Time: Day, 2008-07-05
Place: #ubuntu-meeting @ irc.freenode.net
Meeting Chair: owh
Meeting Minutes by: BrunoBarrera
Meeting Log: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2008-07-05


bbyever, Flannel, owh, pep.


Normal scheduled Marketing Team meeting.


The following agendas were proposed for this meeting:

  • Accept Meeting Minutes from 2008-06-07

  • Action Items
    • hubuntu and pep to investigate spreadubuntu.com and report to the list.
    • owh to update wiki to include gmain search link - done - owh

    • dsas to report on LP OpenID for the wiki using appropriate method - done - dsas

    • hubuntu to schedule the ubuntu-meeting room for the first Saturday of the month at 21:00 UTC
    • Flannel to send message to the list to announce that we will defer discussion to the mailing lists, and defer the topic and vote itself to the next meeting - done - Flannel + owh

  • Summarise list discussion about team structure proposals
  • Vote on team structure
  • Decide what projects will be taken into action and actually start them.


  • Minutes Accepted

Action Items

  • pep and hubuntu contacted old developers for the SU site, and were received with enthusiasm. The old projects in LP will be deleted to start again from scratch. The progress can be seen in the Spread Ubuntu wiki page.

Team Structure

It was general consensus that there was no need to change the structure the MT currently has. We will continue as a collective.


  • Flannel volunteered to write a "How to start a Project" paragraph on the /Projects page.
  • owh suggested that projects should provide updates of their status. It was then agreed that projects will give updates to the Marketing List.

Action Items

  • bbyever to contact the Ubuntu Training team to learn about the status of the Ubuntu desktop Course. done

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