Items we will be discussing:


Bugs status after release

mathiaz asked if anyone came across high priority bugs now that the release has been pushed down the pipes and that are worth considering for a SRU.

mathiaz triaged samba bugs: there seems to be an issue with ucf and upgrades. Other samba bugs are related to shares not accessible, which is probably related to gvfs and nautilus rather than samba itself. seb128 suggested to ask the reporter to try to access the shares with smbclient from the command line: if smbclient works, the bug should be reassigned to the nautilus package. If smbclient fails, the bug should be assigned to samba.

soren is dealing with the fallout of the release on the virtualization front. There's an update in the next kernel upload and he is looking into a few other things and picking stuff that's suitable for SRU's.

zul will be tracking bugs and SRUs for hardy 8.04.1 within the server team. Anyone identifying a good candidate for a hardy SRU should add it to the StableReleaseTracke wiki page [1].

[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/StableReleaseTracker

Bug announcement in #ubuntu-server

soren added a new bot, uvirtbot, in #ubuntu-server. There are two bots in there (the other being ubottu) that have been configured to announced NEW bugs related to the ubuntu-server LP team. mathiaz asked whether it was useful as it may clutter the channel with information. Others said they found it useful - it was decided to give it a try.

soren fixed the bot configuration so that only one of them would announce NEW bugs.

UDS topics

mathiaz reminded that we're in the process of preparing UDS topics. Now is the time to get ideas in blueprints and register them in LP so that UDS sessions can be scheduled to discuss them.

nxvl mentioned his idea of a having a UI to centrally manage services in a server [2]. sommer added that this theme was the number one on brainstorm.ubuntu.com. mathiaz and nealmcb mentioned ebox and wondered if it would do the work. A UDS discussion should cover this topic.

sommer asked about a blueprint for documentation. mathiaz said there should be a session about documentation during UDS. He suggested to register a blueprint to track ideas. kirkland added he had already registered a blueprint for his search page [3] and planned to create another one for man pages.

[2]: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-centralized-services-administrator [3]: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc/+spec/ubuntu-documentation-search

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 7th at 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


[22:01] <mathiaz> #startmeeting
[22:01] <zul> no bot
[22:02] <soren> Oh, Seveas took mootbot with him, too?
[22:02] <mathiaz> oh well...
[22:02] <nealmcb> yoga on irc!!
[22:02] <mathiaz> Today's Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting
[22:03] <mathiaz> Not a lot on it
[22:03] <mathiaz> how is everyone recovering from the release last week ?
[22:03] <jdstrand> great!
[22:04] <nealmcb> the mirrors and other servers seem less overwhelmed now....
[22:04] <nxvl> \o/
[22:04] <nealmcb> I hope they push bittorrent more next time in the release notes etc
[22:04] <mathiaz> There has been a steady flow of bug reported
[22:05] <mathiaz> I've looked through the samba ones
[22:05] <zul> mathiaz: ucf?
[22:05] <mathiaz> and it seems some people don't know how-to handle correctly questions asked by ucf
[22:05] <mathiaz> and this whole configuration file management
[22:06] <nxvl> the worst problem with server isn't that people download iso's
[22:06] <mathiaz> the other main issues are cannot access windows shares - mainly due to gvfs
[22:06] <nxvl> is that they update using update-manager/apt/aptitude
[22:06] <jdstrand> mathiaz: what is going on with that gvfs/samba/AD issue?
[22:06] <nxvl> and that brings the mirrors down
[22:06] <mathiaz> zul: have you seen other recurring bugs in server related software ?
[22:07] <mathiaz> jdstrand: which issue are you refering to ?
[22:07] <jdstrand> mathiaz: I haven't been following too closely, but heard of gvfs not being able to access AD and samba
[22:08] <zul> mathiaz: just some nut ones and apache2 dangling symlink for index.html
[22:08] <jdstrand> seemed it was pushed to gnome...
[22:08] <mathiaz> jdstrand: yeah - something like that - that's mainly a problem with gvfs
[22:09] <mathiaz> I discussed these bugs with seb128 and we aggreed to ask the reporters to test with smbclient
[22:09] <mathiaz> If it works with smbclient it's a problem with gvfs/nautilus-share and the bug should reassigned to the correct packages
[22:10]  * jdstrand nods
[22:10] <mathiaz> If smbclient doesn't work then it's a problem with samba
[22:10] <zul> mathiaz: that natutilius/smbclient one where you cant go 140 directories deep is interesting
[22:11] <mathiaz> zul: we'll have to do more debugging on that one.
[22:11] <mathiaz> So that's all that is on my radar for the post-release bugs
[22:11] <zul> mathiaz: yep
[22:11] <owh> zul isn't that just a maximum path length of 255 chars?
[22:11] <mathiaz> soren: how is it going on the virtualization front ?
[22:11] <soren> I've still got some fallout I need to get on top of.
[22:11] <zul> owh: probably
[22:11] <owh> zul: Which bug number?
[22:11] <soren> There's one update coming up in the next kernel update.
[22:12] <jdstrand> soren rocked the 'soft lockup' bug
[22:12] <soren> I'm looking into a few other things and picking stuff that's suitable for SRU's.
[22:12] <jdstrand> (that's the one)
[22:12] <soren> :)
[22:12] <mathiaz> soren: great !
[22:12] <mathiaz> zul: how do you track SRU bugs ?
[22:13] <mathiaz> zul: did you come up with a specific plan ?
[22:13] <zul> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/StableReleaseTracker
[22:13] <mathiaz> For information, zul will be the contact point for SRU on hardy for 8.04.1
[22:13] <soren> mathiaz: I'm waiting to be told how to do it.
[22:14] <zul> It would be nice if people would review that and add to the list
[22:14] <soren> Last I heard it was a major cause of discussion in certain places.
[22:14] <mathiaz> soren: right
[22:14] <mathiaz> That's why zul is looking after this in the server team
[22:14] <soren> Oh. Er... Right, I thought you were asking me :)
[22:15] <soren> my bad.
[22:15] <mathiaz> soren: I guess you should use zul wiki page to keep track of SRUs
[22:15] <zul> soren: basically there was a kick off meeting last night/this morning about 8.04.1
[22:15] <soren> zul: Eh? Where? How? When? Who?
[22:15] <soren> What?
[22:15] <zul> soren: it was in the platform team meeting check the logs for #ubuntu-meeting
[22:16] <mathiaz> zul: what was the outcome of the meeting ?
[22:16] <zul> mathiaz: basically slangasek is leading the effort and there will be more meetings
[22:16] <soren> Ok, cool. I'll check the logs and see.
[22:17] <mathiaz> zul: ok. If enconter bugs that may be worth an SRU, should ping you ?
[22:17] <soren> zul: "this morning" is how many hours ago?
[22:17] <nxvl> zul: those meeting are community or canonical ones/
[22:17] <mathiaz> zul: so that you can have a look at it and decide if it's worth ?
[22:17] <kirkland> soren: 0600 UTC
[22:17]  * soren shakes his fist at timezones
[22:17] <zul> mathiaz: correct
[22:17] <mathiaz> nxvl: it was the platform meeting
[22:17] <zul> nxvl: community
[22:17] <soren> Fanks.
[22:17] <nxvl> mathiaz: as in i can attend to it?
[22:18] <nxvl> and where are this meetings announced?
[22:18] <mathiaz> nxvl: of course you can - the meeting was at 6:00 UTC -> translate that to your timezone :D
[22:18] <nxvl> mathiaz: here?
[22:18] <mathiaz> nxvl: yes - all the meetings are held in #ubuntu-meeting
[22:19] <nxvl> and where are they announced? on fridge?
[22:19] <owh> mathiaz: That meeting isn't showing on http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event
[22:19] <mathiaz> the fridge calendar isn't working properly now
[22:20] <owh> Hmm, was there any particular event that caused that and the bot to be borked for a while?
[22:20] <soren> The owner left.
[22:20] <owh> Ah
[22:21]  * owh guesses that there is more behind that simple statement.
[22:21] <mathiaz> Allright - that was all for the release fallout
[22:21] <mathiaz> Let's move on
[22:22] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] bug announcement in #ubuntu-server
[22:22] <mathiaz> soren added a bot to the #ubuntu-server
[22:22] <soren> \o/
[22:22] <mathiaz> and now NEW bugs are announced in the channel
[22:22] <owh> All bugs?
[22:22] <soren> Just server bugs.
[22:22] <mathiaz> owh: only the ones relevant to the server-team
[22:23] <mathiaz> I questionned whether it was usefull as it seems to generate clutter in the channel
[22:23] <soren> (defined as the ones that get announced on ubuntu-server-bugs@l.u.c)
[22:23] <mathiaz> and I rely on email to get notified about new bugs
[22:23] <mathiaz> soren: and nealmcb thought it's a good idea
[22:24] <mathiaz> what are others' opinion on that ?
[22:24] <owh> mathiaz: My comment would be that if a bug comes past while you're online, you can have a squiz at it.
[22:24] <soren> Yeah. It's hugely helpful for my workflow. I use e-mail when I want to follow up or see history, but an almost real time notification about a new bug is *really* helpful for me.
[22:24] <jdstrand> I saw two bugs that I was able to tend to and close as a result
=== narcan_ is now known as narcan
[22:24] <sommer> I'm all for giving it a try, unless the channel becomes too cluttered
[22:25] <owh> mathiaz: You can set your client to ignore it :)
[22:26] <mathiaz> sommer: agreed - let's give it a try
[22:26] <mathiaz> and see how things evolve
[22:27] <owh> Does your bot come with all the goodies of old soren?
[22:27] <soren> I'm not sure how to respond to that :)
[22:28]  * ajmitch wonders what goodies 'old soren' brings anyway
[22:28] <mathiaz> there are currently two bots in the channel
[22:28] <owh> soren: There was supposed to be a comma before your name :)
[22:28] <jdstrand> can we leave soren's 'goodies' out of this?
[22:29] <soren> Yes, can we? PLease? :)
[22:29] <nxvl> soren: have you test that your bot doesn't make double announce, then one from the bot and an eco from ubotu?
[22:29] <sommer> hehee goodies!
[22:29] <soren> nxvl: I've asked the owner of ubotto to disable the bugSnarfer magic.
[22:29] <soren> nxvl: That should get rid of the echo.
[22:29] <nxvl> :(
[22:30] <mathiaz> soren: great!
[22:30]  * nxvl can't live without ubotu :(
[22:30] <mathiaz> let's move on.
[22:30] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] UDS topics
[22:30] <soren> nxvl: Oh, but my new bot does the same.
[22:30] <nealmcb> who owns ubottu?
[22:30] <mathiaz> So UDS is in a couple of weeks from now
[22:30] <soren> jussi01
[22:30] <soren> Let's talk in #u-server afterwards.
[22:30] <mathiaz> so now is the time to get your ideas in blueprints and register them in LP
[22:31] <mathiaz> so that we can schedule sessions at UDS about these
[22:31] <nxvl> soren: :D
[22:31] <nxvl> mathiaz: 2 to be exactly
[22:31] <nxvl> mathiaz: i have an idea
[22:31] <nxvl> mathiaz: i talked to you some time ago
[22:32] <nxvl> but i whing it was to early
[22:32] <mathiaz> nxvl: right - there will be FOSSCAMP friday/saturday
[22:32] <mathiaz> and then UDS the following week
[22:32] <nxvl> yes
[22:32] <nxvl> i want to include on ubuntu a new tool
[22:32] <mathiaz> nxvl: register a blueprint and/or start a wiki page on w.u.c
[22:32] <nxvl> mathiaz: i have them
[22:32] <nxvl> mathiaz: i just need to work on them a little more and discuss it
[22:33] <mathiaz> nxvl: link ?
[22:33]  * nxvl searches
[22:34] <nxvl> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-centralized-services-administrator
[22:34] <nxvl> found it
[22:34] <nxvl> it's like soren's blueprint for home servers (https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-easy-business-server)
[22:35] <nxvl> but more open i think
[22:35] <mathiaz> nxvl: right - it's a general concept that is floating around
[22:35] <nxvl> ok
[22:36] <nxvl> what i propose?
[22:36] <nxvl> i have the idea to develop a framework
[22:36] <nxvl> which will cary service-modules
[22:36] <mathiaz> nxvl: ebox is already a framework - couldn't it be used to implement what you wanna do ?
[22:36] <nxvl> so everyone can develop modules and have the service working on this tool
[22:37] <nxvl> mathiaz: yes, that was my next point
[22:37] <nxvl> as we have already ebox
[22:37] <nxvl> i was thinking to limit my propose to developing a curses interface for ebox
[22:38] <nxvl> what i don't really want to, is to install a web server on my firewall or file server
[22:38] <mathiaz> nxvl: why not - you'd have to look into the ebox framework and see if it can be used to achieve that
[22:38] <nxvl> but to have a tools where in which i can administrate and tune my services
[22:38] <nealmcb> nxvl: have you tried running ebox via links or w3m?
[22:38] <RoAkSoAx> you could also add support for LVS based clusters so that you just configure it in one server and replicate the configuration on other nodes of the cluster
[22:38] <nxvl> mathiaz: yes, that's why i'm proposing
[22:38] <RoAkSoAx> without having a tool to replicate like csync2
[22:39] <nealmcb> nxvl: then you wouldn't have to expose the port to the outside world
[22:39] <nxvl> RoAkSoAx: if it goes as i want to, everyone will be able to develop it separately and have it working for my propose or ebox without pain
[22:39] <nxvl> nealmcb: exactly
[22:39] <nealmcb> you'd just bind the apache port to localhost
[22:40] <nxvl> nealmcb: or use resources on a web server, which i can use on my $SERVICE
[22:40] <sommer> seems like one of the highest rated ideas on the brainstorm was for gui admin tools... just fyi
[22:40] <mathiaz> sommer: yes
[22:40] <nxvl> sommer: yep
[22:40] <nxvl> sommer: so we can just then develop UI
[22:40] <mathiaz> sommer: I went through brainstorm and extracted general tpocs
[22:40] <sommer> cool
[22:40] <mathiaz> sommer: *topics*
[22:41] <nxvl> so i was thinking on find a way to develop different UI's for ebox and develop them
[22:41] <mathiaz> sommer: they should be taken into account when scheduling session at UDS
[22:41] <mathiaz> nxvl: ok - I think we're getting into the implementation details
[22:41] <mathiaz> let's defear that to UDS
[22:41] <sommer> mathiaz: sure, I'm really interested in the ldap, kerberos, domain one :)
[22:41] <nxvl> yes
[22:42] <nealmcb> how many people have tried ebox out?  will it be hard to get into main?
[22:42] <nxvl> but i wanted to hear you opinion on this idea
[22:42] <mathiaz> nxvl: write down your suggestion in the wiki page
[22:42] <sommer> mathiaz: should there be a blueprint for documentation with regards to UDS?
[22:42] <RoAkSoAx> as an addon to nxvl, cluster management could be included out of the box!
[22:42] <mathiaz> sommer: yes - there should be a session about network authentication and identity management
[22:42] <nealmcb> sommer: sounds very helpful to me
[22:43] <mathiaz> sommer: I've asked for a documentation session
[22:43] <sommer> mathiaz: awesome, thanks
[22:43] <kirkland> mathiaz: sommer: I'm doing a blueprint on the Ubuntu Documentation Search, as well as an Ubuntu Manpages Website one
[22:43] <mathiaz> sommer: you should register a blueprint so that we can track it and start down to write ideas
[22:43] <mathiaz> sommer: such kirkland ^^
[22:44] <kirkland> mathiaz: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc/+spec/ubuntu-documentation-search
[22:44] <sommer> should I just add to kirkland's or create a new one?
[22:44] <kirkland> sommer: i'd say create your own, and we'll link them together
[22:44] <kirkland> i'm going to create a separate one for the Manpages business
[22:44] <sommer> kirkland: cool, sounds good
[22:45] <mathiaz> sounds good to me
[22:45] <mathiaz> That's all I have
[22:45] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Any other business
[22:45] <mathiaz> someone want to add something ?
[22:45] <nealmcb> how about delivering ibex as a virtual image?  would that be useful?
[22:46] <nxvl> nealmcb: how as a virtual image? as in qemu image?
[22:46] <nealmcb> yeah
[22:46] <mathiaz> nealmcb: you mean providing a qemu image
[22:47] <nxvl> what for?
[22:47] <nealmcb> faster and easier than running install on jeos
[22:47] <nxvl> mm
[22:48] <nxvl> i don't even know what jeos is, so i will step aside on this topic
[22:48] <mathiaz> nealmcb: could be interesting
[22:48] <nealmcb> I also heard folks wanting to deliver on usb sticks - not sure if that is ready-to-run or for the installer
[22:48] <mathiaz> nealmcb: I'd like to see a real use case for -server
[22:48] <mathiaz> nealmcb: I see it usefull on desktop to be able to do a test run
[22:49] <nealmcb> on amazon ec2 there are lots of folks packaging stuff up as images
[22:49] <mathiaz> nealmcb: for -server, you'd base a production server on this ?
[22:49] <mathiaz> nealmcb: I heard there is ubuntu-server on EC2
[22:49]  * mathiaz should look into EC2
[22:50] <nealmcb> if my existing server runs kvm or whatever, and along comes ibex with cool stuff, it would be nice to just load and go into an existing vm
[22:50] <mathiaz> nealmcb: right - so the use case would be to provide a kind of preview
[22:50] <nealmcb> I'm also talking about packaging _applications_ and test cases - like what dan talked about
[22:50] <mathiaz> nealmcb: so that people can poke around
[22:51] <nealmcb> mathiaz: or a basis for building other stuff on
[22:51] <mathiaz> nealmcb: right - that's a bigger plan
[22:51] <nxvl> nealmcb: but we will need to have an image for each service
[22:51] <nxvl> nealmcb: or you mean only base system?
[22:51] <mathiaz> nealmcb: right - that would fall under the Virtual Appliance Builder toolkit or something like
[22:51] <mathiaz> nealmcb: that
[22:51] <mathiaz> nealmcb: I'm sure soren has crazy ideas in that area :D
[22:52] <owh> On other topics, the server guide is *hard* to find.
[22:52] <soren> I do indeed.
[22:52] <nxvl> soren alway has crazy ideas
[22:52] <nxvl> :D
[22:52] <mathiaz> owh: it's listed on the main page of help.u.c
[22:53] <owh> Sigh, I missed that.
[22:53] <nealmcb> and it still says 2006 copyright iirc
[22:53] <mathiaz> nealmcb: yop
[22:53] <sommer> that was a good year :)
[22:53] <nealmcb> "recycle that old stuff"
[22:53] <nealmcb> but bits recycle well...
[22:54] <owh> nealmcb: But is that really true if the electrons change :)
[22:54] <mathiaz> I'm sure sommer will fix that for intrepid
[22:54] <nealmcb> I hope the docs can be on the site when ibex ships this time around
[22:54] <owh> nealmcb: That would be novel :)
[22:54] <mathiaz> Allright - time to wrap up
[22:54] <nealmcb> intrepid!
[22:55] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] #
[22:55] <mathiaz> Agree on next meeting date and time.
[22:55] <owh> Heh
[22:55] <mathiaz> same time, same place next week ?
[22:55] <sommer> o//
[22:55] <nxvl> o/
[22:55] <owh> +1
[22:57] <nealmcb> well I guess that was that....
[22:58] <sommer> nealmcb: the copyright isn't actually in the serverguide source, so I'll figure out how the html is built
[22:58] <owh> Strangely unfulfilling :_)
[22:58] <mathiaz> great - so see you all next week
[22:58] <mathiaz> same time, same place
[22:58] <sommer> mathiaz: thanks, later on all
[22:58] <mathiaz> #endmeeting

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