I am currently studying Computer Science at City University London, where I am also the first year student representative for Computer Science. I am also involved with a group working on setting up a computer society at the university, through which I hope to give talks about installing and using Ubuntu, and potentially later on contributing to Ubuntu.

My contributions to Ubuntu include being an operator in #ubuntu-offtopic, as well as helping out (sometimes sporadically) in #ubuntu, #ubuntu-server , #ubuntu-uk and #ubuntu-mars. I have also installed Ubuntu for several friends; and given out many CDs at college and university, totaling over 200 CDs over several releases.

I have done some packaging work for Ubuntu, and hoping to become an Ubuntu Developer when time allows. I have produced some updates for Ubuntu packages (including packages which were failing to build and bug fixes), and sometimes help out in the #ubuntu IRC channel.


Matt can be found at:

IRCC Nomination

I have decided to stand for election as an IRC Council member.

I have been involved in Ubuntu’s IRC channels for around 5 years (with a few breaks), so I feel that I have a good understanding of the way things work. I have also been an operator in #ubuntu-offtopic (a “core” channel) for around a year and a half.

Reducing bureaucracy and making the team feel more included in the decision making process is very important. I would like to work with the whole team to figure out the best way to make things more inclusive.

I would also like to work towards making it easier to recruit new operators. When I applied I found the process quite awkward -- I think we could streamline the process a lot, especially for regular chatters.

I also plan to make it mandatory for operators to wear hats at all times.

IRCC Groupies

  • Sounds like a plan. I share your concerns about bureaucracy and inclusiveness, and while it would probably be nice to see the IRC team working as a well-oiled machine, it would be even better if it didn't need any oil due to not being a machine in the first place. -- LjL

  • If I were stuck on an island, and I had to pick one Ubuntu person to be with, it'd probably be Mark Shuttleworth because he has rockets and stuff to get off, also he knows people that could probably help. If I were stuck with Matt Wheeler, perhaps I'd be in an even better predicament. Undoubtedly, we would have to come up with some sort of Island Council to handle issues in dealing with surviving this island and proper management. In fact, It'd probably call it IRC (Island [on which we are] Remotely Confined Council). If there were people to be on this survival council, I certainly would want this nice guy on it! Also, in real life, my vote is for Matt Wheeler. h00k

  • I've had the privilege of working with Matt in #ubuntu-offtopic for a long time, and I can safely say that he would be a tremendous personality to help shape the future of the Ubuntu IRC project. He's an inspirational, active, and hard-working team-player, and I can't think of anyone better to join the IRC Council. -- LasseHavelund

  • you all need to write nice things about me here


I am applying for Ubuntu membership through the IRC Council, as most of my activity to date has been IRC related, however I have contributed in other areas as well.

I consider myself to be a good operator, and I am generally well liked, even by those I have needed to kick. While I enjoy hanging around in the #ubuntu* channels most of the time, I can see that things aren't perfect, and I'd like to get more involved in the team and help to make our IRC channels more pleasant for everyone.

Perhaps most importantly I have fashioned and acquired numerous ASCII and Unicode hats, which I don regularly to greet, smile at and admonish other users of IRC.

Membership Groupies

  • So everyone said he'd make an excellent op, well, he hasn't failed to meet the expectations. If you add to that the other things he did for Ubuntu, it goes without saying that - wait what's that? A hat? Is it a crazy, funky, junky hat? What was I saying again? -- LjL

  • Trying to keep -offtopic somewhat sane is not an easy task. The humor funkyHat brings not only helps in this op task, it also contributes to the atmosphere there in general. His contributions both in the channel as well as outside shows his commitment. What else is there to say? The guy really likes ice cream, and even though he every now and then likes to giggle, I fully support him for membership. - oCean

  • Matt is an outstanding individual who has been a part of the IRC community before I was here and he will be after I leave. He deserves to be a member of ubuntu. -- ikanobori

  • Make him a member, he deserves it for putting up with the nuts in #ubuntu-offtopic -- idleone

  • Matt's a good person, deserves the membership, etc, but most importantly, he's a funkyHat. -- robinetd

  • This guy is without-a-doubt worthy of an Ubuntu Membership. With his ASCII hats, sanity in the insanity of #ubuntu-offtopic, help in packaging, and overall online community development, this guy certainly has made an impression on me, and many others who work with him. I don't know of anyone who wouldn't say he's certainly earned this. Apologies I can't attend the meeting (it'd be 4:00am local time), but thumbs up from me. - AnthonyHook


I am currently an operator in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel on freenode IRC. I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time in Ubuntu IRC channels, but am most often available between 20:00 and 02:00 GMT.

IRC Op Groupies

  • funkyHat would be an excellent addition to the Op team in #ubuntu-offtopic. Keeping conversation lighthearted, he is a great help to the channel with or without Op status and I would be excited to see him as an operator. -- anthonyhook 2010-04-12 01:17:31

  • funkyHat would make an excellent op for #ubuntu-offtopic. He's got the sense of humor and easygoing personality necessary to deal with people like me. I wholeheartedly support his application. -- canthus13

  • I think funkyHat aka Matt would make a great OP. He is always helpful and keeps the conversation flowing in -offtopic. He is always helpful and knows the channel rules and the Ubuntu Irc guidelines very well. A BIG (OK) -- idleone

  • funkyHat has the intellect, the knowledge, and the physique to represent #ubuntu-offtopic in a proudful manner. -- jondale

  • funkyHat has shoulders which are wide enough to carry the responsibilities which come with being an #ubuntu-offtopic moderator. -- ikanobori

  • I think funkyHat has well earned an op status, that all that's left to do is grant him the abilities. I thought he was already an op. -- enthdegree

  • funkyHat is exactly the sort of person I would consider an excellent op. Level-headed, good-humored, and responsible. -- ubertaco


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