This specification describes the User Interface of the Ubuntu Media Center software.

The aim is to create a friendly, efficient, easy, unique... user interface. This specification deals with the graphical layout, the menu navigation, icons thematic,...

This specification is under active discussion. We are also working with the Elisa team on the new Elisa UI

Icons thematic reminder

The idea is to have a thematic reminder on each sub-menu icon. This will help users in identifying easily their current location in the UMC menu tree.

For example:

  • If you choose to play music from a CD, you will select Music and then CD. You would see:

    This icon for Music: note.png and then for the CD sub-menu: cd.png

  • The Movie menu has an icon of movie strip. Selection the DVD sub menu would then display a disc with the same movie strip at the top right.

This thematic reminder helps a lot in the menu navigation.

In Elisa's default skin, the menu icon (Music, Movie...) is put in the foreground upon menu selection. When you select a menu item, like movie, the sub menu icon is shown and the previous icon list is displayed in the foreground:

  • menu2.png

You always have several menu entries shown.

With the Icon Thematic Reminder, we don't need to keep the previous menu entry(ies). We thus avoid to overload the User Interface, while remaining contextual and "menu location friendly".

Comment (AQ): The Icon Thematic Reminder approach combined with an Apple's Time Machine like navigation would give a great result.

Startup sequence

Here is a sketching of a startup sequence:

Make a transition effect, and

  • display the main UMC screen, with a background image and the main menu. Ideas:
    • (ArnaudQuette): having the UMC logo (like #8g) embedding somehow the base menu, like View or Hear instead of the two heads ; or display the current choice in the LCD screen, with the other choices in a transparent round.

Ideas sandbox

  • animated icons,
  • why not a movie trailer instead of a static splash screen ?

the menu have to be defined according to several UI choices.

For the reference: Document from elisa track


Elisa new UI spec

Apple's Front Row

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