There is currently no active MOTU Games team anymore. All of the former members now contribute directly in the Debian Games Team. Please see the following Page for more information:

There are still many many wiki pages describing Games. Please help us to merge them in the debian wiki. If you have merged a page there please delete it from the ubuntu wiki.

If you would like to help with anything game related but it is Ubuntu specific, could be a good starting place to help out.

old Tasks


Games are listed with category next to them, as shown below.

  • FPS First-Person Shooter

  • RTS Real-Time Strategy

  • TBS Turn-Based Strategy

  • GC Galactic Conquest (??? some type of strategy)

  • MMO Massively Multiplayer Online

  • RPG Role-Playing Game (Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy style)

  • TRPG Tactics Role-Playing Game (Ogre Battle or FFTactics style)

  • PUZ Puzzle

  • AXN Action

  • ADV Adventure

  • XPL Exploration (Rogue, NetHack)


Ready for Packaging

Pending / In Development

Licensing Issues


  • Users like games. It may be a considerably good idea to try setting up a real games team and moving some games into Main. -- JohnMoser

  • Installing Armagetron, Quake 2, GLtron, Frozen Bubble, and Battle for Wesnoth shows a few packages not in main. These packages have to be considered when considering games even in Universe, as if they break MOTU has to fix them. These are mostly libsdl1.2; perhaps SDL should be considered for Main, because it's a cross-platform graphics, sound, and network library, like Microsoft DirectX but not Windows only. Packages are as follows:
    • libsdl-console
    • libsdl-gfx1.2-4
    • libsdl-net1.2
    • libsdl-perl
    • libsdl-sound1.2
    • libsvga

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