This is summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on Wed. July 25th, 2007 on Freenode in #elisa.

This session was excellent!


From philn: GUADEC was cool, we had many people and interesting questions during the talk i did a post on elisa blog about that

Status: the Elisa team will release a 0.3.1 version next week. They are currently polishing the rough edges

The only need for UMC is to create a small config GUI to select a remote (and generate the lircd.conf file) More details in point 6 below.

dloic and wattazoum will produce (mail) specs for the elisa lirc configurator and other possible urgent bits (dirs, ...)

We will later on specify everything needed for elisa to propose an installer and the various config GUIs


Christophe Dumas has posted a theme update

For the moment, we will continue to work on a common Elisa / UMC theme, but with the green UMC color dominance.

This will allow us to have something complete and of excellent quality for the Gutsy release. Le-kwerr should post tomorrow the svg and a procedure to change the colors.

We will then check for the "fork", that is a specific UMC theme. Some other themes are also underway:

This variety will be a good added value for both Elisa and UMC

We urgently need somebody to work on interim UMC usplash and background.

This is only temporary, using the 10.1 or 10.b1 logo and the "Ubuntu Media Center" text. I'd also like to see a Powered by Elisa logo somewhere (lower right corner), but that can wait a bit more.

Can someone (Linediconsine, hbons) please step up and take over these?

Finally, once the polling forum is opened, the UMC logo contest will be completed quickly.

mailing list

still no news from Jono Bacon and the Ubuntu guys Sad :-(

Marketing Strike Force

Jeremy couldn't attend this meeting. But we have talked about several points:

  • the forum migration end + polling system for the ASF work.

This means that will be available there:

  • a falcon repository for UMC specific packages under either or

  • a general status report of the UMC project (as per tonight meeting)

relayed on the website, Ubuntu Weekly News, ...

  • check for info update (like the dev mailing list info, a good

project description mentioning a "powered by elisa", ...) on the website, wiki, ...


elisa and pigment are now in gutsy.

ArnaudQuette has asked a sync for coherence too, and lool will also upload it to Debian Sid (still in experimental for the moment)

lool has also uploaded pylirc. Kudos again lool Wink ;-) Gutsy sync will then follow, but the freezes are scheduled for August 30 (new universe packages freeze) or August 15 (feature freeze), along with the elisa / pigment 0.3.x updates.

philn notes that 0.3.x packages will require some dependency changes. He'll state them in the README


ArnaudQuette will post an update (tonight if everything goes fine) to the LIRC "Help wanted" thread, and will cc the UMC list. The current thread is here.

The new namespace should be applied soon, and the others important tasks (kernel integration, HAL support, configless...) are underway.

dloic will also post a status update on the lirc applets (irexec, config and maybe irrecord). But these are satellites tasks of the UMC team. So low priority!

The important point is mentioned in point 1: an Elisa config GUI for LIRC remote selection, using the lirc.hwdb file, and copying the right lircd.conf. The problem of needing root rights to copy this file in /etc/lirc/ will have to be solved (be able to run lirc as a standard user?).

other things

nothing new, apart from an idea from philn: check if we can run the distro from an usb key.

Derivative distribution

as told last week, ArnaudQuette has started to create the umc script and meta packages. Currently, iso can be generated but not working (well, maybe working. not tested) It provides a bare system using the openbox WMn with and includes elisa and pigment, but not yet coherence nor pylirc. the usplash is also the mythbuntu one Wink ;-)

Testing and report are welcome.

Raw Log

<Uzuul> well, UMC meeting time
<dloic> lekastor38: no luck man :)
<Uzuul> there is one real tonight ;-)
<Le-Kwer> lol
<Uzuul> so let's start with point 1) elisa
 philn__ philn
<philn> yep
<Uzuul> how was the GUADEC, and what's the status?
<Le-Kwer> don't be afraid by my english ok :)
<Uzuul> ;-)
<philn> GUADEC was cool, we had many people and interesting questions during the talk
 i did a post on elisa blog about that:
 status, we'll release a 0.3.1 version next week
 we are currently polishing the rough edges
<Uzuul> cool for the GUADEC, gotta dig.
 I know I've sunk these times, but does that mean that 0.3.0 is out?!
<philn> well, the cycle begins at .1 as far as i understood
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<Uzuul> so yes or no?
<philn> so we'll spend time hunting various FIXME and other bad looking code
 in the end, you get the same you know :)
 we also need to know about the tasks the Elisa team will need to do for UMC
<dloic> excellent point
<philn> like LIRC integration in the UI ?
<Uzuul> for the time being, it's only on the artwork and LIRC sides.
<dloic> some work done with this
<Uzuul> LIRC: create a small config GUI to select a remote (and generate the lircd.conf file)
<dloic> i've produced a script to allow user configure their remote (if the remote is correctly installed)
<philn> about artwork, there are now various in-progress themes made by Le-Kwer .. feel free to reuse if you need it
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<Uzuul> also add the usplash + gdm theme + openbox background images
<Le-Kwer> yep watch the chris team on the trac :)
<philn> openbox?
 philn__ philn
<Uzuul> philn: the wm used by the umc live cd
<dloic> (press a button and you assigne it as you want, if the elisa team want to see it...)
<philn> i need to read the distro spec, but i thought the user would be auto-logged-in
<Uzuul> dloic: you should post it on the list ;-)
 philn__ philn
 philn__ philn
<dloic> Uzuul: ok I will do that after the meeting
<Uzuul> philn: since Seb Gripon is MIA, I gotta update all that, and only worked on the tech bits a bit...
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<Uzuul> in the long run, we'll have the user auto logged in, starting elisa and not requiring a wm.
<wattazoum> regarding the configuration of elisa, is it still by editing the file ? is there a spec to develop a Conf GUI ? I can help on this one
<Uzuul> but this implies to have *all* the install and config bits inside elisa. which is not the case for now
<philn> yeah, but for instance, why make a gdm theme if in the end the user won't see it because the wm boots without password?
<Uzuul> so we'll have the openbox wm, with 3 links: elisa live, firefox and the installer using ubiquity
<philn> hmm ok
<dloic> Uzuul: nice proposition, is in the wiki ?
<Uzuul> iirc, the gdm theme is needed for the transition between usplash and the session opening...
 but you're right, I'm still unsure if it's needed or not!
<philn> wattazoum: elisa now supporting xdg-users-dir, it'll require less configuration for the average user.. but yeah we still need a config UI
<dloic> maybe auto logging would be the best soltuion for a media center
<Uzuul> dloic: no, only in the bazaar repo + last week meeting
 dloic: and the umc code page:
<dloic> Uzuul: thanks ;)
<Uzuul> autologin is both available for the live cd and the installed version
 philn__ philn
<Le-Kwer> for the new theme
<dloic> philn, wattazoum: something like a plugin ?
<wattazoum> dloic:  ?_?
<Uzuul> philn: for the moment (and the gutsy release), ubiquity should do the job nicely. and give us time to make a cool config / install addon for elisa ;-)
<philn> dloic: yeah, config can be added via a new plugin
<wattazoum> dloic:  didn't get it
 Le_Kwer Le-Kwer lekastor38
 ahh, oki
<Le-Kwer> watch movies.png pictures.png services.png dvd.png and music.png
<dloic> wattazoum: :)
<wattazoum> well, is the architecture supporting it ?
<Uzuul> Le-Kwer: we will talk about artwork (point 2) soon. just wait a bit more please ;-)
<philn> Le-Kwer: i think there's a dedicated topic about artwork
 Le_Kwer Le-Kwer lekastor38
<Le-Kwer> ok ok :p
<Linediconsine> :)
<philn> wattazoum: yes, see the elisa.plugins.service for instance. It provides a new menu activity, like config UI will
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<wattazoum> philn:  perfect
<dloic> Uzuul: so auto loggin or not ?
<Uzuul> well, to end up point 1, only an lirc config plugin is needed for the code side.
<wattazoum> philn:  some Ideas about specifications ?
<Uzuul> dloic: yes, but we'll get back in point 8)
<dloic> Uzuul: will this point on th mailing so ?
<philn> wattazoum: there were at some point when we did the ergonomy spec for the "classic" UI
<dloic> Uzuul: for the lirc side
<philn> wattazoum: but for the poblenou UI, nothing yet, AFAIK
<wattazoum> philn:  I'll keep you filled in
<Uzuul> we will later on specify everything needed for elisa to propose an installer and the various config GUIs 
 dloic:  point 6)
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<wattazoum> oki Uzuul
<dloic> Uzuul: ok chief ;)
<Uzuul> please guys, keep the guidelines, and dump run too fast ;-)
<philn> we'll need some specs for the LIRC config plugin
* wattazoum wonders were is the  list of the meeting points :)
<philn> functional specs i mean
<Uzuul> 0.3.0 (.1, I'm puzzled) will be out next week so that we can package / test / play while our elisa friends will mostly be on deserved holidays...
<wattazoum> oki
 philn__ philn
 we'll start to fill bugs in :-p
<dloic> Uzuul: and with this stable version, we will have time to write spec, code some plugins
<Uzuul> philn: let's make a thread on the ml. I'll start it after the meeting
<philn> ok
<Uzuul> so point 2) artwork
 here we go Le_Kwer ;-)
<Linediconsine> I am here for artwork too ! :)
* wattazoum is  on holidays starting from the 4th of august
<Uzuul> yeah Linediconsine ;-) hbons and vinicius seems missing
<philn> so we really need that design forum.. and assign designers tasks
* Uzuul wonder why everybody goes on holidays ;-)
<wattazoum> Concerning the artwork,, there is a lot of creativity on the ML , I believe we should keep helping the artwork team to develop their own theme
* Uzuul will be on too, as of the 9 iirc, for 2 weeks
<wattazoum> if we start proposing lot of them , it's a +
<Uzuul> I'm looking at Le_Kwer' link:
<Le-Kwer> point 2 point 2 POINT 2 !!! :D
<Uzuul> ^_^
<wattazoum> :-D
<Le-Kwer> I just do the home's icons :)
<philn> yes, we should continue to work on themes.. i repeat, you guys can reuse artwork already checked in elisa's svn :)
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<Uzuul> not that easy to browse through your link!
 hey hbons
<wattazoum> we need a Fuse FS for browsing SVN :p
<Uzuul> we need a gfx designer to take over the color change... (blue to green)
<Uzuul> hbons, Linediconsine: can one of you take over this task?
<Linediconsine> what ?
<dloic> philn: really nice work
<Le-Kwer> how many designer have the asf ?
<philn> yeah but which artwork would be re-colorized?
<Linediconsine> which job ?
<Uzuul> the background ;-p
 well, according to Chris post today and yesterday
<philn> ha, not the icons? ;)
<dloic> everything in green :)
<Linediconsine> is in svg?
<Le-Kwer> because I think that the umc designer want to do they own icon
<Uzuul> the icons don't need it
<Le-Kwer> yep Linediconsine all are in svg
<Linediconsine> If yuo send me we can change it to green umc
 I am happy to work whit sombody !
<Le-Kwer> ok Linediconsine your are graphic designer
<Uzuul> I don't recall the mokup adresses but these well show examples of what need to be green'ed out ;-)
<Le-Kwer> well you not want make your proper theme ?
<dloic> maybe a good idea can to recolor in green for a first time
<Le-Kwer> because tomorrow night I take my holiday for 2 weeks and half
<Linediconsine> yep
<Le-Kwer> ok
<Uzuul> Le_Kwer:  Linediconsine is the Marco "tribal" 
<Linediconsine> :)
<Le-Kwer> tomorrow I up on the svn a svg folder
<Linediconsine> k, you are in umc ml ?
 Le-Kwer ?
<Uzuul> Le_Kwer: for the moment, I would prefer to see the common theme green'ed up, and then check for the "fork"
<Le-Kwer> my first idea it's that all de designer make there own home mockup
<Uzuul> just to have something complete for gutsy ;-)
<Le-Kwer> yep Linediconsine
<dloic> Uzuul: yes time runs...
<Le-Kwer> ok great
<philn> Uzuul: when is deadline for gutsy packages freeze?
<dloic> in one month no ?
<Uzuul> mine is still to first focus on a common theme, while talking about other themes aside (tribal, tango, ...)
<hbons> uzuul: i'm not following, will this be the default theme?
<Le-Kwer> when is the realise of gutsy ?
<philn> Le-Kwer: release in october
<Uzuul> hbons: the common elisa / umc theme, but green for UMC and blue for elisa? yes
<Le-Kwer> but during my holiday all graphic designer must make there own mockup for the home
 and after my holiday we talk about it
<Linediconsine> k
<Uzuul> Le_Kwer: hbons has already proposed some tango / gnome style. He, with Vinicius and the Tango team, will produce good things I'm sure
<hbons> uzuul: so just a color change? doesn't sound any fun:)
<Le-Kwer> great
<philn> ok, so mid-august
<Uzuul> Le_Kwer: yep, knowing you won't be there to lead the ASF, your proposition is fine.
 Le_Kwer: Maybe you can give some directions on the ml, for the green conversion (if it's needed)
<dloic> hbons: just fir the first release
<Le-Kwer> yep
 it's very easy to do
<Uzuul> the important point will be to have the UMC usplash and openbox background pieces soon.
<Le-Kwer> on inkscape
<philn> from the feedback we got at GUADEC, having a single colored theme is not very nice in the end
<Le-Kwer> edit the gradient
<Linediconsine> I love inkscape :)
<Le-Kwer> not me :p
<Linediconsine> :)
 philn__ philn
<wattazoum> Uzuul:  I have seen some MythBuntu on UMC launchpad ... what was it for ?
<philn> looks nice ;)
<Uzuul> philn: well, it seems that there will be a dominant color (background) and a wide variety of colors for icons... so not that monotone
<dloic> same in green with umc :)
<hbons> am i still online? :s
<dloic> hbons: yes ;)
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<Uzuul> wattazoum: because Mario L. (mythbuntu lead) is working with us on lirc and has bootstrapped me on the distro
<Linediconsine> :)
 wattazoum wallan
<Uzuul> wattazoum:
<wattazoum> ah, oki
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<philn> Uzuul: ok, sounds fair
--> hbons ( has joined #elisa
<Uzuul> hbons, Linediconsine, Le_Kwer, ...: can some of you check for the usplash and background gfx (using the umc logo for ex.)?
<Linediconsine> I will try to make something beutyfull :)
<hbons> cool
 what is the new logo btw?
<wattazoum> Linediconsine:  I believe in You :)
<dloic> yes there are some
<Uzuul> hbons: the final logo has never been chosen!
<dloic> Uzuul: the story with no end :) :) :)
<Uzuul> the polling forum will help us hunting that...
<Linediconsine> There is a place to talk about artwork ? (forum topic or umc ML) where ?
<hbons> how can we make wallpapers then?:)
<Uzuul> Linediconsine: post on the ml with the ASF (Artwork Strike Force) banner
<hbons> uzuul: posted some stuff here a while ago:
<wattazoum> well, people,  I'll have to go
<Uzuul> along with opening a post on the forum (still not migrated iirc, I'll get back in the next point )
 wattazoum wallan
 wattazoum: sad, see you
<wattazoum> see you
<philn> bye
<dloic> bye
<Linediconsine> bye !
<wattazoum> ++ all
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<philn> so, next topic?
<Uzuul> hbons: iirc, this is the old forum... this has partly migrated.
<Linediconsine> I suggest , choose a logo ? or say a day when the logo must be choosen ?
<dloic> yes a deadline
<Uzuul> well, so to close point 2, I'll call for artwork'ers on the ml to take over usplash & co
 point 3) mailing list
 still no news from Jono Bacon and the Ubuntu guys :-(
<dloic> .... :(
<Uzuul> we have something good for now!
 so point 4) MSF
 Jeremy couldn't attend this meeting, but we have talked  about several points:
 - the forum migration end + polling system for the ASF work
 - a falcon repository for UMC 
 - a general status report (as per tonight meeting) relayed on the
 website, UWN, ...
 - check for info update (like the dev mailing list info, a good
 project description mentioning a "powered by elisa", ...)
 on the website, wiki, ...
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<PC_> re
 so sorryyyy
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<dloic> very impressive
<Le-kwerr> fucking crash
 what I loose ?
<dloic> for when ???
<Le-kwerr> My last word is about inkscape
<dloic> Le-kwer: (point 2 and 3 no ?)
<philn> Le-kwerr:
<Le-kwerr> thanks
<dloic> Uzuul: when can we have this ?
<philn> hah inkscape.. hmm
<Uzuul> yeah, got it back (thanks gmail!)
<Linediconsine> Le-Kwerr:We have to work to a splash scenn and make green your icon..
<Le-kwerr> great
 and we talk about it
<Uzuul> + a background for the openbox wm in the live installer
<philn> ok, so we need the design forum structure there
<Le-kwerr> And think about all the icons
 philn__ philn
<Linediconsine> :)
<Uzuul> philn: yep, I gotta check with Jeremy if it's in place
<dloic> sorry but what mean a falcon repository ?
<philn> dunno :p
<Le-kwerr> and tomorrow I up the svg and how to change the colors in green
 it's very easy
<Uzuul> well, it's simply a deb repository, but with a tools generating a full repository (not a trivial only!) with html pages
<dloic> Uzuul: ok nice
<Uzuul> so point 5) packages
 elisa and pigment are now in gutsy.
 I've asked for coherence too, and lool will also upload it to Debian Sid (still in experimental for the moment)
 lool has also uploaded pylirc. Kudos again lool ;-)
 Gutsy sync will then follow
<philn> ha that falcon stuff looks cool ;)
<dloic> Uzuul: yes for the moment elisa don't work with gutsy
<Uzuul> once 0.3.<randomly insert something between 0 and 1 ;-p> is out, we'll obv. check for update
<philn> Uzuul: ok, great!
<hbons> will there be an icon on the desktop to launch elisa?
<philn> dloic: i think it does now.. a collegue tested today
<hbons> i think that would be nice on default
<philn> a .desktop file should be shipped, so elisa appear in the "Multimedia" menu, afaik
<dloic> philn: maybe, I tested yesterday without the update (fresh tribe 3)
 philn__ philn
<Uzuul> dloic, philn: yep they were missing pigment!
<hbons> i think on the desktop is important, because it's what's umc is about
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<dloic> hbons: yes three icon say Uzuul (firefox, elisa and ubiquity)
<philn> i'm not sure it's allowed for packages to put shortcuts on the desktop, directly
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<hbons> why firefox?
<Uzuul> hbons: for the live cd, there will be elisa, firefox, ubiquity installer. for the integration into an existing install, only menu is considered for now. but that might change
<dloic> hbons: don't know it's what he said about the livecd
<hbons> ok, but firefox sounds weird:)
<dloic> Uzuul: might change ?
<philn> 0.3.x packages will require some dependency changes, i'll state them in the README
<Uzuul> applet but system integration (the point 7) other idea from wattazoum iirc)
 philn__ philn
<dloic> Uzuul: ok ;)
<Uzuul> philn: ok, gotta check with lool
 so point 6) LIRC
 I'll post an update (tonight if everything goes fine) to the LIRC "Help wanted" thread.
 the new namespace should be applied soon, and the others important tasks (kernel integration, HAL support, configless...) are underway.
<dloic> underway ? You have some people on this task ?
<philn> where's that thread?
<dloic> philn: on the lirc ml i think
<Uzuul> dloic will also post an update on the lirc applets (irexec, config and maybe irrecord) on the ml since these are satellites tasks of the UMC team
<philn> ok
<Uzuul> at least there
<dloic> philn: a confirmation that don't work with me :)
<Uzuul> I'll possibly change the title
<philn> dloic: ?
<dloic> philn: for elisa with my gutsy
<dloic> Uzuul: ok
<Uzuul> dloic: maybe a note on the lirc config inside elisa: have you thought about it a bit?
<dloic> yes. for the moment I think we can do a plugin to assigne graphically key
--> micxer82 ( has joined #elisa
<dloic> example key lay : you press a key on your remote and the assignement work. What do you think ?
<Uzuul> I was thinking about a selection GUI based upon the lirc.hwdb file
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<Uzuul> but using the new namespace
<Le-kwer> U need me now ? because I have friend at home ?
<dloic> Uzuul: just choose the remote and copy in the right place the lircd.conf ?
<Uzuul> since we're not that far from applying it (be prepared dloic, we'll have a small storm soon)
<dloic> Le-kwer: point lirc
<Uzuul> dloic: exact
<Le-kwer> ok great
<dloic> Uzuul: ok but it required root privileges...
<philn> Le-kwer: i think you can enjoy real life now ;)
<Uzuul> Le_Kwer: no, it's fine, the rest is techi
<dloic> philn: ;)
<Le-kwer> good end of ,meeting and be carefull I want great icon for umc
<Uzuul> Le_Kwer: thx and have a nice evening ;-)
<Le-kwer> ok !!
<dloic> bye
<philn> bye
<Le-kwer> bye all ;)
<Linediconsine> bye
<dloic> Uzuul: so for the root privileges ?
<Uzuul> ?
<dloic> it required root privileges to place the lircd;conf. Can we doo this in elisa with no probleme nd integration ,
<philn> lircd needs to be runned a root, but the conf file can be anywhere no?
<Linediconsine> k3b have a k3bsetup tool (that ask root permission instead that k3b)
<philn> +s
<Uzuul> uhuh, good point. we'll get back on this on the ml.
 philn__ philn
<dloic> philn: yes youre right, i guess we can pass parameters from lirc deamon...
<Uzuul> philn: the lirc init script test for /etc/lirc/lircd.conf or fail
--> philn_ ( has joined #elisa
<philn> Uzuul: yep.. but we can probably work around that ;)
 philn__ philn philn_
<Uzuul> philn: we can always workaround things ;-)
<dloic> Uzuul: yes see this point in the ml
<Linediconsine> ln
<dloic> Uzuul: right ;)
<Linediconsine> :)
<Uzuul> well, nothing for point 7) other things
 and I'll end up in live with point 8) distro
<dloic> Uzuul: sorry but where we can find the list of point ?
<Uzuul> dloic: previous meeting minutes. these are always the same. other points addressed various ideas and goes back long ago (1rst / 2nd meeting iirc)
<dloic> Uzuul: ok thakns ;)
<dloic> so for the distro ,
<Uzuul> as told last week, I've started to create the umc script and meta packages 
<-- hbons has quit ("Leaving.")
<dloic> Uzuul: nice work :)
<Linediconsine> autopakage ?
<dloic> meta package ?
<Uzuul> not at all, Linediconsine
 we need to create a bare system only and neither the standard tools can provide that.
 currently, iso can be generated but not working (though not tested):
 see the last week meeting minutes (update point):
<dloic> :)
<Linediconsine> k
<dloic> Uzuul: do you want tester for this ?
<philn> i'll try to test that ;)
<Uzuul> this iso includes elisa and pigment, but not yet coherence nor pylirc. the usplash is also the mythbuntu one ;-)
 dloic: you're welcome
<dloic> Uzuul: ok, it a beginning
 Uzuul: where post feedback ? ml umc-dev tread test distro ?
<Uzuul> imagine that I've not had time at all to burn it and test it :-( what's that crazy world!!
<philn> can it be tested on a usb key?
<dloic> Uzuul: really ;)
 philn__ philn philn_
<lekastor38> maybe with qemu
<Uzuul> philn: good question. iirc, ubuntu live can't (but I'm not that up to date maybe)
 dloic: you'll never imagine ;-)
<dloic> Uzuul: luckly :)
<philn> would be nice.. you know i had a Mandriva usb key at GUADEC? with elisa installed
 philn__ philn philn_
<dloic> philn: nice
<philn> all GUADEC attendees now have a 2GB stick and can test elisa ;)
 but it's mandriva.. ;)
--> Uraeus (n=cschalle@ has joined #elisa
<Uzuul> philn: yup, iirc there was some tip on the ubuntu forum and a spec underway
 philn__ philn philn_
<philn> ok.. cool
<Uzuul> philn: eh, that's a nice idea guys ;-)
<dloic> yea really
<Uzuul> well, anything to add before I fall down (too hungry)
<dloic> nothing to say
<-- Uraeus has quit (Client Quit)
<dloic> and for the missong point there is the ml ;)
--> Uraeus (n=cschalle@ has joined #elisa
<Uzuul> so I declare this (excellent) meeting closed

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