This is the 1st meeting of the ServerTeam, starting at 15:00 UTC and finishing at 16:16 UTC.


  • Introductions - RickClark

  • Article in Ubuntu Weekly News about the Server Team (in Community Spotlight) - MathiasGug

  • review each section of the roadmap.
  • agree on next meeting date and time.


  • Introductions: 17 people introduced themselves.
  • Article in Ubuntu Weekly News about the Server Team:
    • mathiaz raised the idea of adding a small section about the Ubuntu Server team in the next UWN.

    ACTION: mathiaz will send to beuno a modified version of the Ubuntu Server Team announcement to get it published in the UWN.

  • Sending meeting notes to the ubuntu-server mailing list and update wiki pages to point to meeting logs:

    ACTION: mathiaz will update the wiki page and send meeting notes to ubuntu-server.

  • Triagger section review:
    • soren stated that we need a good plan to triage older bugs. mathiaz suggested to tackle this problem on a per-package basis, first mysql, then samba. This doesn't mean that we should stop triagging/fixing other bugs in other packages - it's just a way to suggest what new contributors can do to help.

    ACTION: The Ubuntu Server Triagers will focus on triaging mysql bugs that are in New, Undecided state, especially the old ones.

  • Packager section review:
    • fernando will add watch files to packages. mathiaz clarified the idea behind this task: being able to track upstream release (not debian release) from one location. mathiaz offered to help fernando.
  • Tester section review:

    ACTION: mathiaz will move the AppArmor testing plan to Testing/Server.

    ACTION: dendrobates will create a test plan for ldap-auth-client.

  • Developer section review:
    • Ebox integration:
      • soren has uploaded some packages in universe. He is looking for more testers once a few more packages are uploaded.

      ACTION: soren will send an email to ubuntu-server once the packages have been uploaded to ask for more widespread testing.

    • AppArmor integration:

      • mathiaz reported that apparmor packages should get into main after the archive is reopened. The packages will be split between core infrastructure packages in main and profiles in universe. He asked for more testing.
    • LDAP Authentication Client:
      • dendrobates has uploaded the meta-package and worked on clarifying the spec https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LDAPAuthentication. jdstrand mentioned his work on auth-client-config script, which should cooperate with the packages created by dendrobates. dendrobates mentioned the spec created by stephanbuys about an application to manage /etc/pam.d/.

      ACTION: dendrobates will create a wiki page to list the tasks that people can help with.

  • Any Other Business:
    • package maintained by the Ubuntu Server Team:
      • ScottK asked about the process for deciding which packages the server-team is going to care about. The current policy is to limit ourselves to packages in main. Once the team has grown and is organized, it can be responsible for more packages, both in main and universe.
    • ubuntu-server team membership:
  • Next meeting will be in two weeks on Tuesday, July the 31st at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.



05:01   dendrobates     Ok lets get started.
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05:01   soren   Hi, kees.
05:01   mathiaz ScottK: we can discuss that after the meeting
05:01   ScottK  Sure
05:01   dendrobates     Welcome to the first public server team meeting
05:01   keescook        hiya folks.  :)
05:01   soren   \o/
05:01   mathiaz keescook: hiya
05:02   nealmcb agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting
05:02   dendrobates     Lets start with introductions, since we are so new.
05:02   dendrobates     nealmcb: Thanks
05:03   dendrobates     I am Rick Clark the Technical lead of the Ubuntu server team.
05:03   dendrobates     For gutsy I am focused on ldap authentication.
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05:04   dendrobates     now everybody else.
05:04   soren   I'm Soren Hansen (the hacker formerly known as shawarma), I've been around the Ubuntu community for a couple of years now and I'm on the server team working for Canonical.
05:04   soren   My primary focus for this release is eBox.
05:04   dendrobates     Also state your area of interest in Ubuntu server.
05:04   soren   I want to make it cool.
05:04   miles   haha
05:04   soren   :p
05:04   mathiaz I'm Mathias Gug and I'm an Ubuntu Server developer
05:04   nealmcb I'm Neal McBurnett, running simple ubuntu servers for a number of years, active with the Colorado loco team and looking for ways to get involved in improving especially authentication/authorization support for ubuntu server.  how can we help people test this?  need some environments to test against
05:05   keescook        I'm Kees Cook, currently focused on Ubuntu security, and somewhat lurking in the server team until I have more spare cycles to contribute more significantly.  I did the initial packaging of AppArmor, and work on the kernel integration bits.
05:05   mathiaz For gutsy, I'll focus on AppArmor integration.
05:05   Mithrandir      I'm Tollef Fog Heen, technical lead for Ubuntu mobile, not really here, but watching a bit. My main interest in ubuntu server is as a sysadmin for a bunch of servers I help maintain.
05:06   miles   my name is miles, im just a young kid but i do sysadmin and java development at my job...i am currently running an ubuntu-server and want to be involved in the community
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05:06   jdstrand        I am Jamie Strandboge, ubuntu advocate with an interest in ubuntu server and open source server technologies in general
05:07   stephanbuys     Stephan Buys here, architect for Impi Linux, interested in bringing Ubuntu into government and business in South Africa. Focusing on what perceive to be the missing pieces to make Ubuntu "enterprise ready"
05:07   nealmcb I'm also wondering if ubuntu or launchpad or canonical has any "enterprise" ldap/kerberos/whatever infrastructure (for doing builds, etc?) that we could put up test apps on and lure testers with, or any other way for folks who don't run servers to do client testing
05:07   ScottK  I'm Scott Kitterman.  I'm a MOTU and primarily interested in Postfix and the packages associated with it.  I'm also a member of ubuntu-backporters (the ones that ack backports requests to the archive admins).  My current focus is on getting the clamav 0.9x series into Dapper (it has a depressing number of rdepends).  I don't have any Gutsy server goals at the moment.  On the server end, I'm focused on getting stuff I did in Feisty into Debian.
05:08   dendrobates     Anyone else? we will wait a couple minutes for more introductions.
05:08   sommer  I'm Adam Sommer.  I'm a Linux Sysadmin looking to become a Ubuntu-dev/MOTU and currently helping ScottkK with clamav.
=== miles wonders what MOTU means?
05:09   Meyvn   I'm Arjen Logghe, somewhat of an Ubuntu newbie and recently started to delve into programming (C++/C#) and I'm here to eavesdrop into this conversation.
05:09   fernando        I'm Fernando Ribeiro, i'm justing a sysadmin, a ubuntu enthusiast. I'm focused on ldap integration and replication.
05:09   lionel  I'm Lionel Porcheron. I'm a MOTU and work everyday as a sysadmin. Ubuntu server is my primary server platform. I just want to make it rocks
05:09   Knightlust      I'm Dax Solomon Umaming, Xubuntu Advocate and System Administrator for a school.
05:09   Mithrandir      miles: master of the universe, the group responsible for maintaining the packages in Universe.
05:09   soren   miles: A MOTU is a "Master of the Universe". It's the team of developers that manage the universe component of Ubuntu.
05:09   miles   thanks
05:10   aquo    Hi, I'm Steffen Bauch, and just watching for connections of Ubuntu Server and NetworkManager.
05:10   dendrobates     Welcome everyone.
05:11   dendrobates     mathiaz: You had the first agenda item.
05:11   mathiaz yes - I read the last UWN and there is section about the Scribus team
05:12   mathiaz in the community spotlight. So it may be a good idea to do the same thing for the Server Team.
05:12   dendrobates     Since building our community is very important right now, I think it is a good idea.
05:13   mathiaz well - we could wait a little bit
05:13   mathiaz we could focus on absorbing the first round of applicant
05:13   beuno   if you need/want to get the server team highlighted in UWN, just drop me a line with what you want it to say  :D
05:13   mathiaz uwn has a wider audiance
05:13   mathiaz beuno: what's the audience of uwn ?
05:14   beuno   mathiaz: the Ubuntu Community in general
05:14   mathiaz because for now we're looking to get more developper
05:14   beuno   and it goes a bit beyond, as it get reproduced in several Linux sites
05:14   ScottK  It also gets mentioned in Linux Weekly News.
05:14   beuno   mathiaz: UWN won't hurt, and posting in the planet won't either  :D
05:15   dendrobates     Nick Ali from UWN also mentioned that they could summarize our meeting in UWN if we liked as well.
05:15   mathiaz Do we plan to send notes from the meeting ?
05:15   mathiaz to ubuntu-server ? like MOTU does
05:16   dendrobates     I think that is an open question.
05:16   mathiaz ok - to come back to UWN
05:16   mathiaz should we send a strip down version of the Server Team annoucment ?
05:16   soren   I think we should send the minutes to the mailing list. If for no other reason, then to remind ourselves what we talked about and decided.
05:17   soren   mathiaz: Agreed.
05:17   beuno   mathiaz: you will get the best response if you can state clearly and specifically what you need, and how people can contact you
05:17   dendrobates     mathiaz: yes.
05:17   mathiaz beuno: how many lines ?
05:17   beuno   mathiaz: 2 paragraphs seem fine, it really depends on the team
05:18   mathiaz beuno: ok.
05:18   beuno   just not too many "filler" text
05:18   beuno   as straight to the point as possible
05:18   mathiaz I'll work on that
05:18   beuno   and just sent it over to me: beuno@ubuntu.com
05:18   mathiaz beuno: ok.
05:19   beuno   and contact me in the future for anything else you want features in UWN  :D
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05:20   dendrobates     What do we think about meeting summaries?
05:20   dendrobates     I would be a little sparse at this point.
05:21   dendrobates     but as the team picks up, it might be nice.
05:21   mathiaz I think it would be a good idea for people that are not able to attend the meeting
05:21   soren   If we make any decisions during this meeting, I think said decisions should be echoed on the ml.
05:22   mathiaz ok. I'll send the notes to the ml.
05:22   ScottK  Definitely at least decisions need to get to the ML.
05:22   soren   mathiaz: Cool.
05:22   dendrobates     We could also put transcripts on the wiki
05:23   mathiaz it'S a bit too much I think. We should just link to where the channel is logged.
05:23   soren   dendrobates: The channel is logged, so that seems a bit redundant.
05:23   aquo    just publish pointers to the log
05:23   dendrobates     soren: then we could link to where it is logged.
05:24   mathiaz sounds good to me - I'll update the wiki pages.
05:24   soren   dendrobates: Sure.
05:24   dendrobates     ok lets move on to the roadmap.
05:24   mathiaz https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Roadmap
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05:25   dendrobates     Lets start with bug triage.
05:26   dendrobates     Anyone have anything to new report to the team?
05:26   nealmcb mathiaz: Thanks for all the roadmap updates!  It really gives me ideas about what is active and what is history (like so many of the server-related specs....)
05:27   mathiaz nealmcb: you're welcome. We'll try to keep the specs later.
05:27   soren   dendrobates: We need a firm plan on how to get to the bottom of the bug lists.
05:27   mathiaz for now we're just trying to focus on specific tasks, so that we can get something done for gutsy.
05:27   soren   dendrobates: All the new stuff that comes in is no problem, I think. The problem is the existing backlog.
05:28   mathiaz soren: correct. That's why I suggest we try to tackle bugs per package basis.
05:28   soren   mathiaz: Dividing them among us? That could work.
05:28   dendrobates     mathiaz: so you are suggesting we start with mysql, right?
=== ScottK already keeps Postfix bugs triaged.
05:28   mathiaz yes
05:28   mathiaz we have to start somewhere.
05:28   dendrobates     agreed.
05:28   stephanbuys     is the aim to fix bugs for gutsy?
05:28   mathiaz and lets try to get all the bugs in triagged state
05:29   soren   mathiaz: "yes" what? Yes, we divide them among us, or yes, we take one package at a time?
05:29   mathiaz soren: one package at a time
05:29   mathiaz stephanbuys: try to get them to triagged
05:29   soren   mathiaz: Sounds sane.
05:29   nealmcb for how long?
05:29   mathiaz stephanbuys: which means we had a look at it and then we can start fixing them
05:30   mathiaz nealmcb: as long as it takes
05:30   mathiaz nealmcb: it doesn't mean that we're not fixing it.
05:30   dendrobates     What do you think about scheduling a bug day for each package.
05:30   mathiaz anyone can work on fixing bug, that are triagged or not.
=== ScottK thinks bug days should be about fixing, not just triaging.
05:30   stephanbuys     mathiaz, so its fair to say there is no slant towards gutsy when it comes to bugs (dapper LTS gets equal treatment?)
05:30   mathiaz dendrobates: I'd rather have a suggested line
=== ScottK really appreciated soren's help during that server bug day.
05:30   mathiaz dendrobates: I mean a suggested list packages
05:31   mathiaz the roadmap is to give pointer for new contributors.
05:31   dendrobates     mathiaz: like the last bug day?
05:31   mathiaz dendrobates: yes. instead it's not a day but more a 2 week plan.
05:31   soren   stephanbuys: Gutsy is the current development focus. Dapper only gets high priority bug fixes and security fixes.
05:32   mathiaz So let's try to get all mysql bugs reviewed and triagged by the next 2 weeks
05:32   ScottK  There is dapper-backports for new features, but not for bug fixing.
05:32   dendrobates     soren: we should try your idea, but if we don't get community involvement, be prepared to rethink it.
05:32   nealmcb there are a lot of packages, one at a time might mean missing important ones, and not everyone can help with each packages.   anyone have a sequence of packages in mind?
05:33   soren   dendrobates: Which idea was that?
05:33   dendrobates     I mean mathiaz;
05:33   mathiaz nealmcb: after mysql, I thought about doing samba.
05:33   soren   dendrobates: Ah, I see.
05:33   mathiaz dendrobates: ok - no problem. we'll see how it works.
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05:34   nealmcb is there a summary anywhere of which server packages have the most outstanding and/or untriaged bugs?
05:34   dendrobates     mathiaz: we need to explain what to do more on the roadmap, maybe boint to some documentation.
05:35   mathiaz dendrobates: yes - I'll update the wiki pages Roadmap and Knowledge.
05:35   mathiaz dendrobates: It's still a work in progress.
05:35   dendrobates     But you've done a great job on them.
05:35   aquo    which are the most annoying untriaged bugs for mysql?
05:35   mathiaz nealmcb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/
05:36   mathiaz aquo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.0
05:36   mathiaz aquo: lists the bugs related to mysql - we target the one in New - Undecided states.
05:36   dendrobates     can we move to packaging?
05:36   mathiaz aquo: the goal is to move to a triagged/confirmed state
05:37   aquo    mathiaz: yes, i know, but are there bug with special importance?
05:37   soren   aquo: If we knew, they would have been triaged already.
05:37   aquo    k
05:38   soren   aquo: The point of traiging is to look at the bug, determine if it's bogus or not, and to assign an importance to it.
05:39   aquo    soren: i know, my question is if the fact that they are untriaged a hint for there unimportance is
05:40   mathiaz aquo: no
05:40   aquo    if they would be important, somebody would have triaged them already?
05:40   soren   aquo: That doesn't make sense. If you knew if it was important or not, you would by definition have triaged it.
05:40   mathiaz aquo: new, undecided means nobody has looked at the bug
05:40   aquo    k, just go on
05:40   soren   triaging means figuring out how important it is.
05:40   aquo    i know
05:40   dendrobates     Ok on to packaging
05:41   Meyvn   unfortunately i have to leave, good luck all
05:41   dendrobates     Meyvn: thanks for stopping by.
05:41   soren   Meyvn: thanks for your time.
05:42   dendrobates     it looks like FernandoRibeiroSilva has assigned himself to add watch files to the packages.
05:42   mathiaz fernando: thanks for taking this.
05:42   dendrobates     Thank you for that.
05:43   dendrobates     fernando: do you need any help?  have you had a chance to start?
05:43   fernando        I'm glat could help you.
05:43   fernando        no help this first time
05:43   lionel  that means we are going to diverge from Debian for this package? With for example newer upstream release (as we do for GNOME for example)
05:43   mathiaz lionel: which package ?
05:43   lionel  I meant packages
05:44   lionel  for those we add watch files
05:44   mathiaz lionel: watch files are just a way to track upstream version.
05:44   keescook        I think the goal would be to send the watch files upstream too.
05:44   soren   lionel: I hope we can cooperate with Debian to get newer stuff into Debian and then let it trickle into Ubuntu, but we're not going to block on Debian if there's shiny new stuff we want.
05:44   mathiaz lionel: debian can track it - but we're also interested in tracking them
05:44   mathiaz keescook: definetly.
05:44   mathiaz I'm sure that Debian would be interested into that also.
05:45   lionel  Ok, ok, it was to get things clear :) Thanks :)
05:45   fernando        i can to send the watch updates to debian too
05:45   mathiaz keescook: would this help from a security perspective ?
05:45   keescook        mathiaz: I might, but it would still require people examine release notes for things that are not already listed in CVe
05:45   mathiaz fernando: I've added this point to the roadmap. so if you need help to get started, you can contact me.
05:46   mathiaz keescook: ok.
05:46   fernando        mathiaz, great
05:46   dendrobates     Ok on to testing.
05:46   jdstrand        is the goal of adding the watch file to watch debian, upstream, or both?
05:46   mathiaz the idea behind this, is to be able to track upstream relases centrally - without being subscribed to thousand of mailing lists
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05:47   mathiaz jdstrand: upstream only.
05:47   jdstrand        mathiaz, ah-- makes more sense now
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05:47   mathiaz jdstrand: we get debian updates via merges
05:47   mathiaz jdstrand: when the merge window is opened.
05:48   jdstrand        mathiaz, right-- so this is to help ubuntu in general, and feed what we know back to debian so they can do with it what they want
05:48   dendrobates     I have not added openldap to the apparmor test plan yet.  Plan to do it this week.  We will than need testers.
05:48   mathiaz yop
05:48   nealmcb on the testing front, I've posted an idea about an enterprise testbed.  there are so many configurations to test against
05:48   mathiaz AppArmor should be in main soon
05:48   mathiaz so we need to test it more.
05:48   nealmcb e.g. in the authentication area - ldap/kerberos/ad etc
05:49   dendrobates     nealmcb: you are right, we are going to need community support to test those configurations.
05:50   nealmcb if there are any folks out there with guest accounts to test against that would be great
05:50   nealmcb ideally there would be places stable and public enough that we could put them in documentation.  "log in via kerberos as guest/guest" etc....
05:50   sommer  is there a place where configurations that need testing are posted?
05:51   dendrobates     currently only apparmor has a test plan.
05:51   aquo    nealmcb: hacker-hotspot
05:51   dendrobates     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppArmorGutsy#testplan
05:51   mathiaz https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Server
05:51   mathiaz ^^ this where we should put our testing plans
05:52   mathiaz as discussed with heno.
05:52   nealmcb are there shared build machines available to ubuntu developers?  if so how do people log in?
05:52   sommer  cool...I'm very willing to help in testing.
05:52   soren   nealmcb: We don't. We just upload to them via ftp.
05:53   dendrobates     mathiaz:  will you be moving the apparmor plan to the new page?
05:53   mathiaz dendrobates: yes.
05:53   nealmcb aquo: yes indeed - and a good way to discover DOS bugs - might need to reinstall periodically like the folks that put up multiple CMS installations for worldwide login and experimentation and comparison
05:53   dendrobates     I wil work on a ldap-auth-client paln as well.
05:53   soren   nealmcb: Anonymous ftp, that is. The uploads are signed.
05:53   mathiaz dendrobates: we may start using the isotracker.
05:54   mathiaz dendrobates: henrik wants to turn the isotracker tester in a more general testing platform.
05:54   aquo    nealmcb: could be also a place to attack other machines from.
05:54   mathiaz dendrobates: on our side, it means we have to write test plans
05:54   mathiaz dendrobates: and we aggreed to put our test plan in the wiki.
05:54   nealmcb aquo: only if you give them too many permissions.  even a "hello guest - you have authenticated" would be handy for some setups
05:55   mathiaz dendrobates: so that they can be linked from isotracker later.
05:55   dendrobates     mathiaz: I remember.
05:55   aquo    nealmcb: so you don't need real users, but just sophisticated test-scripts.
05:55   nealmcb aquo: but I know it can be a hassle - may need to be limited to trusted folks - just trying to figure out how to test against real-world situations
05:55   aquo    qemu + some scripts ...
05:56   aquo    this is possible even with multiple instances of qemu, client + server.
05:56   dendrobates     can we skip right to devlopment, I have a hard stop coming up.
05:56   soren   dendrobates: Me too.
05:56   mathiaz dendrobates: np.
05:57   dendrobates     Soren: you first.
05:57   mathiaz there is so much in the documentor section for now.
05:57   dendrobates     :)
05:57   soren   dendrobates: Huh?
05:57   stephanbuys     dendrobates, my 2cents and it follows on what came before, there is a need for more virtualization on the roadmap. any plans for Xen?
05:57   nealmcb aquo: for testing authn, that's right.  for testing authorization, providing some sort of access to protected resources by relying parties would be necessary, and there can also be user interface testing
05:58   zul     stephanbuys: we already have xen-3.1
05:58   soren   ah.
05:58   soren   Yes, as I mentioned, I'm working on this eBox platform.
05:58   stephanbuys     zul, my bad
05:58   soren   http://www.ebox-platform.com
05:58   soren   Well, working on integrating it into Ubuntu.
05:59   soren   I'd like it if a few people would be kind enough to volunteer a machine they don't particularly care for for testing it.
05:59   nealmcb soren: amazon's ec2 can be good for that, or xen
05:59   dendrobates     I'll continue testing.
05:59   soren   It's a systems management framework and - surprisingly - it manages your system, which means it may or may not mangle your configuration files. In some cases, that's what you want, in some cases not.
06:00   mathiaz soren: do you have any specific things to test ?
=== mvo [n=egon@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:00   soren   In the cases where it's not what you want, I want to be absolutely sure it handles things elegantly.
06:00   soren   mathiaz: I'm sort of waiting on pitti to ack a few more packages before it starts getting interesting.
06:00   aquo    Is ebox free software?
06:00   soren   aquo: Of course.
06:01   soren   So far, there's only ebox,  libebox, and ebox-objects.
06:01   mathiaz soren: ok. Then we can add a new point in the Testing section.
06:01   soren   So far, they really don't do anything, but if people want to instal them and see if they work at all or break miserably, that would be great.
06:01   soren   Wait a few hours, though. :) There's one more thing I want to tweak.
06:02   aquo    soren: which dependencies has ebox?
06:02   dendrobates     soren: done?
06:03   mathiaz soren: what about sending an email to ubuntu-serve when you're ready for more widespread testing ?
06:03   soren   dendrobates: Yes.
06:03   soren   mathiaz: I will.
06:04   dendrobates     Ok, Mathiaz, you want to go next?
06:04   mathiaz dendrobates: ok. For AppArmor, it's almost in main
06:04   mathiaz the plan is to split the profiles into universe
06:04   mathiaz and get the infrastructure bits in main as soon as possible.
06:05   mathiaz so I hope I'll get Apparmor into main after tribe-3
06:05   mathiaz as the archive is frozen for now.
06:05   aquo    tribe3 is friday? thursday?
06:05   mathiaz but everything is there and I need more testing.
06:05   mathiaz aquo: thursday
06:05   soren   aquo: thursday
06:05   aquo    k
06:05   mathiaz there is a testplan.
06:06   soren   aquo: As a general rule, tribe releases are on Thursdays.
06:06   mathiaz and I'm looking for testing with named
06:06   mathiaz mysql and samba.
06:06   aquo    soren: to not hazzle the mirror admins on friday?
06:06   mathiaz so if you can provide some help, it's time to join the effort.
06:07   soren   aquo: So we have an extra day to take care of *very* urgent stuff before the weekend.
06:07   aquo    k
06:07   mathiaz dendrobates: that's all.
06:07   dendrobates     for ldap-auth-client:  I sent an email to the ubuntu-directory mailing list and have received an incredible response.  I have heard from both redhad and Impi Linux (thanks Stephan), about collaboration.  The meta package is uploaded, but for some reason not yet available.  I will be creating a wiki with specific tasks that folks can help with.
06:08   dendrobates     I am still tuning the spec, to try to lessen the confusion I seemed to be creating about my purpose.
06:09   dendrobates     The work has started on libpam-ldap and libnns-ldap as well.
06:10   jdstrand        dendrobates: I just subscribed to ubuntu-directory (not aware of it), so will look through it.  As discussed #ubuntu-server, I have started the auth-client-config script for debconf to call to update nsswitch.conf and pam
06:10   jdstrand        dendrobates: should have something for you to play with soon
06:10   dendrobates     stephanbuys created a new spec for an app that would configuring /etc/pam.d/*
06:11   jdstrand        dendrobates: where is that spec?
06:11   dendrobates     that might be rolled into my spec if it looks like it can be finished in time.
06:11   dendrobates     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LDAPAuthentication
06:11   ScottK  soren: (sorry for the lag - this relates to ebox) - I think you would be intersted in this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2007-July/001802.html
06:12   dendrobates     that is all from
06:12   dendrobates     me
06:12   dendrobates     is there any other business?
06:12   ScottK  Question...
06:13   dendrobates     ok
06:13   ScottK  Is there a process for deciding which packages the server-team is going to care about?
06:13   ScottK  Is it limited to Main?
06:13   ScottK  OK, that was two...
06:13   soren   ScottK: "it"?
06:13   mathiaz ScottK: for now yes.
06:13   soren   ScottK: Ah.
06:13   ScottK  it == packages server-team cares about.
06:13   mathiaz ScottK: limited to main.
06:13   ScottK  OK
06:14   soren   Any particular reason?
06:14   ScottK  Trying to understand the scope of the team.
06:14   mathiaz for now we're bug contact for a couple of packages.
06:14   soren   The server team could easily handle relevant universe packages as well.
06:14   ScottK  There is a lot of stuff (e.g. spamassassin, clamsmtp, clamav) in Universe that's very commonly used on mail servers.
06:14   mathiaz once we've get some controlled on the bugs for the packages, we can think about adding other ones.
06:15   dendrobates     I imagine that as the team grows, our ability to handle more packages will as well.
06:15   dendrobates     Right now, we have all we can handle.
06:15   ScottK  OK
06:15   mathiaz dendrobates: I aggree with you.
06:15   sommer  is the server-team open to all or do you need to be a dev?
06:15   dendrobates     open to all.
06:15   nealmcb so is the list at https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs complete?
06:15   mathiaz sommer: to all.
06:16   mathiaz nealmcb: yes.
06:16   sommer  cool...I'll sign up.
06:16   dendrobates     I need to scoot.
06:16   nealmcb I'm glad to see all the recent activity and organization here - thanks folks
06:16   dendrobates     Thank you for coming everyone.
06:16   mathiaz sommer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved#becomemember
06:17   mathiaz the next meeting will be in two weeks.
06:17   dendrobates     We hope to see all of you at our next meeting in two weeks.
06:17   mathiaz same time same place
06:17   dendrobates     same channel
06:17   dendrobates     bye.


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