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FOSS Malaysia


  • The Free/Open Source Software Society Malaysia is a non-profit organisation to better serve the Malaysian FOSS community.

OSCC Malaysia


  • Open Source Competency Centre was originated from cabinet decision of the Government of Malaysia, the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Master Plan was launched on 16 July 2004 to create and enhance value using OSS within the Public Sector ICT framework in providing efficient, secure and quality services. MAMPU was tasked to establish and operate the Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC), which is the single point of reference to guide, facilitate, coordinate and monitor implementation of OSS in the Public Sector.



  • Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) was established based on a study on "Development Administrative in Malaysia" conducted by Prof. John D. Montgomery and Milton J.Esman in 1965. The report acknowledged the need to upgrade professionalism in all categories of employees in the Civil Service through educational and training programme. This lead to the formation of Development Administrative Unit (DAU) in 1966.

Kuching Open Source Community


  • An open source community in Sarawak that collaborate with us in organizing meet up, activities and other event for the East Malaysia region.
  • Some of their members are also members of Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team

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