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Log of the December 2nd, 2007 Meeting

19:00 <   rick_h_> agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichiganTeam/Meetings/IRC-20071202
19:00 <    greg-g> thanks rick_h_ 
19:00 <    greg-g> so, welcome again
19:00 <    greg-g> and...
19:00 <    greg-g> WOOT!  WE'RE APPROVED!
19:01 <   rick_h_> yay and such
19:01 <   tjagoda> WOOO HOOOOO!
19:01 < AlexDeGru> yaya!!!
19:01 <   rick_h_> one of 12 officials now
19:01 <    greg-g> yep, select group
19:01 <   tjagoda> Were still not on the official wiki, yet.
19:01 <    greg-g> eh?
19:01 <   rick_h_> beers on greg-g
19:01 <    greg-g> haha
19:01 <   tjagoda> The wiki page*, rather
19:01 <   rick_h_> yea, we're on the map and such at least
19:01 <   tjagoda> Nobody moved us to the "approved" section
19:02 <   tjagoda> They probably just forgot =P
19:02 <    greg-g> of what page tjagoda ?
19:02              tjagoda gets link
19:02 <   tjagoda> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList
19:02 <    greg-g> ah, well, I will take care of that
19:02 <   rick_h_> cool
19:03 <   tjagoda> Yay!
19:03 <    greg-g> so, done celebrating?
19:03 <    greg-g> ;)
19:03 <   rick_h_> yea, for now
19:03              tjagoda nods
19:03 <    greg-g> ok, Penguicon Update
19:03 <   tjagoda> Woohoo!
19:03 <    greg-g> anyone have anything for that?
19:03 <   tjagoda> So, our panel is on the official list now
19:04 <    snap-l> COol
19:04 < ColonelPa> what's the panel on?
19:04 <   tjagoda> Me and Craig are listed as the presenters
19:04 <    snap-l> Chairs and tables.
19:04 <   rick_h_> basically what'd I'd love to see is some firming up on the wiki with names next to notes and such
19:04 <   tjagoda> "Ubuntu 101"
19:04 < ColonelPa> ah, good stuff
19:04 <   rick_h_> right now everything is prospective, but I think we've got some things that need to start moving forward
19:04              greg-g nods at rick_h_'s recommendation
19:04 <   rick_h_> (on the wiki that is)
19:05 <   tjagoda> I've sent a mail to the room party people to try and get info on how to move forward with that
19:05 <   rick_h_> and once the wiki is updated get people on the list to try to commit/add ideas for the parts onto the wiki
19:05 <   tjagoda> but nobody has repleid back yet
19:05 <    greg-g> right
19:05 <   tjagoda> I think I've pretty much been exclusivly fiddling with that page
19:05 < ColonelPa> The loco is having a room party then? Anything special or just a "hang out and have a beer" thing?
19:05 <   tjagoda> Consult the wiki! =P
19:05 <    greg-g> ColonelPanic001: there will be a movie
19:06 < ColonelPa> ah, I'm sorry, I read that and just forgot.
19:06 < AlexDeGru> A good one, too. Too bad it ends on a bit of a downer
19:06 <    greg-g> that is what the beer is for
19:06 < AlexDeGru> heh
19:06 < AlexDeGru> good point
19:06 < ColonelPa> heh
19:06 <   wolfger> wow, very talkative meeting tonight
19:06 <    snap-l> Hey, just because the bubble burst doesn't mean Linux lost. :)
19:06              wolfger is late to the party
19:06 < AlexDeGru> Could have a drinking game, every time a stock price is mentioned, you drink
19:07 <    greg-g> so... what kinds of "firming up" of the plans can we do?
19:07 <    snap-l> AlexDeGruven: Now THAT would be bruta
19:07 <   rick_h_> well we've got PC approval for the panel and some guests line up
19:07 <   tjagoda> So, first off, DONT BRING YOUR OWN BEER TO THE ROOM PARTY.
19:07 <   rick_h_> or panel people or whatever
19:07              tjagoda clears throat
19:07 <   tjagoda> get it from the consuite
19:07 <    snap-l> Consuite = bee
19:07 <    snap-l> r
19:07 <    snap-l> Got it
19:07 <    greg-g> check
19:07 <   tjagoda> Any progress on free stuff from canonical, greg?
19:08 <    greg-g> not yet
19:08 <   jcastro> are the rules for the room party on the wiki?
19:08 <    greg-g> Jono doesn't like responding to my emails :)
19:08 <   jcastro> jono's been dead for a week with flu, give him some time
19:08 <   tjagoda> I dont know.  I sent an email to the room party coordinator asking for them, but he/she never replied yet
19:08 <    greg-g> ahhh, understandable
19:08 <   tjagoda> hasnt repleid yet*
19:08 <    snap-l> Pretty much safe, and sane
19:09 <    greg-g> we can do that, I think
19:09 <   tjagoda> Do we know how many LiveCD's we can bribe from canonical?
19:09 <    greg-g> ah, yes, I should request those soon
19:09 <   tjagoda> And if we can get Ku/X/Buntu with the normal?
19:09 <   rick_h_> whoever is handling cds should hit up ohio for how many they got
19:09 <   rick_h_> since they ran out early they didn't get enough for OLF
19:10 <   tjagoda> PenguiCon had somewhere above like 800 attendees last year, and the room party would be on one of those three nights.
19:10 <    greg-g> well, individually we can all probably get around 10 cds from shipit
19:10 < AlexDeGru> Has anyone talked to Canonical yet to see how many we could get outside of a ShipIt request?
19:10 <   rick_h_> that's one of the "official loco" perks
19:10 <   rick_h_> not sure what the number is
19:10              greg-g is looking for the link about what we get for being approved
19:11 <    greg-g> it is around 100 or 200 I think
19:11 <   tjagoda> Okay, so I have greg-g down for trying to get swag and lots of CD's
19:11 <   wolfger> is that a yearly allotment, or what?
19:11 <   rick_h_> not sure on the details
19:11 <    snap-l> Also, considering we're a few weeks haead of Hardy Heron, could we get an advance of some of those?
19:11 <    greg-g> each release I believe
19:11 <    greg-g> snap-l: heh, yeah, if you have a time machine
19:12 <    snap-l> Time machine... I'll check the boxes.
19:12 <    greg-g> ok
19:12 <   tjagoda> I think it would be cool if all of the LoCo members attending could get a nice ubuntu shirt.  I prefer the black ones, myself.
19:12 < AlexDeGru> The final ISOs won't be 'done' until the day before release
19:12 <   rick_h_> well, what is the "release" for hardy? We can add a calendar event to our gcal to order cds
19:12 <   wolfger> yeah. I nice black Kubuntu shirt would be sweet
19:12 <   wolfger> s/I/a/
19:12 <   wolfger> man, I can't type today
19:12 <   rick_h_> tjagoda: black ones suck, go white
19:12 < AlexDeGru> seconding white
19:13 <    snap-l> Seconding black
19:13 < ColonelPa> black is superior.
19:13 <    greg-g> 200 UBuntu, 30 Kubuntu and 30 Edubuntu is what we can get
19:13 <   tjagoda> 3 black, 2 white.
19:13 <   Eppcott> Hi.
19:13 <   wolfger> I have three dogs and four cats. White won't last long in my house
19:13 <   tjagoda> Anybody else want to vote on that?
19:13 <   Eppcott> This is Matt Arnold.
19:13 < ColonelPa> can we do both?
19:13 <   tjagoda> Hey Matt
19:13 <    greg-g> hello matt
19:13 <   wolfger> Hey Matt
19:13 <   tjagoda> And I think it would be easier order-wise to get all of one color
19:13 <   tjagoda> they have freaky supply issues
19:13 < ColonelPa> ah, true enough
19:14 <   rick_h_> tjagoda: that is true, I ran into that one when i tried to get an OLF order in
19:14 <    snap-l> Hey Matt
19:14 <   rick_h_> ok, so we need to get a poll up somewhere for the shirt color white/black to try to get.
19:14 <   rick_h_> Start a forum poll and then email the list to go click on it
19:14 <   tjagoda> I will throw one up on the LoCo forum?
19:14 <   rick_h_> sounds great tjagoda
19:14 <   tjagoda> Righto.  *makes note*
19:14 <    greg-g> good deal
19:15 <    snap-l> Personally I'll wear whatever, as long as it isn't pink babydoll.
19:15 <   Eppcott> is there any kind of archive where I can catch up on the part of the meeting I missed?
19:15 < ColonelPa> add one pink babydoll to the order.
19:15 <    greg-g> I vote pink babydoll.. ermm
19:15 < AlexDeGru> Oh shush, you know that's the color everyone's actually going to vote for
19:15 <   rick_h_> Eppcott: greg-g normally has a transscript up later
19:15 <   tjagoda> You havent missed much, Matt
19:15 <    greg-g> Eppcott: I will post a log at the end
19:15 < AlexDeGru> e;f,b
19:15 <    greg-g> ok, so, cds, shirts, panel, room party... what else do we need to talk about re: Penguicon?
19:16 <   tjagoda> Anybody else interested in doing the panel?
19:16 < AlexDeGru> Are we only having the one panel discssion topic?
19:16 <   Eppcott> what good is a transcript if it's too late to participate?
19:16 <   Eppcott> OK, so I see the topic is Penguicon. I'm glad to hear it!
19:16 <   rick_h_> Eppcott: well, it's easy for all to read/catch up on and further dicsussion can happen on the list
19:16 < ColonelPa> Eppcott: if you like, I can PM you with it.
19:16 <    greg-g> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichiganTeam/Meetings/IRC-20071202
19:16 <    greg-g> we are on item 3
19:17 <   tjagoda> Righto.
19:17 <    greg-g> anyone else interested in doing the panel with tjagoda ?
19:17 <   tjagoda> What he said.
19:17 <   tjagoda> Craig is doing it as well
19:17 <   jcastro> I am planning on submitting a talk or two, and Jono's talks will be ubuntu-related probably.
19:17 <   Eppcott> thanks. if you have any questions for Penguicon, let me know.
19:17 <    snap-l> I'm in (Craig)
19:17 <    greg-g> Eppcott: thanks
19:18 <   jcastro> so I think overall there will be plenty of topics that interest ubuntu people
19:18 <   tjagoda> Hey matt, I submitted an email about how to get the room party moving forward like two weeks ago and never got a response.
19:18 <    greg-g> yeah, we don't want to COMPLETELY over run the place with UBuntu talks
19:18 <   tjagoda> Do you know a better way to contact?
19:18 <    snap-l> Heh
19:18 < AlexDeGru> greg-g, why not?
19:18 <   Eppcott> I'll make a phone call, tjagoda.
19:18 <   tjagoda> Cool!  Thanks
19:18 < AlexDeGru> we could turn it into UbuCon :)
19:18 <    greg-g> AlexDeGruven: good form and all, manners
19:18 <  evarlast> well we can break the panel hour up into various sub topics like desktop/server etc.
19:19 <  evarlast> since I'm MCing, you guys just tell me what you want.
19:19 <   Eppcott> even if you don't overwhelm it with Ubuntu talks, you can help make the convention better in many other ways.
19:19 < AlexDeGru> I'm not 100% sure on my schedule yet, but I should be available, and could participate, as well
19:19 <    snap-l> I'm ready to talk about anything.
19:19 <   tjagoda> I'm ready to narrate slides. =P
19:19 <   Eppcott> we always need help with creating a tech track, not just about Ubuntu, but generally.
19:19 <    greg-g> ok
19:19 <    snap-l> Unless it's 100% specific to Ubuntu, like Jono's A/S/L
19:20 <    greg-g> so, are we done with this item?
19:20 <   jcastro> I think a key thing would be for Eppcott to ping the list when they start looking for tech talks so interested people can apply
19:20 <    greg-g> nope
19:20 <   Eppcott> also, if anybody has some spare time they'd like to devote to building some simple web systems for running Penguicon, we always need that too.
19:20 <    greg-g> (that was in response to myself)
19:20 <   jcastro> then let them weed out which ones they want or not
19:20 <   Eppcott> "start" looking for tech talks? We never stop!
19:20 <  evarlast> Eppcott: what kind of simple web systems?
19:20 <    snap-l> Eppcott: Like what, for instance?
19:20 < ColonelPa> Eppcott: web systems like what?
19:20 <   Eppcott> OK, I'll ping the list immediately
19:21 <   rick_h_> sounds like a plan. I'd publish the web dev details you need on there as well
19:21 <   Eppcott> enhancing our registration process mostly.
19:21 <   tjagoda> I'll make the respective updates to the wiki concerning PenguiCon once we finish up this item
19:21 <   rick_h_> can give some more details on list vs here
19:21 < ColonelPa> I might be interested in helping.
19:21 <   Eppcott> sweet.
19:21 < ColonelPa> Yeah, regarding web dev stuff - a forum post or something would be good.
19:21              greg-g nods
19:22 <   rick_h_> ok, item #4?
19:22 < ColonelPa> I wouldn't mind being able to say I helped, even if in a small way, with Penguicon
19:22 <    snap-l> 4, pls
19:22 <    greg-g> Education Week Recap
19:22 <    greg-g> did many people attend the bug talks in #ubuntu-us?
19:22 < ColonelPa> nein
19:22 <    greg-g> (I couldn't make it to the last 2)
19:22 <   wolfger> I attended Wed and Fri sessions
19:22 < AlexDeGru> nyet
19:22 <    greg-g> was it helpful wolfger ?
19:23 <   tjagoda> I made it to mon, none of the others
19:23 <   wolfger> it was very helpful to me
19:23 <    greg-g> good deal
19:23 <    greg-g> tjagoda: did Mon help?
19:23 <   wolfger> it's got me assigning packages, looking for duplicates, and asking submitters questions to assist the bug-squish process
19:23 <    greg-g> wolfger: well done
19:23 <    snap-l> I didn't make it.
19:24 <   wolfger> that's my new spare-time hobby. Feels good to help
19:24 <    greg-g> good good
19:24 <    greg-g> well, that is really all I had for that item, see how people felt about it
19:24 <    greg-g> if it was beneficial for us or not
19:24 <   rick_h_> can anyone put up some nice docs for people that didn't attend/come later?
19:24 <   rick_h_> or point to the official docs/etc?
19:24 <    greg-g> yeah....
19:24 <   wolfger> somebody (tjagoda?) was talking about not know how to help with bugs
19:25 <   wolfger> so I thought we might re-run the sessions here some time
19:25 < ColonelPa> same here
19:25 <    greg-g> rick_h_: there are some official pages, and I am pretty sure there are logs of the talks last week
19:25 <    greg-g> we can do that
19:25 <   rick_h_> yea, just thinking some starter docs that can eventually lead to say an Ubuntu Mi LoCo bug team
19:25 <    snap-l> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek <- This is the link to the openweek presentations
19:25 <   tjagoda> Mon didnt help much
19:25 <    greg-g> rick_h_: yeah, I like that idea
19:25 <   rick_h_> and has some basic info on getting started working with guys on "that team"
19:26 <   wolfger> I think pretty soon I'll feel adept enough to help others
19:26 <   rick_h_> so things like "to help the Mi Bug team start reading these docs"
19:26 <    greg-g> tjagoda: that is what I thought, if you had done anything with launchpad before, it wasn't anything new
19:26              tjagoda nods 
19:26 <    greg-g> rick_h_: does anyone want to head that up (starting a Michigan wiki page)?
19:26 <    greg-g> wolfger: ?
19:27 <   wolfger> uh... sure
19:27 <   wolfger> Mi Bug Team wiki?
19:27 <    greg-g> not to call you out, if you are ok with it, I thought since you were interested in it right now
19:27 <    greg-g> yeah
19:27 <   rick_h_> sure
19:27 <    greg-g> just start with a basic run down of the resources to help get people up to speed
19:27 <   wolfger> Sure, I'll head it up, if I can leach ideas off some other team's wiki ;-)
19:27 <   wolfger> sure
19:27 <    greg-g> how do you think I made our wiki page
19:27 <    greg-g> :)
19:28 <    greg-g> so.. next item
19:28 <    snap-l> You mean, it wasn't from scratch?
19:28 <    greg-g> Packaging Jam number 2
19:28 < AlexDeGru> brb
19:28 <   rick_h_> yay, packaging jam...continued
19:28 <    greg-g> snap-l: lots and lots of copy/paste
19:28 <    snap-l> :)
19:28 <   rick_h_> basically I'm looking at hosting part 2 of the packaging jam either the last Sat in Jan or the first Sat in feb
19:29 <   rick_h_> I really want to get people involved since the people that come can help with a mini-jam at PC
19:29 <   rick_h_> so I'm going to post a poll in the forum and asking people to look ahead a bit and let me know which date works better
19:29 <    greg-g> what would be the best way to plan it/set the date?  a poll? 
19:29 <    greg-g> ah, yes
19:29 <   rick_h_> but I want everyone know that it's coming
19:30 <   rick_h_> if I can get the people I'd love to do it 2parts...beginner/advanced
19:30 <   rick_h_> so that people that didn't come to #1 can start over
19:30 <   rick_h_> and people that did can move forward
19:30 < ColonelPa> such as me.
19:30 <    greg-g> sounds good
19:30 <   wolfger> I'd like to do this, but will a desktop be welcome this time? I just don't have access to a laptop, and I need hands-on to retain information well
19:30 <   rick_h_> I've gotten Aaron to approve both of those dates (the former MOTU that helped with the first)
19:30 <    greg-g> thanks a lot for hosting that rick_h_ 
19:30 < ColonelPa> didn't make the first one, but would go if there was a "for those who missed" section
19:31 < AlexDeGru> same here
19:31 <   rick_h_> wolfger: not sure. The issue is space and such for a desktop. What I did do last time is if a person has a windows laptop I can set them up witha vmware image on my server
19:32 <   rick_h_> so I'll be posting stuff in the forums/list on this, but a heads up...this will be going down either the 26th or 2nd
19:32 <    snap-l> OK
19:32 <   wolfger> rick_h_: any way to test that in advance of the meeting. Not sure if the corporate-rules-laden laptop would allow such a thing
19:32 <    greg-g> sounds good
19:32 <   rick_h_> wolfger: if you can install the vmware server (free app) on the windows machine then you should be able to connect it to my vmware server
19:33 <    greg-g> item 6....
19:33 <   rick_h_> I think we should get together
19:33 <    greg-g> Next get together
19:33 <    greg-g> yes
19:33 <    snap-l> wolfger: If it's anything like our laptops, you'll have lots of fun unless you can get temp admin access.
19:33 <   rick_h_> start plan a gathering either the week before the holidays or after them in Jan
19:33 <    snap-l> I vote for after the holidays.
19:33 <    greg-g> I personally have no time before xmas
19:33 <    snap-l> Before gets quite crazy.
19:34 <    greg-g> so, 2nd week in Jan?
19:34 <   rick_h_> ok, so start looking for time Jan 13th-ish
19:34 <    greg-g> the hard part is where
19:35 <   rick_h_> yea, personally our AA gatherings seem to do well so I'm not against that
19:35 <   Eppcott> I'm highly available, in time and space.
19:35 <   jcastro> I bet meeting at OU would be easy
19:35 <    greg-g> heh
19:35 <   tjagoda> I dont know if I can get all the way to AA on a weekday
19:35 <   jcastro> or another U (seriously)
19:35 < ColonelPa> WSU :)
19:35 <    snap-l> OU would work for me.
19:35 <    greg-g> oakland?
19:36              ColonelPanic001 has a hidden motive for meeting at Wayne State... an obvious one
19:36 <   rick_h_> is there someone at OU that can look into places/etc?
19:36 < AlexDeGru> OU or somewhere in A2 would work for me
19:36 <    greg-g> (not ohio)
19:36 <    snap-l> Yep
19:36 <   jcastro> rick_h_: yeah, ken could
19:36 <    greg-g> ok, I was confused
19:36 <   Eppcott> how many people would need to fit in the space?
19:36 <    greg-g> Eppcott: 15ish
19:36 <   rick_h_> well we've been doing good with 15ish people in our AA meetings
19:36 <   Eppcott> is there a budget for a meeting place or does it need to be free?
19:36 <    snap-l> Another question would be what would we do there?
19:36 <    greg-g> Eppcott: we have no money
19:36 <   rick_h_> free++ unless we can get some kind of donations together
19:36 <  evarlast> we can use SRT in AA anytime that I'm available :)
19:37 <   wolfger> welll, we've been meeting in restaurants so far, right? That's only pseudo-free
19:37 <    greg-g> right
19:37 <   jcastro> restaurants get loud and stuff
19:37 <   wolfger> they do
19:37 <   jcastro> surely we can find a place at a company or a university
19:37 <   Eppcott> perhaps a library meeting room. I could look into it, if not for January, then February.
19:37 <   rick_h_> yea, I think if ken can setup something at OU that would rock
19:37 < ColonelPa> Universities seem obvious. Just grab a conference room
19:37 <   jcastro> ^^^
19:37 <    greg-g> +1
19:38 <   jcastro> ok when a date is decided I'll ask about OU
19:38 <   rick_h_> ok, jcastro can you hitup ken with an email?
19:38 < ColonelPa> OU is fine with me, but just in case - I'm sure _stink_ and I can get a room at Wayne State.
19:38 <    greg-g> good deal
19:38 <   wolfger> Mongo BBQ usually has a "private" room. If we could reserve tables in there, noise wouldn't be a huge deal
19:38 < ColonelPa> If it were to come to that, I mean
19:38 <   rick_h_> what about the 15th? Tues night in Jan?
19:38              greg-g checks schedule for next semester
19:38 <   rick_h_> Tues night a bad night?/wed/thurs?
19:39              AlexDeGruven has class on Tuesdays, but might be able to skip depending on what week of class it is
19:39 <   wolfger> 3rd Tues of each month is Perl Mongers meeting
19:39 <    greg-g> that is the second Tuesday (and I am free)
19:39 <   rick_h_> good then we're free of them that day ;-)
19:39 <   wolfger> and on the 15th in particular, I'm giving a presentation on regex for beginners
19:39 <   tjagoda> If it's more than an hourish away from my little chunk of macomb county, I usually cant make them on a weekday
19:39 <   rick_h_> no, it's the 3rd since the 1st is a tues
19:40 <    greg-g> ahh, dang yeah
19:40 <   rick_h_> ok, so let's try the wed then
19:40 < AlexDeGru> Wed is good
19:40              greg-g is in class from 5-8 :(
19:40 <    snap-l> Which wed?
19:40 <   rick_h_> the big trouble is that if we wait until after the holidays, it gets to be short notice
19:40 <   rick_h_> 16th of jan, but greg-g can't makeit
19:40 <   rick_h_> ok...so to thurs we go
19:40 <    greg-g> heh
19:41 <   wolfger> gotta go, guys. Have fun
19:41 <   Eppcott> Have we considered using Meetomatic.com? I swear by it.
19:41 <   rick_h_> 17th of Jan, ken is going to setup a room at OU and we all have fun
19:41 <   jcastro> we can use launchpad for meetings btw
19:41 <    greg-g> that "sprint" thing?
19:41 <   jcastro> yeah
19:41 <    greg-g> did that help last time?
19:41 <   jcastro> did you use it?
19:41 <    greg-g> it was good to get a head count
19:41 <   rick_h_> well, it kept a decent count of rsvp
19:42 <    snap-l> Or someone could set up a google calendar.
19:42 <   rick_h_> we have a google calendar now
19:42              snap-l swears by iCal. :)
19:42 <   rick_h_> link on the wiki
19:42 <    greg-g> well, thursday didn't get any immediate "can't do it"s
19:43 <   rick_h_> ok, I'm setting up a prelim event in the google calendar then
19:43 <    greg-g> good deal
19:43 <    snap-l> Adding the calendar.
19:43 <    greg-g> alright... next item
19:43 <    greg-g> Hosting options
19:44 <   rick_h_> Well I have some side notes on this
19:44 <    greg-g> we can now have a http://michigan.ubuntu-us.com website
19:44 <    greg-g> ok
19:44 <   rick_h_> I'm starting up a web app project with a couple of guys to look at building a type of LUG site, but it's a long way away
19:44 <    greg-g> ok
19:44 <   rick_h_> so if anyone is a pylons/pythons guy we're meeting the 8th to start laying things out
19:45 <   tjagoda> I have a couple servers.  Like, ancient ones.
19:45 <   rick_h_> as for hosting, I have a colo server hosted down by 16 mile in a data center and I can offer to host anything
19:45 <   tjagoda> But I'm on DSL which is godawfulslow
19:45 <   rick_h_> 10mb pipe and no where near capacity
19:45 <   tjagoda> rich_h's offer is better =P
19:45 <   jcastro> what would we need a server for?
19:45 < AlexDeGru> I have a dedicated web server that I might be able to get something together on
19:45 <   rick_h_> if we wanted to install something we wanted like a CMS install or such
19:45 <    greg-g> rick_h_: that would make you the de facto sys admin for it
19:46 < AlexDeGru> Not sure how to do a domain such as that with it, though. Only do full domains in my so far limited experience
19:46 <   rick_h_> greg-g: yea, I have to sysadmin it for my current clients so I have a vested interest in things running as it is
19:46              jcastro is thinking back to the loco/hosting disaster
19:46 <    greg-g> jcastro: a basic website... see:  http://nj.ubuntu-us.org/
19:46 <   rick_h_> jcastro: well we can keep it on the ubuntu offerings then
19:46 <    snap-l> I think we should rely on the Canonical servers.
19:46 <    greg-g> AlexDeGruven: canonical will host the dns part and point it where ever we want
19:46 <   rick_h_> we can also see how our needs progress
19:46 <   jcastro> I'm just wondering if we want to do that kind of work
19:46 <   rick_h_> start with thier basic stuff
19:46 <    greg-g> that too, we can always move off the canonical servers later
19:47 <   jcastro> especially since the wiki and mailing list basically handle all that
19:47 <   jcastro> other than being not so pretty
19:47 <    greg-g> very very true
19:47 <   rick_h_> yea, I'll be honest. I can run the server, but I'm not looking forward to running another joomla site or something
19:47 <    snap-l> Simply because if we go with someone's hosting, and they flake out (no that it would ever happen) we still have recourse.
19:47 < AlexDeGru> Could work it eiither way. I've got 100Mbit burstable and 20GB of free space
19:47 <   jcastro> I mean, we're already on a list, launchpad, and a wiki. This would be one more thing to maintain
19:47 <    snap-l> I've lost domain names in the past because someone flaked out.
19:47 <    greg-g> how does doing the basic canonical hosting for now and switching later if we want sound?
19:48 <    snap-l> greg-g: Works for me.
19:48 <   jcastro> oh, AND we have a forum section
19:48 < AlexDeGru> sounds like a plan. No need to increase complexity if it's not needed
19:48 <    greg-g> KISS
19:48 <    snap-l> KISSASS (Keep it simeple, stupid, and stay simple)
19:48 <    greg-g> alright... unless there are any objections to that, I will set that up
19:49 <    greg-g> alright then
19:49 <    greg-g> any questions/comments/suggestions/things we need to talk about?
19:49 <   rick_h_> just want to bring up an event
19:49 <    greg-g> go for it
19:50 <   rick_h_> wed at AACS one of our own is giving an Ubuntu talk in AA
19:50 <   rick_h_> so go support him if you can
19:50 <    greg-g> yes, please do
19:50 <   rick_h_> I should add that to the calendar actually
19:50              greg-g forgot to do that
19:50 <   rick_h_> so if you don't subscribe to the google calendar get that too
19:50 <    snap-l> I'm subscribed to the calendar.
19:50 <   rick_h_> ok, event copied over
19:51 <    greg-g> any other announcements anyone has?
19:51 <    greg-g>  ...
19:51 <   rick_h_> going once, twice...done
19:51 <    greg-g> meeting adjurned
19:51 <    snap-l> Thanks, everyone.
19:51 <    greg-g> thanks everyone for showing up

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