Contact Information

Areas of contribution

  • Free up developers and maintainers by
    • triaging bugs (especially getting bugs forwarded upstream in a timely manner)
    • answering questions as time permits on #ubuntu-mythtv, #ubuntu-bugs, and in the Ubuntu Forums

  • Test upgrades and upcoming releases of Mythbuntu and Ubuntu
  • Generating patches for (minor) bug fixes
  • Lot of random things over the years. Most recently documenting what it takes to get a Gyration remote working


  • Increase bug fixing ability (and ability to contribute new features back to Mythbuntu, and MythTV [especially Mythweb]), by learning more Python, Perl, and C++
  • Become proficient at PPA and other launchpad build related items
  • Become less frustrated at how launchpad and loggerhead seem to get in the way and hide things (by learning how they work and hopefully help to improve them)



  • Location:

    Dallas, TX USA

    My roadmap to Ubuntu:

    TRS-DOS > CP/M > Tandy Xeninx > SCO UNIX (original one) > PC-DOS 2 thru DR-DOS 6 > SunOS > Windows 3.11 WG > FreeBSD > Windows NT > Solaris > Windows 95 > Windows 2k > Windows XP > Ubuntu 7.10 > 8.04 > 9.04 > 9.10


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