Ubuntu MOTU Meeting Minutes for Friday, 18th January, 12:00 UTC.

Approaching Feature Freeze: REVU Days schedule

February 14th will be Feature Freeze. Emmet Hikory opened discussion if we should take both last REVU Days scheduled before Feature Freeze deadline (dates are February 4th and February 11th) or if it is advisable to stop earlier to give archive admins enough time to process NEW queue.

Consensus was to take last REVU Day on February 4th, packages uploaded to REVU after that do not have a guarantee of being reviewed in time. It is worth saying February 4th is not a deadline for uploads to NEW, though, since any MOTU could review and upload packages of interest to NEW before Feature Freeze.

Process REVU backlog

Emmet Hikory wanted to define a strategy to attract more reviewers for the last REVU Days scheduled in the Hardy development cycle.

Since some packages are close to be uploaded, the consensus was to post a list of packages which need a final review in Ubuntu Motu and Ubuntu Devel mailing lists. Emmet accepted to manage this task and send out emails.

Next Meeting Time

The Next MOTU Meeting will be February 1st, 20:00 UTC.

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