Main Inclusion Report for `zaptel`

  1. Availability: Zaptel is in universe, Arch: any

  2. Rationale: As with bug #18175, Zaptel cards connect to POTS/BRI/PRI lines, and are generally used with SIP servers to route calls as a far less expensive PBX. It has particularly strong support in the Asterisk userbase, and including this would go a long way towards having really good Asterisk support in main.

  3. Security:

    • No CANs found by daniels (it's a new program)
  4. Quality assurance:

    • Maintained by the Debian VoIP team
    • Two unreproducible FTBFS bugs in Debian, awaiting more information. One of them only applies to the version in experimental. A few other bugs, but seem to be resolved rather rapidly.
    • Requires exotic hardware which takes effort to support.
  5. Standards compliance:

    • The package meets the FHS.
  6. Dependencies:

    • (none)


MartinPitt: Similar to MainInclusionReportAsterisk, this package requires someone who knows the package well, has the necessary hardware, and commits to maintain it for a longer term. If there is an approved Ubuntu specification that requires this package, then I will reconsider, but for now I rather want to not burn our hands with it.

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