New Member Team

The new member team is here to engage the new LoCo members, ensure they are aware of the LoCo team's resources, and encourage new members to participate. By actively engaging new members we hope to have greater participation in the LoCo and a stronger overall group.


  1. Greet new members and make sure they are familiar with all our resources
  2. Encourage members to participate and find ways they can help
  3. Make sure we get basic information on new members (name, email address, location)
  4. Maintain the new member wiki page


  1. Volunteers?


  1. Create a checklist for when a new member joins
    1. Send welcome email (automated from LP?)
    2. Method for ensuring we don't duplicate efforts and have multiple people contact them with the same information
    3. Find out interests and document
    4. Add to Google Calendar Access list
    5. Add to Google Maps Access list
  2. Create welcome email template
  3. Update new member page

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