This page provides an overview of the issues and processes necessary for replacing MySQL with MariaDB as the default LAMP server for Lucid (10.04).

This issue was discussed on the second day of UDS.

Necessary steps

  • OBJECTIVE: Get MariaDB into Universe

    • SUCCESS CRITERIA: Package exists in and is installable from the Universe repository

    • ACTIONS:

      • Contact Norbert Tretkowski (nobse) the Debian MySQL packages maintainer and discuss his interest in providing Maria packages to the Debian community.
        • Does Ubuntu now inherit packages from the Debian repos?
          • Yes: Objective achieved
          • No: Find a MOTU willing to work to create and maintain Universe packages
            • Work with ScottK to identify an interested and qualified MOTU

    • DRIVER: KurtvonFinck

  • OBJECTIVE: Get MariaDB packages into Main

  • OBJECTIVE: Ensure total compatibility with existing LAMP installations

  • OBJECTIVE: Ensure a clear and uncomplicated communication pathway between Maria developers and Ubuntu core developers and security teams

Gobby transcript

The following is the transcript of the Gobby document created during the UDS session:

security updates

  1. hard to get security only patches.
  2. micro-releases with features, not bug fix only.
    • Easy to find security fixes.
  3. Support for the current MySQL apparmor profile.

User experience:

  • Branding issue: MySQL is well known, MariaDB not for now.
  • client libraries: same name, binary compatible for the client libraries.
  • Community awareness/risks:
    • Perception
    • Feature parity / more features in MariaDB
    • FAQ: Is this a replacement ?
    • Documentation / lack thereof: need to rebuild from scratch - long term solution, licensing prevents forking them completely.
      • Other helper packages naming: phpmyadmin, etc.
    • When installing LAMP, which would be pulled ?
      • - LAMP should depend on mariadb | mysql - on upgrades pulls in mysql, on new install mariadb

Contact Debian? (AP to Ubuntu developers):

Make mariadb and mysql be co-installable, not runnable at the same time.

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