• What: Ubuntu Developer Summit

  • Where: Google, 1625 Charleston, Building 44 (map), Mountain View, California

  • When: Sunday 5th to Friday 10th November 2006

As development of a new release of Ubuntu began, Canonical sponsored a week-long developer summit, gathering Ubuntu developers from around the world to help shape and scope the next release of our beloved distribution. The summit was open to the public, but it was not a conference, exhibition or other audience-oriented event. Rather, it was an opportunity for Ubuntu developers -- who usually collaborate online -- to work together in person on specific tasks.

Small groups of developers participated in short (45-60 minute) BOF sessions where a single project was discussed, documenting the outcome of the discussion in a written specification. These specifications will be used for planning the new release of Ubuntu, as described in FeatureSpecifications and TimeBasedReleases.

Schedule and participating remotely

The schedule of work covering those activities that were discussed. The uds-mtv sprint page on Launchpad includes a complete list of topics which were scheduled at the summit.


Several people were sponsored to attend the summit.

Photos from the Summit

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  • UDS MTV Photos on Flickr. If you're posting photos to Flickr, tag them with "uds-mtv" and they will show up at that link.

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