25th of October 2007 at Vanu Inc. near the Kendall/MIT T stop.

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Meeting Chair: Martin Owens
Meeting Minutes by: Sara Abbott


The following were present during this meeting:

Members Present

  • Brian D
  • Theresa
  • Steve
  • John
  • Bill
  • Jason
  • Brian DeLacy

  • Martin Owens
  • Mike R
  • Sara Abbott

Agenda Items

The following agendas were proposed for this meeting:

  • Ubuntu Installfest Postmortem
  • CD Count (bring any that you have including Feisty or Gutsy)
  • The ubuntu gutsy party
  • The $50 to cover the party food - thanks to all those who donated
  • Funding, financial report and what we should do with the money.
    • Fund t-shirt production, discuss options and if we think we can make money from it for other things.
  • Gutsy Installation Experiences
  • Group Buying and what kind of things we want to see.
  • Boston Developers Summit, events, drinks and friendships.
    • Maybe the team should work on specs for Hardy? If anybody present has some feature they want in Hardy, the team could help them draft up a spec to bring up at UDS. -- YuriyKozlov 2007-10-25 21:52:21

  • Educational projects -- YuriyKozlov 2007-10-25 21:53:49

  • Exchange program -- YuriyKozlov 2007-10-25 21:53:49

  • Michael Selva is looking for upwards of 50 (yes, fifty) Ubuntu CDs to give out at a public event (Tech Open House for education) next Wednesday. Feisty is fine, Gutsy would be divine. I cannot attend in person tonight, but if Steve Pomeroy is willing to keep them under lock & key for me at the Media Lab, I could come over there at his convenience to pick them up.

  • M Selva is also looking for MEDIA contacts, especially reporters & editors from IT and Linux-related magazines. Please reply to ms@ssaes.org if you know someone, I'd like to invite them to the aforementioned Open House to see Ubuntu and to meet the SABDFL. Thanks! -- MichaelSelva 2007-10-25 23:29:40

  • Open to floor etcetera.

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  • Meeting called to order at 19:30, by Meeting Chair, Martin Owens

  • 2007-10-23 meeting minutes were amended and approved

=Positive(s)= Brian's article is good... Steve's help finding cables we need... Great Space…had an elevator and ramps More on wiki postmortem

=Negitive(s)= *We need to link the install-fest on wiki better. *It is hard to find notes from last install-fest on front page hard to locate things. *Need to mention that people might need to bring their monitors and proper cords to the install-fest on wiki about the install-fest. “If there is a big turn out with machines, people might have to bring monitors...”

=Wiki Links needed= *Direct Photo Gallery link on main page… should have links for banner “photo gallery, gallery” *Perhaps a random picture on every wiki page…(Mike said he might work on this)

=Next Install-fest=

  • January 12th, 2008 Would be

=Do we want to keep that?= *MIT thing is that week....IAP Whole month of January since odd things are happening. Super bowl weekend is in february...so end of January might be better. January 26th... Week or 2 after the release...

=Western Meetings?= *Meeting in Worcester is fine with us, we are waiting to hear back from the Westerners to set up a meeting in the West.

Theresa volunteered for a talking with WPI people to see if they have a group of ubuntu people. Or a ubuntu club, perhaps get them involved with our group.

We have no gutsy cd's yet...However, we have droves of the Fiesty Fawn. 200-32 bit 50-64 bit We have 200 coming (which arrived Oct 26th, 2007)

Party Food at the Globe was help funded by Money from the Ubuntu-Massachusetts badges excess money.

Massachusetts e-mail address is what we have...

If it gets over a certain amount....shouldn't keep the money too high. If we open a bank account under someone's name, we would have to deal with taxes, and other sorts of issues.

The vocational school in Lowell, is going to be giving us a shirt 1.78

FOSS Camp is Saturday at the Kendall hotel at the says “MIT HILTON” Developers summit... A talk about the group...and what we do.

Bar camp style is the FOSS camp...KENDALL HOTEL Blank board with a time slot and room number.... “un-conference” We can perhaps speak...dunno...you say the time and the room...and people sign up to join the section

“Created a page...to manage projects” “group-buy” case badge project...

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