics. Make sure you sign up!

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