Items we will be discussing:

  • Review ACTION points from previous meeting.
  • Ubuntu Community:
    • Forums - Michael Behrens
    • Mailing list and IRC - dendrobates
    • Mentoring process - MathiasGug

  • Ebox status
  • MIR status 2 days away from FF - nijaba
  • Review each section of the ServerTeam/Roadmap.

  • Agree on next meeting date and time.
    • Other channels to announce the upcoming server team meeting ? (ubuntu-devel, forums) - MathiasGug


Review ACTION points from previous meeting

mathiaz scheduled a session about the Ubuntu Server Team during the Ubuntu Developer Week [1].

[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek

Bacula package inclusion/exclusion in main

ivoks wrote a python script in order to fix the main security issue with the bacula package. He sent it to upstream, which was happy with the script. However they'd prefer to stick with a shell script. ivoks suggested to use an awk script instead. dvl confirmed that an awk script would be preferred by upstream as awk is available on all the platform they support.

ivoks will rewrite the script in awk with some help from nijaba.

ACTION: nijaba to help ivoks with rewriting the bacula python script in awk.


faulkes- reported that requested changes have been made to the "Server & Security" forum. The forum has been split in two and both are listed under the main support categories.

faulkes- is also working on a sticky post that should be added to the Server forum in order to list development resources of the Server Team. He posted a draft to ubuntu-server and is waiting for feedback.

faulkes- also volunteered to be a moderator and will provide a report from the forums to the Server Team.

ACTION: faulkes-_ to send an proposal about bringing feedback from the forums to the developer team to ubuntu-server ml.

IRC activity

dendrobates suggested to have a group of volunteers that could help users that show up in the irc channel. He noticed that in the late evenings EST, people pop in and never get questions answered, and leave.

ScottK mentioned that he already does that and there isn't much more to do considering that most of us are volunteers. mathiaz also thinks that IRC coverage is good.

dendrobates reiterated that answering questions in IRC or on the mailing list is a way to contribute to the Server Team and should be promoted by the mentoring program.

There was some discussion about pointing people that needed help to consultants or partners. One such place in the Ubuntu marketplace [2].

[2]: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/commercial/marketplace/

ACTION: mathiaz to update the GettingInvolved page with a link to the forums.

Mentoring program

ACTION: mathiaz to create a wiki page about the mentoring program for the server team.

Ebox status

zul started to look at ebox packages. Some of them don't build properly yet. foolano, an upstream ebox developer, acknowledged that packaging is where work is most needed. He has been working on not overwriting configuration files without asking the user - a dozen of modules have been converted so far.

dendrobates suggested we could ask for a FeatureFreeze Exception if the packages are in good shape. ScottK said that ebox would be a good candidate for such an exception but it will need to be reviewed in due time.

ACTION: zul to mail foolano the packaging issues he has seen with ebox.

LINK: http://trac.ebox-platform.com/roadmap

MIR status

nijaba said that MIR have been processed and most of them got accepted or need some minor fixes to make it into main.

Snort has been pushed back.

drdb needs needs some work, that zul has almost completed.

Only munin hasn't been reviewed.

Getting rid of old libdb versions

ScottK updated the Roadmap to list the packages that need be updated so that we can remove libdb4.3 from the archive. mathiaz suggested to file bugs against each package in LP and mark them for sponsoring.

Windows authentication integration

dendrobates uploaded likewise-open to universe. It should be available once the archive admins have reviewed and accepted it.

He received some feedback from testers using his PPA [3]. However bugs can't be filed in LP as the package hasn't been published yet.

[3]: https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive


soren integrated virtio in the installer. That should speed up the installation of ubuntu-server as a guest. dnsmasq-base has also been updated to improve dhcp/dns for virtual networks. netcat-openbsd has been pushed in the archive in order to provide remote management without any fuss.


jdstrand announced that version 0.12 of ufw has been released and promoted to main.


soren integrated iscsi into the installer. This can be tested by adding iscsi=true on the kernel command line.

openldap 2.4

jdstrand found bugs in openldap 2.4 related to TLS/SSL. He filled bugs and slangasek has fixes for most of them.


sommer got more time to polish the sections about bacula, virt and likewise-open. mathiaz asked if the latest revision of the server guide was available online. sommer said that doc.ubuntu.com should have the latest version available.

ACTION: sommer to send an email to ubuntu-doc about having an html version of the latest server guide online available during reviews.

nealmcb suggested to create an ubuntu server FAQ.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 20th at 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


  • before its mention

Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting
[21:03:22] <mathiaz> Welcome to the Server Team meeting !
[21:03:31] <mathiaz> Let's try to make it shorter than last week.
[21:03:55] <mathiaz> The Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting
[21:04:06] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Review ACTION points from previous meeting.
[21:04:23] <mathiaz> Previous meeting log and minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/20080206
[21:04:45] <mathiaz> ivoks: started to work on the bacula merge.
[21:04:54] <ivoks> right
[21:05:21] <ivoks> i proposed a python script, but this is going to be replaces by awk script
[21:05:28] <dvl> [if I fail to respond to a question, my link died, flaky laptop today]
[21:05:32] <ivoks> replaced
[21:05:51] <mathiaz> right - I suggested to try to get upstream to accept our changes
[21:05:59] <ivoks> dvl: is bacula dev, so we are trying to coordinate work
[21:06:00] <dvl> It came upstream. It was good.
[21:06:10] <dvl> I liked it, others liked it.
[21:06:32] <mathiaz> dvl: would accept the python script ?
[21:06:39] <soren> o/
[21:06:54] <mathiaz> dvl: talking with ivoks, it seems that you'd better stick with a shell script.
[21:06:59] <ivoks> dvl: if we finish awk script, which should work as the python script, would that be ok for upstream?
[21:07:01] <dvl> mathiaz: yes. But if awk is preferred, we'll go with that too. We think awk is better supported on our platforms.
[21:07:19] <dvl> ivoks: the awk script will be fine.
[21:07:33] <ivoks> great; only thing to do - teach ivoks awk :D
[21:07:37] <dvl> mathiaz: shell script would be good too, if we can parse it.
[21:08:09] <mathiaz> dvl: well - I'm just hoping that if we fix something in ubuntu upstream devs are ready to accept the change.
[21:08:11] <dvl> ivoks: well, Python is pretty popular, but awk is pretty much everywhere. You folks are writing the script, if you have a preferred language, propose it
[21:08:36] <dvl> mathiaz: We are happy that Ubuntu is doing this work. It's great. We'll take it.
[21:08:57] <ivoks> dvl: we'll do it in awk ;)
[21:08:59] <dvl> mathiaz: I've already tested the python script with a PostgreSQL database. worked with minimal changes (that were PG specific)
[21:09:05] <dvl> ivoks: OK.
[21:09:21] <mathiaz> ivoks: dvl: ok - let's go for a awk script
[21:09:23] <dvl> mathiaz: in short, if it comes, we'll use it, if it's anything like the Python script.
[21:09:30] <ivoks> i think we can move on, this one is decided
[21:09:48] <mathiaz> is there anything else needed for bacula ?
[21:09:52] <mathiaz> ivoks: ^^
[21:09:53] <dvl> OK, anything else for me? if not, I'll move on....
[21:10:03] <ivoks> dvl: thank you for your time
[21:10:13] <dvl> Thanks folks. The Bacula project wanted me to say thanks too. later.
[21:10:18] <zul> just a MIR for bacula
[21:10:18] <ivoks> mathiaz: some packaging stuff
[21:10:27] <mathiaz> thanks dvl
[21:10:32] <dvl> laters.
[21:10:58] <mathiaz> ivoks: how confident are you to get it uploaded before FF (ie tomorrow) ?
[21:11:14] <ivoks> not very
[21:11:37] <nijaba> ivoks: how complex it the python script?
[21:11:52] <ivoks> nijaba: it's simple, but we've droped it
[21:12:02] <nealmcb> and what does the python script do?
[21:12:03] <mathiaz> nijaba: we've chosen to go for a awk script
[21:12:23] <mathiaz> nealmcb: parses the bacula configuration files to extract database information
[21:12:27] <nijaba> ivoks: yes, understood, but if not too complex I could translate python->awk for you
[21:12:39] <mathiaz> nealmcb: such as db name, password and username
[21:12:43] <ivoks> nijaba: that would be great
[21:12:55] <nijaba> ivoks: where can I find it?
[21:13:04] <ivoks> nijaba: ubuntu-server mailing list :)
[21:13:25] <ivoks> there's already one part mathiaz did
[21:14:10] <ivoks> nijaba: i'll send it to you on email
[21:14:28] * nijaba must be blind, can't find this mail in the ml
[21:14:43] <ivoks> nijaba: i'll send you both then...
[21:14:46] <mathiaz> [ACTION] nijaba to help ivoks with rewriting the bacula python script in awk
[21:15:26] <mathiaz> I've scheduled a session to present the Server Team during the Ubuntu Developer Week.
[21:15:38] <mathiaz> I will run the irc session next monday at 20:00 UTC
[21:16:26] <mathiaz> That's all for the last meeting actions.
[21:16:45] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Ubuntu community
[21:16:51] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Ubuntu community - forums
[21:17:01] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: any updates on the forums ?
[21:17:33] <faulkes-_> sorry, was in another window
[21:18:02] <faulkes-_> 1. The "Servers & Security" forums how been split into two seperate forums
[21:18:48] <faulkes-_> they are "Server Platforms" & "Security Discussions", they are now listed in the main support categories rather than the "Other Community Discussions" area
[21:19:16] <faulkes-_> this was the first of our objectives, in order to equalize the importance and prominence of the server side of ubuntu
[21:19:31] <faulkes-_> 2. A forum sticky detailing information on the Ubuntu Server Team
[21:20:09] <faulkes-_> a message was sent to the ML, on wich we received feedback from a number of members, Loye agreed to review the proposed sticky for grammar, spelling, etc.
[21:20:24] <faulkes-_> I am still waiting to hear back from Loye so it can be posted
[21:20:51] <faulkes-_> 3. The forum council has offered the Ubuntu Server Team moderator priveleges for the Server Platform forum
[21:21:08] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: great - who are the moderators ?
[21:21:21] <faulkes-_> specifically, this was sent to me, such that I would be listed as a moderator
[21:21:25] * nealmcb is surprised to see the second google hit for "forum ubuntu server team": a microsoft forum page saying "Join the ubuntu home server team - Windows Home Server". above the ubuntu forums themselves. need to figure that out
[21:21:37] <antdedyet> faulkes-_: it looks like the now named "Server" forums holds all the past data and "Security" was created anew?
[21:21:40] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: I though about having a way to get feedback from the forums
[21:21:50] <mathiaz> antdedyet: correct
[21:21:50] <faulkes-_> my initial reaction was that this would need to be discussed with the group and have agreement that I would take this on
[21:22:16] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: Most of the people in the team don't go to the forums.
[21:22:17] <faulkes-_> and secondly, that a secondary person be nominated (volunteer) to be a backup
[21:22:21] <antdedyet> mathiaz: alright.
[21:22:33] <faulkes-_> mathiaz: correct, although I did see recent postings from Loye in there
[21:22:40] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: but having someone compile a list of problems coming up over and over would help.
[21:22:50] <faulkes-_> so, I am willing to take this on
[21:22:56] <faulkes-_> with the groups approval
[21:23:03] <faulkes-_> group's even
[21:23:22] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: I think it'd be good idea considering that you've already been active in the forums.
[21:23:24] <faulkes-_> mathiaz: yes, I have a number of thoughts that are along that line
[21:23:56] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: excellent. Could you send a proposal to ubuntu-server ml with ways to report back to the server team ?
[21:24:00] <faulkes-_> I was only concerned with getting approval and asking if a secondary volunteer would be interested, for redundancy
[21:24:14] <faulkes-_> mathiaz: yes, I can do that
[21:24:38] <mathiaz> faulkes-_: great.
[21:25:07] <mathiaz> [ACTION] faulkes-_ to send an proposal about bringing feedback from the forums to the developer team to ubuntu-server ml.
[21:25:09] <faulkes-_> ok, duly noted that I will take on responsibility for that and as well provide a proposal to the ML on ways to report bak
[21:25:35] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Community - ml and irc
[21:25:49] <mathiaz> dendrobates: ?
[21:26:22] <dendrobates> mathiaz: it would be nice if we had a group of volunteers that could help users that show up in the irc channel
[21:26:28] <dendrobates> or the ml.
[21:26:43] <dendrobates> or if they are lost point them the correct way.
[21:26:45] <faulkes-> dendro: I have been trying to help as much as possible on irc as well
[21:26:47] * ScottK thought we pretty much did already.
[21:26:56] <nxvl_work> dendrobates: that wouldn't be part of the "tasks" of the sponsor team?
[21:27:14] <dendrobates> ScottK: we do most of the time.
[21:27:29] <nxvl_work> i also think ScottK is already doing that job
[21:27:35] <nxvl_work> he has help me a lot
[21:27:50] <dendrobates> nxvl_work: that is basically what I am saying is to make sure we include this in the sponsorship program.
[21:27:57] <nxvl_work> oh ok
[21:28:15] <dendrobates> ScottK is also not awake 24 hr/day
[21:28:20] <mathiaz> dendrobates: would you define shifts ?
[21:28:30] <mathiaz> dendrobates: or having people on duty ?
[21:28:34] <nxvl_work> so, the sponsors are not only asked to help their mentees but also the new people
[21:28:41] <dendrobates> I just wanted to open it up for discussion.
[21:28:47] <antdedyet> I try to help out in #ubuntu-server occasionally too, although I have been somewhat lurking to make sure my answers are on par with what the server team would thinks.
[21:29:31] <mathiaz> dendrobates: I think we're already good at doing it.
[21:29:59] <nxvl_work> what we can do
[21:30:16] <nxvl_work> is to use more often the "offer mentoring" option on LP
[21:30:22] <faulkes-> I think a better solution is already somewhat it the works, by knowing who works on what (i.e. ScottK on postfix), so that the people who are present can pass along to the appropriate people
[21:30:30] <dendrobates> I notice in the late evenings EST, people pop in and never get questions answered, and leave.
[21:30:35] <faulkes-> if they can't answer it directly
[21:30:36] <nxvl_work> so new people can quick start working on some basic/easy task with someone helping them
[21:30:46] <nealmcb> my focus on the factoids is a step in that direction
[21:31:13] <mathiaz> dendrobates: right. But I'm not sure we enough members to covers the IRC channel 24h a day
[21:31:17] <faulkes-> nealmcb: we should collude, based on what I'm doing in the forums, it is likely I coud help to build out additionals
[21:31:25] <nealmcb> faulkes-: right on
[21:31:26] <ScottK> dendrobates: I think with volunteers there is only so far you can go with trying to get coverage.
[21:31:36] <dendrobates> mathiaz: maybe not yet
[21:31:43] <faulkes-> ScottK: agreed
[21:32:05] <faulkes-> but knowing who to point someone to is a big help if you can't answer someone directly
[21:32:11] <dendrobates> The idea was for there to be more ways that non-programmers can contribute
[21:32:28] * faulkes- nods
[21:32:32] <mathiaz> dendrobates: humm... I see your point.
[21:33:10] <mathiaz> dendrobates: the GettingInvolved page on w.u.c already list helping out on IRC and ubuntu-server as the easiest way to get involved.
[21:33:14] <nealmcb> dendrobates: right - and real-time help on irc is one good way to help
[21:33:34] <nealmcb> sysadmin gurus on call :-)
[21:33:34] <ScottK> A not unrelated point is that it'd be nice for it to be easier to leverage this work into additional consulting business. It helps the volunteer motivation.
[21:33:34] <mathiaz> dendrobates: may be we could give some more advice/help on how to do it.
[21:34:07] <nealmcb> s/on call/online/ ...
[21:34:15] <antdedyet> <-- is a freelancing sysadmin >:)
[21:34:19] <mathiaz> ScottK: right - although I'm not sure if you can find business leads in #ubuntu-server
[21:35:00] <faulkes-> I think looking for business leads in #ubuntu-server would be a bad idea
[21:35:13] <faulkes-> we don't want people to think that we charge for support, or give that impression
[21:35:30] <mathiaz> what about adding a role that covers helping out in #ubuntu-server and ml ?
[21:35:31] <faulkes-> that's canonical's gambit
[21:35:40] <nealmcb> faulkes-: and many others....
[21:36:06] <faulkes-> I think defining "helping out on irc/ml" a little more in-depth would be of greater benefit
[21:36:19] <ScottK> I don't have a hard time saying that someone has gotten beyond the level of help I'll give for free.
[21:36:42] <faulkes-> ScottK: understood
[21:36:46] <antdedyet> == ScottK # we have bills too.
[21:37:34] <ScottK> Just saying ...
[21:37:37] <faulkes-> ScottK: however defining that for each individual would be different
[21:37:46] <faulkes-> and likely to cause issues or give the wrong impression
[21:37:57] <mathiaz> ScottK: I think that's great. But I wouldn't mention the business side of things as a point to encourage people contributing on #ubuntu-server
[21:38:10] <faulkes-> mathiaz: agreed
[21:38:30] <nealmcb> perhaps a factiod on more in-depth help that would point to the web page that lists folks offering support for ubuntu?
[21:38:35] <mathiaz> so - how could the section on GettingInvolved be improved ?
[21:38:44] <mathiaz> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved
[21:38:48] <ScottK> mathiaz: Agreed.
[21:38:54] <dendrobates> mathiaz: but pointing people to a wiki of consultants, when they need extra help might be fine.
[21:39:14] <mathiaz> dendrobates: sure - I think we should point to the ubuntu marketplace.
[21:39:18] <ScottK> dendrobates: +1
[21:39:31] <mathiaz> dendrobates: that's what it's been created for.
[21:40:06] <faulkes-> mathiaz: I think to improve the GettingStarted, for irc and the ML we need to define some criteria based upon involvement with the Team
[21:40:22] <nxvl_work> mathiaz: i think to write it more consistent when i read it a lost myself and don't know to get involved
[21:40:37] <nealmcb> why does http://www.ubuntu.com/support only point to canonical for Professional support?
[21:41:02] <nxvl_work> also showing examples of what we do (i.e: putting links to some interesting bugs like postfix dovecot integration)
[21:41:07] <soren> "Professional support is also available from companies listed as Canonical Partners."
[21:41:13] <faulkes-> mathiaz: the same suggestion you gave to me about the forums sticky, have the information for becoming a member at the top and bottom
[21:41:24] <faulkes-> currently it's at the very bottom
[21:41:38] <nxvl_work> so the ones who read the page can felt in love with the team and his tasks
[21:41:45] <faulkes-> so it's misleading to people who think to be officially part of the team, they need only be on irc and the ML
[21:42:25] <ScottK> soren: Is there a pointer on how a small business might become such a Canonical Partner?
[21:42:44] <mathiaz> faulkes-: agreed with a link to become member at the top.
[21:42:44] <jdstrand> ScottK: there is
[21:42:53] <soren> ScottK: Yes.
[21:42:56] <faulkes-> mathiaz: and I was also add the forums to the list of irc and ml for ways of being involved
[21:43:00] <jdstrand> ScottK: I forget where off-hand
[21:43:02] * ScottK will investigate that then.
[21:43:05] <soren> ScottK: Not right there, though. It's a bit out of scope for that page.
[21:43:06] <jdstrand> but I read it once
[21:43:07] <mathiaz> faulkes-: good idea
[21:43:39] <mathiaz> [ACTION] mathiaz to update the GettingInvolved page with a link to the forums.
[21:43:42] <nealmcb> I still think the ubuntu support page should point to a list of support options that are independent of canonical
[21:44:25] <nealmcb> though of course I am very appreciative of the many wonderful canonical folks here and in general :-)
[21:44:33] <antdedyet> ScottK: let me know what you find out -- I'm interested in that too
[21:44:36] <mathiaz> So to move on, let's talk about the mentoring program.
[21:44:47] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Community - mentoring
[21:44:48] <antdedyet> ScottK: that == my business becoming a Ubuntu Partner
[21:44:58] <soren> antdedyet: http://www.ubuntu.com/partners
[21:45:04] <zul> nealmcb: i think that might be out of the scope of this meeting
[21:45:12] * nealmcb nods
[21:45:13] <mathiaz> I sent out a proposal and got some feedback, publicly and privately.
[21:45:42] <dendrobates> nealmcb: we should discuss this later though.
[21:45:56] <nealmcb> dendrobates: thanks
[21:45:58] <mathiaz> I plan to create wiki page that outlines the program, what it has to offer to mentee and what is expected from mentors.
[21:46:04] <antdedyet> soren: Thanks. I will mention my experience later on #ubuntu-server.
[21:46:46] <mathiaz> Hopefully I'll get something ready for Monday
[21:47:16] <mathiaz> [ACTION] mathiaz to create a wiki page about the mentoring program for the server team.
[21:47:21] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] ebox statux
[21:47:25] <nxvl_work> mathiaz: you can base it on the MOTU one
[21:47:32] <mathiaz> nxvl_work: yes.
[21:47:43] <nxvl_work> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Mentoring
[21:47:50] <mathiaz> zul: how is ebox shapping up ?
[21:48:00] <nxvl_work> it has good information and also a good format
[21:48:10] <mathiaz> nxvl_work: will do. thanks.
[21:48:31] <nxvl_work> np
[21:48:32] <nxvl_work> :D
[21:48:38] <zul> mathiaz: its got some issues still i ran it through pbuilder and some of the builds failed, i generated some patches for my work but I got distracted with FF stuff
[21:48:53] <zul> mostly ServerPackageReview
[21:49:20] <zul> mathiaz: mostly the issues right now are missing build-depends and policy issues
[21:49:25] <foolano> zul: i'm one of the eBox developers, feel free to report stuff to me
[21:49:26] <mathiaz> zul: considering that ebox is affected by FF, what are the chance it gets in ?
[21:49:43] <zul> mathiaz: still alot of work to do
[21:49:48] <zul> foolano: hi there
[21:49:58] <dendrobates> we can ask for an exception.
[21:50:03] * nealmcb nods
[21:50:12] <soren> ScottK: Any chance of granting an exception?
[21:50:20] <soren> (ISTR you're on the motu-ff team)
[21:51:03] <mathiaz> foolano: are you using ppa ?
[21:51:11] <ScottK> soren: I am. I think it's an excellent candidate, but you'll need to ask when it's ready.
[21:51:25] <nealmcb> are we still expecting ebox to be in a tasksel?
[21:51:31] <mathiaz> foolano: it may be a option to get things tested on ubuntu.
[21:51:31] <nxvl_work> mathiaz: i think his upsream developer
[21:51:35] <soren> Of course, but if you can "Hell no!" already, we could save ourselves the trouble.
[21:52:23] <foolano> nxvl_work: we do packaging work too
[21:52:26] <mathiaz> zul: can you keep foolano in the loop with packaging issues you've seen ?
[21:52:26] <nealmcb> foolano: thanks for all your work and mesages to date!
[21:52:39] <zul> mathiaz: yes I can send an email tonight
[21:52:41] <foolano> i've been working on modify stuff to comply with the debian policy
[21:52:56] <ScottK> For tasksel it would need to get into Main.
[21:53:00] <zul> Ill stick my debdiffs up tonight
[21:53:05] <foolano> we dont overwrite configuration files without ask permission
[21:53:19] <mathiaz> foolano: excellent !
[21:53:36] <foolano> and most of the modules are doing that in a very nice way
[21:53:43] <foolano> the only thing is the packaging
[21:53:44] <mathiaz> [ACTION] zul to mail foolano the packaging issues he has seen with ebox
[21:53:47] <foolano> it needs some love
[21:53:49] <foolano> :)
[21:53:53] <nealmcb> http://trac.ebox-platform.com/roadmap
[21:54:21] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] MIR status 2 days away from FF
[21:54:36] <mathiaz> nijaba: what are you concerns about this ?
[21:54:55] <nijaba> not much, just a general status of where we are
[21:55:04] <nijaba> snort has been pushed back
[21:55:12] <nijaba> drdb needs some work
[21:55:27] <zul> drdb is almost done :)
[21:55:31] <nijaba> most of the others have been accepted but nee some minor bugfix
[21:55:40] <ScottK> amavisd-new is approved and hoping for some tasksel love from ivoks.
[21:55:50] <antdedyet> s/drdb/drbd/g
[21:55:52] <antdedyet> no?
[21:56:03] <antdedyet> :)
[21:56:22] <jdstrand> the nut audit is still on my todo list
[21:57:27] <mathiaz> ok - seems that we've done well for the MIR process.
[21:57:40] <mathiaz> nijaba: any outstanding ones ?
[21:57:41] <nijaba> ok, so everything seems to look good on that front in general...
[21:57:54] <nijaba> munin has not been reviewed yet
[21:58:03] <mathiaz> nijaba: have all the mir been reviewed ?
[21:58:12] <nijaba> mathiaz: ^^
[21:58:25] <mathiaz> nijaba: only one left ?
[21:58:34] <nijaba> yep, I beleive so
[21:58:53] <mathiaz> nijaba: excellent ! :)
[21:59:02] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Review each section of the ServerTeam/Roadmap.
[21:59:04] <nijaba> apart from the last one added by support yesterday
[21:59:17] <mathiaz> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Roadmap
[21:59:24] <ScottK> I've updated the server roadmap with the list of packages needing update to get rid of libdb4.3 (and updated where we are on 4.2).
[21:59:41] <ScottK> If people want to get some easy packaging experience, that's a place to look.
[21:59:58] <mathiaz> ScottK: have you filed bug for this ?
[22:00:12] <mathiaz> ScottK: you can use the sponsor feature then.
[22:01:06] <ScottK> No. Just put it on the wiki page.
[22:01:14] <mathiaz> ScottK: ok.
[22:01:20] <ScottK> I may do that though. It's a good idea.
[22:01:34] <ScottK> Someone else wants to do the launchpad foo, I'll be happy for it.
[22:01:48] <mathiaz> ScottK: It could be a task to start with.
[22:02:02] <mathiaz> I'd like to use the sponsor feature more often.
[22:02:36] <mathiaz> There is also the bitsize tags - that should raise the visibility of tasks so that bug ends up in the MOTU list for example.
[22:03:21] <mathiaz> dendrobates: how easy is it to join an AD domain now ?
[22:03:34] <sommer> does the libdb task need to be done before FF?
[22:03:40] <dendrobates> mathiaz: you already know :)
[22:03:57] <dendrobates> It is very easy, if your dns is correct.
[22:04:11] <mathiaz> dendrobates: yes :) - but I'm sure the whole world'd like to be updated ;)
[22:04:39] <mathiaz> dendrobates: Has the package been published ?
[22:04:42] <dendrobates> I uploaded likewise-open, but the AA's requested a change.
[22:04:52] <dendrobates> Just finished fixing it.
[22:05:21] <mathiaz> dendrobates: so it should hit the archive tomorrow ?
[22:05:32] <dendrobates> It seems to work, but we could use more testing.
[22:05:37] <dendrobates> I hope.
[22:05:38] <nealmcb> is there a tool to file bugs in launchpad based on library dependencies? seems like a common thing, and helpful for libdb....
[22:05:52] <mathiaz> nealmcb: not that I know of.
[22:06:04] <dendrobates> if you want to check it out it is in my ppa.
[22:06:09] <mathiaz> dendrobates: I've seen some test reports already.
[22:06:31] <mathiaz> dendrobates: but we need to wait for the package to be published to file bug reports.
[22:06:50] <ScottK> sommer: No.
[22:07:17] <dendrobates> https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive
[22:07:28] <sommer> ScottK: cool
[22:07:48] <mathiaz> soren: what's new on the virtualization front ?
[22:08:09] <soren> Hm..
[22:08:26] <soren> virtio in the installer is this close: |<--->|
[22:08:41] <soren> The code is done, it just needs a fresh debian-installer upload to enable it. That's pretty cool.
[22:09:00] <soren> open-vm-tools will be updated as soon as this meeting is over, so I can get to upload it.
[22:09:40] <soren> dnsmasq-base and netcat-openbsd landed, so now we have dhcp/dns for virtual networks and remote management without any fuss.
[22:09:46] <soren> That's the highlights, I believe.
[22:10:04] <mathiaz> soren: great.
[22:10:23] <mathiaz> jdstrand: ufw ?
[22:10:24] <nijaba> soren: what about vm-builder?
[22:10:38] <soren> Will upload tomorrow.
[22:10:46] <jdstrand> ufw 0.12 has been accepted in to main
[22:10:46] <nijaba> \o/
[22:10:52] <jronnblom> soren: do you fix the problem with loading the vmxnet in open-vm-tools? Or perhaps we shoudl discuss this privately after the meeting?
[22:10:59] <nijaba> \o/ x 2
[22:10:59] <jdstrand> sommer has been updating documentation
[22:11:00] <nealmcb> soren: and you're a cnet news authority :-)
[22:11:26] <soren> jronnblom: Er... I'm unfamiliar with "the problem with loading vmxnet in open-vm-tools". AFter the meeting sounds good.
[22:11:34] <nijaba> soren is a MOVW ;)
[22:11:49] <zul> heh soren is a rockstar
[22:11:58] <soren> MOVW?
[22:12:00] <mathiaz> soren: you've also been doing some work on iscsi ?
[22:12:07] <nijaba> master of virtual world
[22:12:30] <soren> I have. It's been integrated into the installer (pass iscsi=true to the kernel, and you win).
[22:12:36] <soren> nijaba: Ah. :)
[22:12:58] <soren> It's sort of blocked on new installer as well (kernel support).
[22:13:10] <mathiaz> zul: news on xen ?
[22:13:39] <zul> mathiaz: we fixed a libxen issue and getting some bug reports about things
[22:13:56] <mathiaz> dendrobates: did you get a chance to test libvirt with xen ?
[22:13:58] <zul> and which I will fix of course
[22:14:21] <dendrobates> nope. there were version issues.
[22:14:27] <dendrobates> I had eto move on.
[22:14:55] <dendrobates> I can test it with the new libvirt that soren just uploaded.
[22:15:03] <mathiaz> on the ldap front, jdstrand has been filing bug about openldap2.4
[22:15:04] <dendrobates> after FF.
[22:15:22] <mathiaz> and things are been fixed by slangasek.
[22:15:47] <mathiaz> jdstrand: is there a lot of failure left in openldap 2.4 ?
[22:16:22] <jdstrand> TLSCipherSuite needs to be migrated as gnutls does is differently than openssl
[22:16:34] <jdstrand> if you leave that out, TLS/SSL works fine
[22:16:58] <jdstrand> I found where SASL was failing, and slangasek said he fixed it
[22:17:23] <mathiaz> what about migration ?
[22:17:24] <jdstrand> the only thing left is proxy cache fails our qa-regression-tests
[22:17:45] <jdstrand> mathiaz: with openssl, you can do TLSCipherSuite HIGH
[22:17:46] <mathiaz> are there issues in upgrading from the openldap version in dapper ?
[22:18:08] <jdstrand> gnutls doesn't understand 'HIGH', but it has its own adjectives
[22:18:33] <jdstrand> mathiaz: if people use TLSCipherSuite, TLS/SSL will not work
[22:18:53] <jdstrand> and openldap may not start, depending
[22:19:02] <mathiaz> jdstrand: is slangasek dealing with this case in the postinst script ?
[22:19:20] <jdstrand> oh, you also need the new ssl-cert which fixes the snakoil certificate for use with gnutls (IIUC)
[22:19:42] <jdstrand> slangasek is handling that, and is aware of the issues.
[22:19:54] <mathiaz> excellent.
[22:19:57] <jdstrand> mathiaz: I am not sure of his plans
[22:20:04] <mathiaz> so let's finish this review with documentation.
[22:20:14] <mathiaz> sommer: how is the server guide going ?
[22:20:47] <sommer> good good... should have extensions for the bacula, virt, open-likewise sections
[22:21:19] <sommer> jdstrand mentioned the ufw section... which turned out to be an overhaul of the firewall section
[22:21:31] <mathiaz> sommer: is there a place where the latest dev version of the guide available ?
[22:21:31] <jdstrand> sommer has done a great job
[22:21:59] * jdstrand thanks sommer :)
[22:22:02] <ivoks> soomer always does a great job
[22:22:07] <sommer> jdstrand: thanks
[22:22:09] <mathiaz> sommer: how do you think managing reviews ?
[22:22:10] <ivoks> doh.. sommer too :)
[22:22:11] <sommer> mathiaz: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/ubuntu-hardy
[22:22:20] <mathiaz> sommer: right - that's the source.
[22:22:27] <mathiaz> sommer: I was think about an online version.
[22:22:44] <sommer> mathiaz: right... nope there isn't currently a HTML version
[22:22:51] <mathiaz> sommer: so that we can ask people to go over the server guide and reviewing it.
[22:23:01] <nealmcb> is there any sort of ubuntu server faq?
[22:23:13] <mathiaz> sommer: it would lower the barrier for doc reviewing.
[22:23:22] <sommer> there are some bugs about doc.u.c being out of date
[22:23:27] <mathiaz> nealmcb: not that I know of.
[22:23:34] <nijaba> sommer: what is http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ ? it shows 8.04 at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/preparing-to-install.html
[22:23:36] <mathiaz> nealmcb: what would you put in it ?
[22:23:56] <nealmcb> mathiaz: the sorts of questions that come up on irc and the forums
[22:24:09] <mathiaz> nealmcb: isn't that what the factoids are for ?
[22:24:26] <nealmcb> it is such a common term (faq) that we might benefit from having a wiki page of that sort
[22:24:42] <sommer> nijaba: probably a DocBook macro that inserted the latest release number into the HTML
[22:24:48] <mathiaz> nealmcb: right. But a faq targeted at users, not developers.
[22:24:55] <nealmcb> I don't think we have a list of server-related factoids anywhere, and having that as a google target might help
[22:25:00] <nijaba> right...
[22:25:02] <nealmcb> mathiaz: right
[22:25:36] <mathiaz> nealmcb: that would be great.
[22:26:00] <mathiaz> nealmcb: however we'd have a way to figure out what are the most common questions asked on irc, ml forums.
[22:26:03] <nealmcb> faulkes-: collecting the forum input on the wiki and pointing folks at the wiki for faqs would be great
[22:26:17] <sommer> I can ping Mathew East about the status of doc.u., I think he was given shell access
[22:26:44] <mathiaz> let's see how we can deal with the content coming from the forums and integrate it into a faq.
[22:27:06] <mathiaz> sommer: that would be great, especially during reviews.
[22:27:14] <faulkes-> nealmcb: noted
[22:27:17] <nealmcb> :-)
[22:27:25] <mathiaz> sommer: could you send an email to ubuntu-doc about this ?
[22:27:47] <sommer> mathiaz: sure
[22:28:32] <mathiaz> [ACTION] sommer to send an email to ubuntu-doc about having an html version of the latest server guide online available during reviews.
[22:28:47] <mathiaz> I think that's all for the Roadmap.
[22:28:54] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Any Other Business
[22:29:02] <mathiaz> anyone want to add something ?
[22:29:59] <nealmcb> good meeting! Seems like hardy is coming along pretty well - congrats, folks!
[22:30:26] <ubuntugeek> Howdy all
[22:30:36] <TechnoViking> howdy
[22:30:47] <forumsmatthew> hello
[22:30:51] <nijaba> thanks mathiaz
[22:30:58] <ubuntugeek> Mike, Matthew.. howdy
[22:31:12] <ubuntugeek> Glad you could make it matthew
[22:31:16] <forumsmatthew> how is everyone?
[22:31:18] <TechnoViking> does the server team need anymore time?
[22:31:21] <forumsmatthew> thanks
[22:31:36] <mathiaz> TechnoViking: not.
[22:31:45] <mathiaz> just a minute
[22:31:55] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time.
[22:32:04] <mathiaz> next week, same place, same time ?
[22:32:10] * nealmcb nods
[22:32:14] <sommer> +1
[22:32:34] <mathiaz> ok - great then
[22:32:37] <mathiaz> thanks all.
[22:32:38] <mathiaz> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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