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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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Here is a synopsis of the agenda items discussed at the MOTU Meeting on 8/3/2005.

1) MOTU Taskforces (StephanHermann)

  • a) Description
    • i) As we all know, there is too much work right now, to do all the

expected MOTU work at all. E.g. all transitions, merges etc. is eating up a lot of time, which is lost on the other work like reviewing etc. We need to discuss, how we manage our strength and time to have both. That's why I want to build up MOTU taskforces. Taskforces will deal during special times with special workorders. One taskforce will deal with transitions, merges etc. and the other will deal in the same time with reviews and new packages. Right now, we have enough MOTUs to fulfill this action point, and we should determine the need of those taskforces alltogether.

  • ii) In a nutshell, Stephan was looking for a way to balance the

workload to ensure that priority tasks received the appropriate attention.

  • b) Discussion
    • i) Daniel felt inclined to setup more of a lead for each area of work

to be accomplished.

  • ii) General consensus is that we need more structure but there were

varying opinions on how to accomplish this.

  • ii) Essentially it was determined to establish a wiki page to flesh out

these different ideas for focusing the workload and re-discuss at a later meeting.

  • iii) Siretart (real name here?) Also wanted to briefly discuss a new

MOTUs process. His thought was to establish the Jedi/Padawan relationship (sorry, couldn't resist). He is going to throw up a wiki page to flesh this out. Also to be re-addressed at a later meeting.

c) Decisions

  • There was no decision, because there are a lot of points to think about and we will wrap all ideas up on a wiki page to discuss them later again.

2) Proceedings of feeding UniverseNewPackages (and Andrew's RFP list) to utnubu-discuss. (DanielHolbach)

  • a) Description
    • i) Daniel feels that there is not good notifications of NEW packages.
    b) Discussion
    • dholbach was refering to the problem we discussed earlier, what to do to get new packages and patches into Debian. Right now, on Debian there is a new working team called Utnubu, and they're working on incorporating our patches into the Debian packages. They're working as well on getting new packages from Ubuntu, which are not in Debian in. The problem for dholbach was, that the announcement of those new packages and patches are not so present as it should. ogras opionion was, that the Utnubu folks have eyes and browsers and tools, to get all the stuff by themselves. So there would be no need for us to announce them anywhere then on our wiki and bugzilla/malone bugtracker. A good idea was mentioned by luis introducing RSS feeds for new uploads (which is already there) and for new patches.
    c) Decisions
    • The consense of this discussion was no consense. Many people in MOTU have different views, and all are right or wrong. We have to see what will happen in the future, depending on volunteer work from Debian Utnubu Team.

3) Trashing of MOTUNewPackages and MOTUToReview in favour of REVU (DanielHolbach)

  • a) Description
    • ii) Should we drop the MOTUNewPackages and MOTUToReview wiki pages?
    b) Discussion/Decision
    • i) It was decided that the pages will stay for a breif period (though

no specific timeframe was given). It will be announced, and they will be removed.

4) Assigning Malone Bugs on Universe packages to the MOTU Launchpad team? (DanielRobitaille)

  • a) Description
    • i) As you may be aware by now, while doing bug triage in Malone in

recent days I started assigning to the MOTU Launchpad team bugs on Universe packages that were previously left unassigned. Is it something that we should continue doing or not? While this ensure that these bugs are properly associated to the MOTU team, it is generating emails to some motu members, which may not be a productive on the long run, especially considering that there is currently in the order of 300 of these bugs in Malone. So the 2 questions are: should all unassigned Malone bugs on Universe packages be assigned to the MOTU Launchpad team, and if yes, should this be done automatically for all new bug reports?

  • b) Discussion/Decision
    • i) Modify dilys to do an RSS feed?
    • ii) A mailing list for MOTU bugs?
    iii) Daniel H. requested delaying decisions until we get feedback back

about Launchpad.

5) that lamer DanielHolbach, again: common REVU practices - there are two topics I can think of, which got discussed on REVU - maybe we should have a bit of bendable policy and an agreement here:

  • a) Description
    • i) config.{guess,sub} in the diff (relying on build hosts' build system

vs. clean diff)

  • ii) changing .ORIG.tar.gz (sorry, I'm a bit biased)
  • b) Discussion/Decision
    • It's quite difficult to describe this very technical discussion on this topic. The decision was made, to contact autotools upstream, to get this thing sorted out. It all has to do with "depending on the build system, or on the patch someones provided with config.{guess,sub} in it". mdz and seb128 made some really serious point outs and we think that contacting the upstream of autotools/automake is a better solution.

6) Review Days! We need to hold them on a regular basis (see taskforce topic above) (AndrewMitchell)

  • a) Description
    • i) Self explanatory
    b) Discussion / Decision
    • i) Andrew has "volunteered" to head up getting more review days


Next scheduled meeting:

August 24 20:00 UTC

Thank you for your participation.

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