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My name is Lasse Havelund, and I've been an Ubuntu user since late 2005, starting with BreezyBadger. I've since used every single release, and I've never felt like moving to other distributions, mostly because of Ubuntu's helpful, friendly community.

At school, I'm mostly known as that 'tall blonde dude who keeps passing out CDs'.

Aside from the geeky stuff, I play the guitar and the piano.

Feel free to contact me by any means listed below.

Project Involvement


Since September 2009, I've been an operator in the #ubuntu-offtopic IRC channel. Serving as a helper in #ubuntu and always around in #ubuntu-offtopic, these are my primary Ubuntu channels. I'm also to be found in #ubuntu-uk, #ubuntu-dk, #ubuntu-dk-snak, #ubuntu-laptop, #ubuntu-desktop, #ubuntuforums and several more. My client is always online so you're always more than welcome to drop me a /msg and I'll respond when I'm available.


Having been with ubuntu-dk from the start, I helped establish the ubuntu-dk LoCo team, and later, helped incorporate it as an association. With the LoCo team, I've helped with the following tasks:

  • Planning and execution of release parties for IntrepidIbex (8.10) and KarmicKoala (9.10)

  • Helping in the organisation of meetings, including chairing them and writing minutes
  • Served on the 'Board of Directors' for a bit


  • As previously mentioned, I'm always around in #ubuntu, where I help out from time to time when I can.
  • I helped start up the Ubuntu Youth project, which, unfortunately, never saw much success at the time.
  • I have contributed to the MarketingTeam with a design for 'Powered by Ubuntu' stickers, shipped out by JendaVancura.


When I look at Ubuntu in the future, I'm hoping to see an even more rock-solid, user-friendly distribution, with just a tightly-knit community as the one I look at today. Granted, the community is one of the things that's kept me from changing distro, even though I could probably find my way around fine in any of the more complex distributions.

For Linux' marketshare to continue to grow, we need communities like the one Ubuntu offers. I'm proud to be part of that, and I hope I can be a contributor to that in the future.

Testimonials for Membership

  • MenZa has been a tremendous help getting my marketing materials project up and running - it wouldn't have been possible without him. The first - and some of the best - stickers I sent out years ago were made by him. He is definitely Ubuntu Member material! -- JendaVancura, October 2009

  • MenZa does a great job providing support on the Danish LoCo IRC-channels. Besides that he puts in a lot of work keeping a nice atmosphere in both the Danish, and international channels. He has also been a great help for organizing and running some of the Danish release parties, and in providing support for our install-/supportfests. -- JesperJarlskov, November 2009

  • MenZa is an active and helpful operator on #ubuntu-offtopic. He puts in a lot of time and effort to keeping the #ubuntu-offtopic channels atmosphere nice. -- JussiSchultink, November 2009

  • Lasse has been with the Danish LoCo team as long as I can remember, and he has always been an active part of our community. The latest was our Ubuntu 9.10 release party, where we did CD handout in a mall. See him in action here, here and here. - SørenBredlundCaspersen, November 30 2009.

  • Lasse has been active in the community for as long as I can remember, and always eager to help. -- MelissaDraper, November 2009

  • Lasse is another one of the Ubuntu-DK rock stars. He's been around forever, is always ready to lend a helping hand on IRC, planning release parties, etc. A clear +1 from me. SorenHansen, November 2009

  • MenZa has been around the Danish Ubuntu Community for a long time, and has always been a positive influence, both in social and technical regards. He is very committed to the community - my first impression of him was "the guy who took the train across the country just to drink a few beers" at the gutsy release party. Wow! - NielsKjøllerHansen, 2009-12-01

  • Lasse has been doing a great job on the Ubuntu IRC team, I fully support his application for membership -- JonathanDavies, December 2009

  • My irc logs don't go back far enough to not have MenZa in them. He has been helping on IRC since forever and should have applied for membership years ago -- DennisKaarsemaker, December 2009

  • MenZa is a most excellent member of the Ubuntu support community and the Ubuntu IRC team, always very patient and helpful whilst maintaining a cheery demeanor; supporting those in need of help in #ubuntu IRC channel and helping to moderate the #ubuntu-offtopic IRC channel. He is a stellar part of the Ubuntu community, and well deserving of consideration for membership. -- bazhang, December 2009

  • I have known MenZa from the Ubuntu IRC channels for years, and he is always cheerful, helpful, and knowledgeable -- in short, a great example of what an Ubuntu contributor should be. Recently, he has been a very valuable part of the IRC operator team. He has my full support as friend and Ubuntu contributor. -- JuhaSiltala, December 2009

  • I have been hanging out in the IRC community for approximately a year now, MenZa is always a help to those that need it, and an excellent example of an IRC Operator, and a great example of the Ubuntu Community and what it's all about. If there is anyone deserving of a membership, this would be your guy. --AnthonyHook, December 2009

Re: all of the above - thank you so much. I am deeply humbled at reading these testimonials, and I want to thank you so much for your kind words. -- Lasse



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