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This is the wiki page for the Ubuntu Massachusetts Team that is currently being formed. The team will coordinate to spread Ubuntu in Massachusetts. Currently, our team is heavily focused around the Boston/Cambridge area. If you are in Western Massachusetts and want to start meetings and a community there, please communicate with us and we can decide how to proceed. Our team is a chapter of the ["NUUbuntuTeam"] which promotes Ubuntu in the North Eastern United States. We share their goals, but focus more locally in Eastern Massachusetts.


  1. Educate the public about Ubuntu
  2. Supply Ubuntu (CDs & CD images) to the general public

  3. Support Ubuntu Locally, conduct community classes and symposiums
  4. Conduct outreach programs via local schools, colleges community centers and libraries.
  5. Spread Ubuntu Linux through out Massachusetts.
  6. Provide assistance with migrating, installing, configuring and using Ubuntu
  7. Work with other groups to improve peoples computing experience by increasing awareness of GNU + Linux, open source, copyleft software.
  8. Start a "NU Ubuntu Foundation" within the USA to collect donations of old Computers, and install Edubuntu/Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu for Teachers and Students within the Nu Ubuntu Team region. We will specialize in recycling old MS & apple computers for Teachers, students, elderly and those in need.

We expect that more goals are to come as time passes.

And, obviously, we all do this in line with the [ Ubuntu Code of Conduct]

How to Get Involved In Our Team

The team is currently being set up so there is lots to do.

The first thing everyone involved in the team should do is sign up on [ our mailing list] where all meetings and work is coordinated.

You can help our team by:

  • Reading LoCoTeamHowto and helping kick things off;

  • Take the initiative to plan a meeting, an installfest, or an event. Don't be afraid to push things forward but do coordinate with others;

  • Help write and build these wiki pages to make things clearer for new usres or LocoTeam members;

  • Join the #ubuntu-massachusetts IRC channel to discuss ideas with others;
  • Join [ our team on Launchpad];

  • Help us come with a logo for our team;
  • Any of the more general tasks listed on the page on LoCoTeamRunning.

For a detailed list of ways to get involved in Ubuntu more generally, check out the ContributeToUbuntu page.


The MassachusettsTeam currently has a mailing list and IRC channel. We currently use the Northeast United States Team's forum for discussion on the web. Here are links to important contact resources:

Interim team contacts (if you're interested in taking a leadership role and planning events and acting as a contact, feel free to add yourself here):


Some projects and plans that we are currently working on:

  • Getting team resources set up so that the team can become an approved team (More information on this process is online at LoCoGettingApproved);

  • Support several members who are setting up Edubuntu at their schools;
  • Organize an installfest and mini-Ubucon. We currently are looking for:
    • Space (Mako can offer some space at MIT);
    • A demonstration laptop;
    • Marketing materials (someone should contact Canonical or JonoBacon);

    • CDs (Mako will handle this).

Help in all of these areas is useful! Please mail the list if you can help.

Launchpad Membership Policy

The launchpad team is here: When you apply, please tell us where you live and your launchpad name on IRC, by PM on the forums, or by e-mail.


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