Ubuntu MOTU Meeting Minutes for Friday, 21st December, 12:00 UTC.

Discussion of change from requesting interdiff files to requesting diff.gz files.

Emmet Hikory opened discussion reporting that interdiff files may be difficult to use even with updated documentation, that Colin Watson had indicated that the diff.gz contained most of the useful information, and that an acceptable pacakge could be reliably constructed from a diff.gz in most cases.

Luke Yelavich and Daniel Holbach reported that interdiffs were working for them, and thought that perhaps greater publicity of the documentation would be helpful. After further discussion, it was agreed that there should be no process change for now, and that Emmet and Daniel would work to improve the documentation.

Holiday Break

Luke asked if there shouldn't be an announcement that there may be a smaller number of MOTUs available over the next two weeks. Daniel agreed to send out a notice

Next Meeting Time

The Next MOTU Meeting will be 4th January, 20:00 UTC.

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