Ubuntu Professional Audio Team

This team is dedicated to packaging professional Linux audio applications for Ubuntu. Many of these exist in one state or another in Debian proper, but need to be moved into Ubuntu.

Presently the only professional audio distributions are the largely unmaintained DeMuDi and RehMuDi ( k/ubuntu is much more polished and has much better device support, but it needs a number of repackagings and other refinements to bring it up to the requirements of a professional audio environment.



  • ardour-gtk - We need to start packaging recent versions of this, as well as considering a snapshot package (ardour-gtk-snapshot) from the nightlies.
    • Status: Packaged (Jeff), no nightly package.

  • audacity - Soundfile editor and multitracker. Packaged version had no JACK support.
    • Status: Packaged (Jeff)

  • bristol - Ventage Synth Emulator ( packages are old in universe and not compiled with JACK support

    • Status:

  • hydrogen - Drum sequencer ( The packages in universe are old

    • Status: Packaged (Jeff)

  • hydrogen-drumkits - Package to contain all available drum kits for the hydrogen drum sequencer.
    • Status: Packaged (Jeff)

  • jamin - Mastering software ( The packages in universe are old

    • Status:

  • kernel-image-2.6.11-audio - Low-latency patched kernel image
    • Status: In process (Jeff)

  • libgtk-canvas1 - Dependency for new versions of ardour
    • Status: Packaged (Jeff)

  • linuxsampler - Audio Sampler ( packages are old in universe and not compiled with JACK support

    • Status:

  • portaudio v19 - No v19 package exists in debian proper or ubuntu; audacity requires this for jack support, wired also requires this
    • Status: Packaged (Jeff)

  • wired - Sound studio in a box. Requires non-unicode wxWidgets 2.5+, so this may require some serious patching.
    • Status:

    • I did build an ugly package of that for home use, but honestly, I didn't come close to do anything useful with that, even if the promises it makes sound nice -HenningSprang

    • Given we get it to do some useful work, we'd probably need to provide an extra wxWidgets-nonunicode Binary package, that could probably be compiled out of the standart wxWidgets source package.
    • In Feisty NEW queue as of 17 March 2007. Worked with upstream to clean up sources. - TobySmithe

  • chuck - audio programming language:

    • Status: evaluation/debianization

    • I started to talk to the chuck people about creating a debian package. I'd like to get it into ubuntu via Debian first and wanna do all work necessary for this. Chuck doesn't have esd output, and AFAIK (sorry, have no Ubuntu machine at hand exactly now, writing this on sarge) Ubuntu has an esd daemon runnning by default - are there ideas how to handle applications not esd-capable in general?
      • I think in breezy esd is supposed to run through dmix so there wouldnt be any problem having a non-esd app using oss or alsa directly. MartinSchmeisser

  • MuSE - Multiple Streaming Engine

Where Do I Get These Things?

Temporarily we have a package repository set up on sourceforge for audio projects.

You can replace "easynews" with the name of your local sourceforge mirror site.


  • Preparing packages for port. Please write Jeff to help.


  • ?

From GlennAllen Mon May 23 21:43:40 +0100 2005 From: Glenn Allen Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 21:43:40 +0100 Subject: MOTUAudio and Wired Message-ID: <20050523214340+0100@>

Any chance we can see a wired package? I've never used the app myself, but I've heard nothing but good things so far.

From MartinSchmeisser Wed May 25 14:15:16 +0100 2005 From: Martin Schmeisser Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 14:15:16 +0100 Subject: compiling hydrogen Message-ID: <20050525141516+0100@>

compiling hydrogen and libsoundfile from scratch went like a charm here...just so you know

From IanLawrence Tue Jun 14 23:52:35 +0100 2005 From: Ian Lawrence Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 23:52:35 +0100 Subject: can we work together?? Message-ID: <20050614235235+0100@>

we (ubuntu brazil) have made some audio meta-packages based on the meta-package descriptions in debian-edu and DeMuDi... lets work together on this

NOTE: Consider RealTime kernel already in production.

Please work with the UbuntuStudio folk, as these groups have overlapping objectives. They're available in #ubuntustudio on Freenode.


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