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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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Universe and Multiverse contain several thousand packages. A valuable contribution to Ubuntu is fixing their bugs. Bugs tagged as bitesize are specially suited for new contributors.

  1. Try to confirm the bug.
  2. Get the source for it.
  3. Get it fixed with help of
  4. Generate a debdiff.

  5. Get it sponsored.

Bug Lists

However you contribute to Universe bug squashing, you are welcome to come and join the Universe bug squashers in #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-motu on IRC. In these channels we have a bug bot called ubotu, that can give us more information on bug numbers.

Filing Bugs

For general information about bug fixing and helping with bugs, please read ReportingBugs and HelpingWithBugs. Before filing bugs, consider reading How to Report Bugs Effectively. Also search for the bug in Launchpad: somebody might have found it before you!

Tagging Bugs

To make bugs easier to find for new contributors and to group them into helpful classes, you can help by tagging bugs on launchpad as:

  • packaging if you think that the bug lies only in the packaging.

  • bitesize if you think that it's suitable for a beginner.

  • upgrade if the upgrade of a package is suggested and the request should be carefully checked.

  • ftbfs if the bug described a problem to build the package.

  • unmetdeps if the package is not installable due to missing dependencies.

  • needs-packaging if it's a request for an application which isn't in the repositories.

  • patch if there is a patch attached to the bug.

Fixing Bugs

If you DO NOT have upload permissions, check out SponsorshipProcess on how to get your changes included in Ubuntu.

If you DO have upload permissions, check the bugs that u-s is subscribed to from time to time: if the package was uploaded and built on all architectures, you can close the bug by marking it as "Fix released".

Contributing Upstream

Try to check if your report or your fix could be sent to Debian as well. Read ContributingToDebian for more information.


We already managed to build teams, whose launchpad IDs can be found in the comprehensive list: MOTU/Teams

Unassigned Bugs

Some bugs, however, are still unassigned and will have to be assigned to the right people/teams.

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