• SpreadUbuntu design proposals -- JendaVancura 2006-07-03 22:09:34

  • Contact point - vote on if one is needed, following ML discussion -- MatthewRevell 2006-07-06 15:18:15

  • Wiki redesign ../WikiMockup -- nixternal 2006-07-10 07:05:15

    • review current design (either yay or nay it, constructive criticism)
    • review current layout (topic headings - yay or nay, add/remove)
    • Under Welcome to Ubuntu Marketing, create a brief intro about Ubuntu Marketing, make it good!!!

    • create tasks for members to come up with information to fill in under headings (need brief statements for each topic heading, creative design process for this one!!!)
    • implement subpage structure (everything falling under MarketingTeam/, create a ToC for the major ones and post at the bottom of future wiki page)
    • top 3 to 5 projects for team, to post on redesigned wiki page (to get people interested in helping the marketing team, projects creating big buzz (i.e., SU, Mag, PR))
  • Create task lists for current projects so members can jump in on a task -- nixternal 2006-07-10 07:05:15

    • SU - what can members do RIGHT NOW to help?
    • Magazine - what is available? what can the members do to help out? sara-working on it, but is not going to be done for the meeting)

    • PR - anything members can do for you?
    • What else besides the current 3 projects, is there for members to do?
      • Brochures, flyers, posters, presentation templates - we can have some influence on this on our own, or with the help of the Art team.
  • Fill everyone in on ubuntupeople.com and lets put that to rest afterwards - to many questions in irc concerning this -- nixternal


(in order of discussion, which differed from the agenda)

1. Wiki Redesign

  • The "horrid" nature of the existing team page was raised. There was no disagreement.
  • nixternal has mockups of a new Marketing Team front page at:
  • Content is sought - everyone is encouraged to fill in the blanks, including borrowing from other locations (including the existing MarketingTeam pages)

  • A proposal to rename the team's page to /Marketing (with a redirect from /MarketingTeam) was raised and will be put to the mailing list (by bimberi).

  • It was pointed out that there is a lot of marketing content on the wiki that could do with some coordination.

2. Contact Point - Do we need a single one for the team?

  • Different opinions were expressed but the overall consensus in the meeting was that having a single contact point is not necessary and could represent a single point of failure for team communication.
  • The various project leaders will be the contact points for their projects.

3. Task Lists

  • Project leaders are encouraged to place task lists on their project pages so that (potential) helpers can see how they can help.
  • nixternal suggested setting up a skills list where people could indicate how they can help and project leaders could use that when seeking help. It was decided that a wikipage would be the best place for this. nixternal agreed to kick this off.

4. SpreadUbuntu (SU)

4a. Using Launchpad for Marketing Team project specifications (specs)

(an aside to SU discussion that became an additional agenda item)

  • troy_s (from the artwork team) was in attendance and gave some insight into how they are using launchpad, including pointing us to: https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-art/+specs

  • Launchpad integrates with the wiki. A wikipage is associated to the spec and subscribers to the spec get notifications on changes to the wikipage.
  • troy_s suggested we spec everything, then obsolete the bad ideas to prevent overlapping. He has started a HowTo page and invited us to update it as we learn https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaunchpadHowTo

  • jenda will explore whether a single spec to track small "ToDo" tasks will work.

  • There was discussion as to whether specs could be created first and then notified on the list or vice-versa. Until there is more knowledge of how Launchpad works among the team we will stay with mailing list notification. bimberi agreed to look for tutorials/resources for the team to use for learning.
  • So everybody, keep an eye on https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-marketing/+specs

5. ubuntupeople.com

  • This is no longer a Marketing Team initiative. So if anyone asks, please say so.

6. Next Meeting

  • A SpreadUbuntu focussed meeting will be held on Friday 21st July, 19UTC.



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