System76 does Ubuntu, and consequently Free Software as a whole, a great service by offering only Ubuntu pre-installed on their machines. This shows true commitment and this initiative is to help System76 with the help of the Ubuntu Community, a powerful force that can provide free advertising! Promoting Ubuntu pre-installed on new machines is just as, if not more than, important as pushing conversions, yet is not nearly as widespread. That's where we come in =]


Ideas for System76

  1. Expand the 76er program to individuals (not just LoCo's) and not require an account! More materials, even if it's only advertising System76, should be posted on their wiki for anyone to print out and distribute!

  2. Over t-shirts and other swag
  3. Create a referral program for some kind of bonus for those who help System76 make sales. (5% of profit (not income) from a refer-er goes back to them?)

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