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The posters below have been produced by who has volunteered to help producing localized versions if someone provides good translations. Source (Scribus) are available for most of them under various licenses and you are welcome to make modified versions. Suggestions for alterations or new posters are also welcome.

  • Your Free alternative: UK full color with tabs, UK less color with tabs, source - An informative advert for public notice boards.

  • Look-Alike Contest: UK full color, UK less color, source - A tongue-in-cheek advert making a bit of fun of Windows, then explaining the advantages of Ubuntu.

  • Baby-Tux: UK, source - Using Baby-Tux to catch attention and then delve more into the ideological aspects of Ubuntu and Free Software in general.

  • My Owner runs Ubuntu: UK - Using funny pictures of the family dog to catch attention and poking fun at Windows. No source for this one since the owners are very keen on pictures of their pet not being misrepresented. Translations are happily accepted though.

  • Choose your Warrior: UK, source Funny advert using Tux G2 images from Tux Factory.

  • Linux Wars: UK full color, UK full color with tabs, UK less color, UK less color with tabs, source Star Wars parody using Tux G2 images from Tux Factory. Full color version of this advert do not display or print correctly from Evince (background gradient gets screwed up), use xpdf or Adobe Reader instead.

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