Basic Stuff

Note: any similarity between JeffreyElkner, MatthewGallagher, MacoMorgan and my page is purely coincidental.



Current OSs: Ubuntu, Debian

Other Stuff

I've been using Linux since 2002 , and actively involved in the Ubuntu Community since 2007. I work with Sugar Labs on their systems maintenance, and am currently an undergraduate at George Mason University.

Ubuntu Stuff

I started using Ubuntu since "edgy", and have tested all the betas of Ubuntu starting with Feisty. I was previously the administrator of an Edubuntu lab of more than 20 computers at my local high school.

I am a Debian developer, and I maintain several packages there. I strive to ensure they are all work as expected in Ubuntu, and that bugs fixed in unstable are backported to Ubuntu releases. A list of my software uploads can be found on Launchpad.

Community Involvement

I'm a member of the DC Ubuntu LoCo Team and YHSLUG. In the DCLoCo team I've helped promote Ubuntu via various installfests and bug sprints, as well as other community events.


  • SugarTeam: Luke has been doing valuable work testing Sugar, reporting and fixing bugs for Intrepid. I recommend him for Ubuntu membership. --MorganCollett, SugarTeam lead, Ubuntu member


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