Hi, I am Morgan Collett.

I'm located in Cape Town, South Africa.

I've used Debian since 1998, including sysadmining on Hamm, Slink, Potato and Woody. I have run Ubuntu as my primary OS since Warty preview.

During 2005 I was a Launchpad developer.

Currently I work for One Laptop Per Child as a developer on Sugar, the collaboration stack and some Sugar Activities including Chat and Read.

Launchpad Profile:

Current Ubuntu Activities

Sugar Team

I lead the SugarTeam, which packages and maintains the Sugar learning environment in Ubuntu. I am not a universe contributor or MOTU yet, but through the course of this I aim to become one.

Ubuntu-ZA LoCo Team

I co-lead Ubuntu South Africa with JonathanCarter.

Contact information

  • Email me: (use my first name and last name...)

  • IRC: morgs on (usually in #ubuntu-za, #ubuntu-locoteams)
  • Jabber:

  • Mailing Lists I read: ubuntu-devel, sounder, ubuntu-za, launchpad-users


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