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Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada


About Me

Hey! I'm a (soon-to-be) 30-something System Administrator/Programmer for an ISP is Nova Scotia, Canada. I've worked in the Tech-Support industry in the past and in my spare-time I love programming in C#, Java, and recently Vala. Lately spending a lot of time working on web-apps at work in PHP and JavaScript.

Having experience in programming and beta-testing in the past I'm comfortable in what makes a good vs bad bug report and am excited to be part of BugSquad for Ubuntu. Though I have much to learn about the bug triage area. I look forward to being able to contribute back to the community with as much as I use Ubuntu throughout work and home life. I am also very comfortable with writing and reviewing documentation, as professionally I've had to write documentation and walk-thrus for support staff. I hope to be able to contribute as well to the Ubuntu Wikis.

My local timezone is AST (UTC-4). My availability can range from 13:00 UTC - 02:00 UTC, and unfortunately may be around anytime intermittently through there on most days. Unfortunately I fear this leaves me as a poor candidate for the Mentorship program, though I am hopeful. I'm currently interested in all areas of bugs, and may find a specialization as I become more accustomed to the bugs, bug reports and triage process.
- Matt

Future Goals

  • Become comfortable with bug Triaging
  • Join the 5-a-day team

  • One day help contribute code to resolve bugs
  • Progress to Bug Control member

  • Adopt a package such as Evolution.

  • Contribute Documentation to Wiki(s)

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